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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 113
(July/August 2006)


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Map of places mentioned in NIT 113

Active Tests at the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
Internal exposure to plutonium was one major issue to arise during Step 1 of the hot tests. Already two such cases have occurred (Click here to read article)

Cost of Nuclear Power in Japan
It is clear that nuclear energy in Japan is not as cheap as it is made out to be. (Click here to read article)

Statement by CNIC and Green Action about GNEP
CNIC's Co-Director, Baku Nishio, gives his perspective on the commencement of active tests at Rokkasho. (Click here to read article)

Hamaoka-5 Low Pressure Turbine Vane Takes Flight
A vane on one of the wheels of low-pressure turbine B broke completely off the turbine shaft and fell into the lower part of the turbine. (Click here to read article)

Major Incidents at Nuclear Facilities April 2005- March 2006

Anti-Nuke Who's Who
Tetsuya Tanaka: The greatest organizer that ever came to Noto. (Click here to read article)

News Watch
--Green light for MOX use at Shimane
--Kyushu Electric sends delegation to Melox
--License application for "clearance"
--Hitachi and GE to receive US order
--CFIUS approves Toshiba's WH acquisition

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