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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 143
(July/Aug 2011)



TEPCO will do anything to maintain the 'unforseeable' theory
- The 'simulation analysis' deception technique -

Lax radiation dose calculations continue at Fukushima Nuclear Power Station:
CNIC and other groups hold joint negotiations with government on plant worker exposure

Reassessment of the geological condition of the ground beneath Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant.
Niigata Prefecture should hold an earthquake and ground condition subcommittee meeting as soon as possible.

Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants Rally

Anti-Nuke Who's Who : Atsuko Ogasawara
Owner of Asako House, built in the center of the planned Ohma Nuclear Power Plant premises

News Watch
--Lithuania receives bids from Westinghouse and Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy for NPP project
--Obama City's municipal assembly adopts antinuclear statement
--Yamaguchi Prefecture's governor mentions possible suspension of Kaminoseki NPP project
--Electric power companies hold shareholder meetings
--Japanese government requests restart of Genkai NPP reactors

10 Million Signature Campaign


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