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Old "News Watch" Articles

from NUKE INFO TOKYO 65 (May./Jun. 1998) to 81 (Jan./Feb 2001)

NUKE INFO TOKYO 81 (Jan./Feb.2001)

-- Tomari 3 Construction to be Launched
-- Injuries Due to Radiation Exposure Recognized as an Industrial Hazard
-- Former JCO Director and Others Indicted
-- Earthquake in Tottori
-- Hokkaido Governor Accepts Horonobe URL
-- JFBA Proposes that Nuclear Power Be Abolished
-- Monju and the Long-Term Program

NUKE INFO TOKYO 80 (Nov./Dec. 2000)

-- Promoters' Meeting Held for Establishment of Executing Company for HLW
-- Proposal Submitted for New Long-Term Nuclear Plan
-- 76% Opposed to the Plan for the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory
-- Hokkaido Governor Says "Yes" to the Construction of Tomari 3
-- Nothing Could Be Done for Exposed Victims
-- Damages to SG Pipes Due to Stray Metal Chips
-- Kashiwazaki City Council Calls for Safety Confirmation on MOX Fuel
-- Additional Construction of Sendai 3 Proposed

NUKE INFO TOKYO 79 (Sep./Oct. 2000)

-- Moves toward New Reactor Construction Plans
-- Successive Reactor Shutdowns Lead to Restart of Thermal Power Generator
-- Court Rules that a Public Hearing is Not a Place to Hear Public Opinion
-- Municipalities Issue Ordinances Refusing Radioactive Wastes
-- Jet Planes Crash in the vicinity of Onagawa Nuclear Plant

NUKE INFO TOKYO 78 (July/Aug. 2000)

-- Liberal Democratic Party Drafts Comprehensive Energy Policy
-- Ministerial Reorganization to Affect Nuclear Industry
-- Compensation for Damages Due to JCO Accident Totals 11.56 Billion Yen
-- Policy Formulated for Decisions on Nuclear Damage Compensation
-- Test Operation at Tokai Reprocessing Plant Begins
-- Japan, U.S. Agree to Further Cooperation in Burning Russia's Dismantled Plutonium

NUKE INFO TOKYO 77 (May/June 2000)

-- JAIF and VAEC Agreed on the Basic Plan for Cooperation
-- Commencement of Partial Liberalization of Power Supply Services
-- Plu-Thermal Utilization for Kashiwazaki 3 Approved
-- Yaku-machi Establishes an Ordinance to Completely Reject Nuclear Facilities
-- MHI Signs an Agreement to Supply Equipment to KEDO
-- JCO's Operation License Revoked
-- JCO Accident Costs Parent Company 14.5 Billion Yen

NUKE INFO TOKYO 76 (Mar./Apr. 2000)

-- People of Maki-machi Once Again Vote Against Nuclear Plant
-- Claims of Nuclear Power Costs Mere Propaganda
-- JGC Corp. Sign Agreement on Business Collaboration with Korean Firm
-- Nuclear Power Industry Plagued by Y2K Glitches
-- Fire at Nuclear Plant in Miyagi Extinguishes Itself

NUKE INFO TOKYO 75 (Jan./Feb. 2000)

-- Fifth Shipment of High-Level Waste
Nuclear Industry Accelerates Restructuring
Sales Further Reduced for the Nuclear Industry
Advanced Move for NSC's Autonomy
Formal Contract Signed between KEDO and KEPCO

NUKE INFO TOKYO 74 (Nov./Dec 1999)

-- A Nuclear Power Plant Shutdown due to a Power Failure
-- Worker Compensation Payments Approved for Nuclear Plant Workers
-- Effects of Radiation Other Than Cancers
-- JCO Accident Further Delays Japan's Nuclear Power Plan

NUKE INFO TOKYO 73 (Sep./Oct. 1999)

-- No Renewal Again of the System Peak Load
-- A Suit to Demand Stoppage of Construction of Shika 2
-- Move Begins toward High-level Radioactive Waste
-- Rare Species of Wild Animals Support Anti-Nuke Movement
-- More Difficulties for the Maki Plant Construction Plan

NUKE INFO TOKYO 72 (July/ Aug. 1999)

-- Shipments of Spent Fuel to Rokkasho to Be Resumed
-- The Kushima City Council Withdraws Its Resolution Opposing a Nuclear Plant
-- Putting into Operation Intermediate Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel
-- Majority Opt for a "Change to a Flexible Path"

NUKE INFO TOKYO 71 (May/June 1999)

-- Another Trial Ruling Asks for a Social Choice
-- Fourth Shipment of VHLW from France to Japan
-- Japan Signs Agreement to Provide $1 billion to KEDO
-- JNFL to Stop Operation of Rokkasho Uranium Enrichment Plant System
-- Toshiba, Hitachi and GE Tighten Cooperation
-- No Trouble in Y2K?
-- Citizens' Groups Protest HLW Geological Disposal

NUKE INFO TOKYO 70 (Mar./Apr. 1999)

-- Nuclear Power Plants Might Be Safe for 60 Years?
-- Nuclear Budget for 1999
-- Japan Helps Russia to Dismantle Nuclear Arsenal
-- Court Rejects Tomari Nuclear Power Plant Closure
-- Ohi 2 Has Control Rod Trouble

NUKE INFO TOKYO 69 (Jan./Feb. 1999)

-- 15,000 Drums Containing Low-level Radioactive Waste Found Corroded
-- Compensation for Damages Caused by Nuclear Plant Accidents Raised to ¥60 Billion
-- Study Underway to Plan for a MOX Fabrication Plant
-- Safety Regulations to be Centralized in Ministry of Economy and Industry
-- Clearance Levels Proposed
-- HTTR Went Critical

NUKE INFO TOKYO 68 (Nov./Dec. 1998)

-- Utilities Compete to Shorten Regular Inspection Period
-- Court Says Nuclear Plants Are Negative Legacy
-- PNC Becomes JNC
-- NSC Chairman Testimony
-- Agricultural Co-op Says "No" to Additional Reactor at Tomari
-- TEPCO Applies for Safety Review on MOX Fueling

NUKE INFO TOKYO 67 (Sep./Oct. 1998)

-- Request for Approval to Build Unit 3 at Tomari Plant Submitted
-- Spent Fuel Shipped from Shika Nuclear Plant
-- Plan to Construct Intermediate Storage Facility
-- Active Fault Found Near Shimane Nuclear Plant
-- Toshiba, Hitachi, and GE Consider a Joint Enterprise
-- First Permit for a New Nuclear Plant in 10 Years

NUKE INFO TOKYO 66 (Jul./Aug. 1998)

-- Gov't Measures on Global Warming Require More Nuclear Plants
-- White Papers on Nuclear Policy Released
-- Shroud Replacement of Fukushima I-3 Completed
-- PNC: A Huge Barrel of Flops

NUKE INFO TOKYO 65 (May./Jun. 1998)

-- Cover-up on Loss of Radioactive Metal Fragments Revealed
-- Preliminary Calculations for Clearance Levels Presented
-- AEC Drafts Report on Int'l Coop.
-- Summary of Long-term "Outlook" Released



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