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Latest Issue of NIT

Nuke Info Tokyo 164 (Jan./Feb. 2015) (2.5MB)

  • Children’s Lives after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
  • Samcheok, South Korea, holds “genuine” local referendum on new NPP
        By TAKANO Satoshi, Asia Citizen Network for Peace, S Korea
  • Residents of Fukushima’s Iitate Village file petition for nuclear damage compensation to restore home village
  • CNIC Public Comment on the Draft Report for the New Regulatory Requirements Screening for the Kansai Electric Power Company’s Takahama Nuclear Power Plant
  • Report: Gathering with Mr. Kumar Sundaram to learn about the status quo of the nuclear power industry in India
  • Who's who: Rika Mashiko, "Fukushima evacuees’ rights at risk"
  • News Watch
--Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 Pool Fuel Removal Completed
--Approval under New Regulatory Requirements Sought for Ohma NPP
--Nuclear Regulation Authority has “No Specially Designated Secrets”
--Westinghouse Concludes Long-term Contract with EDF for Fuel Orders
--“New” Japan Atomic Energy Commission Inaugurated

Past Issues of NIT






Nuke Info Tokyo 163 (Nov./Dec. 2014) (3.2MB)

  • Report on the 16th No Nukes Asia Forum
  • The Uranium Extraction Policy of Mongolia: The Current Situation, by SELENGE Lkhagvajav
  • Report on the struggle of a Nuclear Power Subcommittee Member (2)
    New support policies for nuclear power plants as Japan moves toward the deregulation of electrical power / Excuses for extending the life of Monju
  • Nuclear Power Station decommissioning
    Schedule-first policy placing excessive burdens on workers, TEPCO has responsibility to protect workers’ health and jobs.
  • Reference Material: Radiation Exposure Data for Nuclear Power Plant Workers (Fiscal Year 2013)
  • Reference Material: Japan’s Separated Plutonium Inventory (as of the end of 2013)
  • Current State of Post-Accident Operations at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (May to end October 2014)
  • Group Intro : From Fukui, the “Nuclear Ginza” Sayonara Genpatsu Fukui Network
  • News Watch
     --Designated Waste Accepted for Interim Storage in Fukushima
     --Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corp. Launched
     --Electric Power Companies Considering Decommissioning Old Reactors
     --Application for Review of Compatibility of Shika Unit 2 with New Regulatory Requirements
     --Nuclear Disaster Prevention Drills in Fukui
     --Japan and Kazakhstan Sign Nuclear Power Cooperation Memorandum
     --JAEA to Cooperate with Indonesian Agency to Develop High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor
     --Hitachi to Conduct Joint Research with Three American Universities
     --Judgment Recognizing Causality of Nuclear Accident in Suicide Binding

Nuke Info Tokyo 162 (Sep./Oct. 2014) (3.2MB)

  • Report on the struggle of a Nuclear Power Subcommittee member:
    Government’s ban on release of video of deliberations and forceful subcommittee management policy
  • Public Comments for the Draft Report on Compliance of Sendai Nuclear Power Station with the New Regulatory Requirements
  • 2014 World Conference against A & H bombs marks the 69th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Japan
  • Contaminated Water Woes at Fukushima Daiichi; Is Seepage Control Possible Using a “Frozen Earth Barrier”?
  • Who's who : Yoshitaka Mukohara, A person who lives with nature and who stands against nuclear power plants with an easy-going style
  • News Watch
    --Designated Waste Accepted for Interim Storage in Fukushima
    --Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corp. Launched
    --Electric Power Companies Considering Decommissioning Old Reactors
    --Application for Review of Compatibility of Shika Unit 2 with New Regulatory Requirements
    --Nuclear Disaster Prevention Drills in Fukui
    --Japan and Kazakhstan Sign Nuclear Power Cooperation Memorandum
    --JAEA to Cooperate with Indonesian Agency to Develop High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor
    --Hitachi to Conduct Joint Research with Three American Universities
    --Judgment Recognizing Causality of Nuclear Accident in Suicide Binding

Nuke Info Tokyo 161 (July/Aug. 2014) (2.5MB)

  • A business analysis of Japan’s NPP export to Turkey   by Yasuro Kawai
  • Summary of Discussions in the Government Radioactive Wastes Working Group -Many unresolved problems remain
  • Current State of Post-Accident Operations at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station - October 2013 to April 2014
  • Group Intro : Thirty years of protest against the construction of the high-level radioactive waste disposal facilities
  • News Watch
  -- All Towns and Villages of Fukushima Prefecture Call for Decommissioning of All Nuclear Reactors in the Prefecture
  -- Complete Liberalization  of Retail Electricity Sales
  -- Members of the Nuclear Regulation Authority to Change
  -- Tohoku Electric Power Applies for Review of Compliance of Higashidori NPP with New Standards
  -- Nuclear Power Subcommittee Inaugurated
  -- Movement for Review of Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damages
  -- Sendai NPP passes the new regulatory requirements

