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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 139
(November/December 2010)


No Nukes Asia Forum 2010
The thirteenth No Nukes Asia Forum (NNAF) was held from September 18 through 21 in Taipei. Fifteen people attended from Japan, India, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines and Thailand, in addition to the participants from Taiwan.1

The 2010 No Nukes Asia Forum Joint Statement

Viet Nam Chooses Japan as "Partner for Building two Reactors"
While Japan may have taken a significant first step in dividing up the spoils of what remains of the alleged nuclear renaissance, there is still a long way to go before this deal is done.

Failure to Remove Monju Fuel Relay Device: Long delay expected
It seems reasonable to conclude that the accident resulted from a design error.

KK-5 Headed Towards Restart, Hamaoka-5 Confronted by the Difficult Problem of Ground Structure
One thing is clear, namely that pre-existing knowledge was insufficient to explain the seismic response spectrums of earthquakes that have struck Japan's nuclear power plants in recent years. The nuclear industry is now confronted with the difficult problem of ground structure.

Ryusuke Umeda's Worker's Compensation Claim Rejected
His claim was rejected without any investigation of the conditions at Tsuruga-1, site of most of Umeda's exposure.

Japanese Inventory of Separated Plutonium (2009)

Who's Who: Kiyohiko Yamada
Opposing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle as a Politician and Citizen

News Watch
-- Construction of Rokkasho MOX Factory Commences
-- Application for Second HLW Shipment from the UK
-- Japanese consortium to do feasibility study for Kazakhstan nuclear power plant
-- Bid for Kazakhstan's Planned HTR
-- Public-private partnership to promote nuclear exports launched
-- Welds in pumps and valves never inspected
-- Valve maker falsifies materials experiment records
-- Lawsuit for the termination of construction and operation of Shika 2 rejected

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