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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 114
(Sep./Oct. 2006)


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Map of places mentioned in NIT 114

Irradiated Research Reactor Fuel Shipped to US
On August 4th, two spent fuel assemblies were shipped from Kawasaki to DoE's Idaho National Laboratory.

Nuclear Energy Nation Building?
On 31 May 2006 the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) released a "New National Energy Strategy". This Strategy contains a new phrase, "Nuclear Energy National Building". This phrase had not appeared before during the deliberations.

Exposure to Radiation During Regular Operations of Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
There are many intermediate steps in the assessment before a value for radiation dose is finally arrived at....Depending on the assumptions made, the results could be several times larger or several times smaller.

Promoting Food Irradiation Without First Verifying its Safety
AEC's Special Committee on Food Irradiation released a draft report on July 13th, in which it concluded that a lack of understanding is the reason why irradiated food has not taken off. It recommended allowing irradiation of 94 spice and herb products, vegetables, and so on. Some of the problems with this report are discussed in this article.

Workers' Radiation Exposure at Japan's Nuclear Facilities
Data for April 2005 - March 2006

Group Introduction
The Phase-Out Nuclear Energy Downtown Network is a grassroots gathering place.

News Watch
--FBR R&D funding
--One billion yen for HLW dump candidates
--Earthquake Guidelines revised
--Second Japan-US GNEP meeting
--Japanese industry responds to GNEP request for Expressions of Interest
--Japan - Kazakhstan nuclear cooperation memorandum
--Plutonium data for 2005

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