Nuke Info Tokyo 160 (May/June 2014) (2.4MB)
  • Status quo of exposed workers in Fukushima and Japan’s first unified spring labor offensive for nuclear workers
  • Report of the Iitate Villagers’ Early-stage External Radiation Exposure Assessment Project
  • Basic Energy Plan Formulated for the First Time since the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster
  • Court ruling bans restart of Ohi Nuclear Power Plant
  • Who's who : Professor Harutoshi Funabashi, Chairperson of the Citizens’ Commission on Nuclear Energy
  • News Watch
  -- Pumping to Begin at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Ground Water Bypass Plan
  -- A Mistake or an Intentional Act? Highly Contaminated Water Misrouted
  -- Hakodate City Files Suit to Halt Construction of Ohma Nuclear Power Station
  -- Vitrified Residue Returns Shipment Arrives from the UK
  -- Fukushima Daiichi Decommissioning & Decontamination Engineering Company Inaugurated
  -- Working Group Compiling a Report on Locations for High-Level Waste Processing Facilities

Nuke Info Tokyo 159(March/April 2014) (5.0MB)

  • Three years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, we are hoping to see glimmers of hope
  • The Current State of Japan’s Nuclear Power Plant Export Plans
  • Report from Turkey: Sinop Says No to Nuclear
      by Özgür Gürbüz, Anti Nuclear Platform
  • State of Agricultural Research on Radioactive Contamination
  • Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
  • Group Introduction: “Square”
    Anti-nuclear residents staging a round-the-clock sit-in in front of the Building of Kyushu Electric Power Co.
  • News Watch
--100t highly contaminated water leaked at Fukushima Daiichi
--Citizens file for compensation against the suppliers of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors
--Mitsubishi Heavy Industries establishes new Turkey Nuclear IPP Development Department
--Japan–Turkey Nuclear Agreement Questioned
--Revisions to Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund Law and Electric Utility Industry Law Presented to the Diet
--Temporary power loss at Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent fuel pool

Nuke Info Tokyo 158(Jan./Feb. 2014) (3.6MB)

  • Recent Shifts in Monju Policy
    The government is attempting the continued use of Monju for the nominal purpose of reducing the volume of radioactive waste
  • Reference Data: Radiation Exposure Data for Nuclear Power Plant Workers (Fiscal Year 2012)
  • Second list of signatures signed by anti-nuclear citizens submitted; total number of signatories rises to 8.38 million
  • Current State of Post-Accident Operations at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (July to December 2013)
  • Who's who : “Citizen science for the benefit of citizens!” Yugo Ono, A Geographer Who Fights
  • News Watch
-- Fukushima Daiichi Units 5 and 6 to be decommissioned
-- Completion of Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant and Mutsu Spent Nuclear Fuel Intermediate Storage Facilities postponed
-- Successive applications for examination of NPPs conformity with the new regulatory requirements submitted
-- Unprecedented process used to formulate The Basic Energy Plan
-- Toshiba  reaches agreement on the purchase of NuGen shares


Nuke Info Tokyo 157(Dec./Nov. 2013) (3.0MB)

  • No future for Kashiwazaki-Kariwa except gradual decommissioning
  • The Hydrogen Explosion in Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 Nuclear Reactor Building Occurred on the 4th Floor, Not the 5th!
    —Possible Small-Break LOCA in IC Pipes from Powerful Seismic Motion—
  • Reference Material: Japanese Inventory of Separated Plutonium at the end of calendar year 2012
  • Main accidents and breakdowns in nuclear power facilities in FY2010, FY2011, FY2012
  • Group Introduction : The Organization of Religious Leaders Questioning the Nuclear Energy Administration
  • News Watch
  • -- TEPCO drained contaminated water out of the barriers surrounding water tanks at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, failing to follow standardized procedure
    -- Japan speeding up the planned export of nuclear power plants to Turkey
    -- Removal of spent fuel from Unit 4 of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station started
    -- Inauguration of Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant and Mutsu Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facilities postponed
    -- Japan signs the joint statement on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons for the first time
    -- First comprehensive nuclear disaster drill exercise since the Fukushima disaster organized at Sendai Nuclear Power Plant, Kagoshima

Nuke Info Tokyo 156(Sep./Oct. 2013) (4.5MB)

