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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 164
(Jan./Feb. 2015)



Children’s Lives after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Samcheok, South Korea, holds “genuine” local referendum on new NPP
    By TAKANO Satoshi, Asia Citizen Network for Peace, S Korea

Residents of Fukushima’s Iitate Village file petition for nuclear damage compensation to restore home village

CNIC Public Comment on the Draft Report for the New Regulatory Requirements Screening for the Kansai Electric Power Company’s Takahama Nuclear Power Plant

Report: Gathering with Mr. Kumar Sundaram to learn about the status quo of the nuclear power industry in India

Who's who: Rika Mashiko, "Fukushima evacuees’ rights at risk"

News Watch
 -Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 Pool Fuel Removal Completed
 -Approval under New Regulatory Requirements Sought for Ohma NPP
 -Nuclear Regulation Authority has “No Specially Designated Secrets”
 -Westinghouse Concludes Long-term Contract with EDF for Fuel Orders
 -“New” Japan Atomic Energy Commission Inaugurated

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