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Chernobyl 20th Anniversary in Tokyo

Symposium and exhibition: 20 years after the Chernobyl Catastrophe - What happened and what continues now?

April 16, 2006, Tokyo, Japan

NGOs in Japan will hold a symposium to commemorate the tragedy of the Chernobyl accident, which happened 20 years ago. The symposium will be an opportunity to reconsider our dependence on nuclear energy.

Dr. Scherbak from the Ukraine will give a lecture on his experiences of Chernobyl. Various themes related to Chernobyl will be discussed during a panel discussion after the lecture. There will be three panelists: a nuclear scientist, a photo journalist and a medical doctor. They will be asked to present their own views about Chernobyl.

An exhibition on the Chernobyl accident will be held at the same place. Other NGO activities are being held throughout Japan to assist Chernobyl sufferers.

Please note, the conference is in Japanese only. See CNIC's Japanese web site for more information.

Further Details
Date: 16 April 2006, 1pm - 5pm
Venue: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo
Speakers: Yuri Shcherbak (doctor and author, former Ukrainian Ambassador to the US)
Ryuichi Hirokawa (photojournalist)
Katsumi Furitsu (doctor)
Tetsuji Imanaka (university instructor, radiation researcher)
Music: Oksana Stepanyuk (singer and Ukrainian harp player)
Other: Video, exhibition of children's pictures and photographs

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