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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 110
(Jan./Feb. 2006)


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Can safety be assured in the Monju modifications?
It is doubtful that Monju's reliability as a power-generating reactor can be proven, but even if it could be this would be of no use, as there is no future for Monju. (Click here to read article)

Foreseeing Japan's nuclear future
On 8 December 2005, Tohoku Electric Power Company's Higashidoori-1 (BWR, 1,100 MW) commenced operations. With this new reactor, there are now 54 nuclear reactors in Japan, together having a total output of approximately 48 GW. (Click here to read article)

Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
(Maps current as of January 2006)

A mobile nuclear reactor comes to Tokyo Bay
Last year nuclear submarines visited 17 times for a total of 127 port days...Now an even more dangerous situation is about to be brought upon us. (Click here to read article)

Atomic Energy Commission rubber stamps power companies' plutonium utilization plans
Japanese NGOs Label Electric Utility Plutonium Utilization Plan "Fiction". (Click here to read article)

Japanese Nuclear Power Companies' Plutonium Use Plans
(CNIC translation of table released by the the Federation of Electric Power Companies on 6 January 2006)

Group Introduction
Shizuoka Network of Citizens Opposed to the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant focuses on the question of whether the Hamaoka NPP is capable of withstanding the widely predicted Tokai Earthquake. (Click here to read article)

News Watch
--Toshiba wins bid for Westinghouse
--Company established for intermediate storage of spent fuel
--Construction of Shimane-3 launched
--Mitsubishi Heavy Industries receives two PBMR contracts
--Mihama-3 suspension order lifted
--Onagawa-2 resumes operation
--General Electric and three Japanese firms sign agreement on ESBWR

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