  • The Severe Contaminated Water Situation at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
  • Post-accident Cleanup Process at TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (April to June 2013)
  • Efforts to settle the nuclear accident in Fukushima continue to hit snags
  • Japan Congress against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs holds international conferences in Fukushima, Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Who's who : Yasuko Yamaguchi
  • News Watch
  • -- The four Fukushima NPP host towns demand decommissioning of all reactors
    -- Compensation negotiations ongoing for Monju in-vessel transfer machine  accident 
    -- Basic policies proposed for the Children and Victims Protection Law
    -- Basic directions for restructuring JAEA released
    -- Construction of sodium engineering research facility begun in earnest

Nuke Info Tokyo 155(July/Aug 2013) (3.8MB)

  • Fault directly beneath Tsuruga Unit 2 reactor officially recognized as active
    -Nuclear Regulation Authority’s responsibility is grave-
  • MOX fuel should not be loaded into reactors but disposed of as waste
  • Report on the 82nd CNIC Public Research Meeting
    What are the Problems with the Nuclear Regulation Authority’s New Safety Standards?
  • Japanese nuclear watchdog’s order to ban restart of Monju reactor indicates how disorganized the operator is
  • Resumption of discussions by government working group on nuclear wastes
  • Plutonium inventory 2011
  • Group Introduction : Fukushima Poka-Poka Project
  • News Watch
  • -- Decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi’s four reactors rescheduled to be completed earlier than originally planned 
    -- Radioactive leak at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC)
    -- Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. and Areva issue a statement of cooperation
    -- Vitrification tests end at the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
    -- Fukushima Prefecture renews demands for the decommissioning of all nuclear power plants in the prefecture
    -- “Frozen soil method” to prevent the inflow of groundwater

Nuke Info Tokyo 154(May/Jun 2013) (3.0MB)

  • Decontamination – Sluggish and Ineffective
  • Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station: Still too many unknowns about the accident and the current condition of the plant
  • The Status of Nuclear Fuel Stored at the Fukushima Daiichi and Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Plants
  • Leaking Radioactive Water at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant The rising tide of contaminated water and TEPCO’s makeshift countermeasures
  • Anti Nukes Who's Who: Hiroyuki Kawai, Lawyer Fighting to Shut Down All Nuclear Power Plants in Japan “We will continue to fight the nuclear village until we win.”
  • News Watch
  • -- Nuclear cooperation agreements signed with UAE and Turkey
    -- TEPCO exchanges plutonium with German power company
    -- US-ROK civilian nuclear cooperation agreement to be extended for two years
    -- MOX fuel for Takahama Unit 3 departs from France
    -- Order suspends Monju operation
    -- Rat stops spent fuel pool cooling system

Nuke Info Tokyo 153(Mar/Apr 2013) (3.0MB)

  • Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident – Two Years On
  • An Attempt to Estimate Early-stage Radiation Exposure Dose at the Location of Every Household in Iitate Village, Fukushima
  • Problems emerge in operations to bring the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident to an end, and in decontamination operations
  • Let’s Link with Fukushima! Sayonara Nukes! Huge Rallies on Consecutive Days
  • Anti Nukes Who's Who: Kenichi Hasegawa, Dairy farmer maintaining visual records of Iitate Village since the Fukushima nuclear crisis
  • News Watch
  • -- New guideline for nuclear disaster countermeasures
    -- Radioactive materials released before venting at Fukushima Daiichi NPP Unit 1
    -- Japan Atomic Power Co. sells uranium
    -- Toshiba to be given preferential negotiation rights in construction of new Finnish NPP
    -- Japan Atomic Power Co. and Marubeni to cooperate in Kazakhstan NPP plan
    -- Japan to assist Saudi Nuclear Energy Plan
    -- HLW returned from the UK

Nuke Info Tokyo 152(Jan/Feb 2013) (1.0MB)

  • Review of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission
  • Radioactive Contamination of Japanese Tea after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
  • Japan’s Energy Policy Stalemate: Democracy or Vested Interests
  • Indonesian Nuclear Stalemate… Until 2014?
  • Group Introduction : Radiation-exposed Workers' Solidarity Network
    --Protecting the safety and lives of radiation-exposed workers, who are coerced into trading their health for payments--
  • “Solidarity with Fukushima!"
    --Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants! March 2013--
  • News Watch
  • -- Hitachi’s General Headquarters for Overseas Nuclear Power Strategy
    -- Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Begins Glass Vitrification Tests
    -- Fracture Zone Investigations Show Active Faults Highly Probable in Nuclear Plant Areas
    -- Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plants Embankment Barrier Raised to 22 Meters
    -- Britain “Can Accept” Japan’s Plutonium
    -- Japan Atomic Energy Commission’s Position on High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
    -- LDP-New Komeito Return to Power
    -- The Fukushima Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety
    -- Shipment of Vitrified Canisters from Britain in February


Nuke Info Tokyo 151(Nov/Dec 2012) (1.5MB)

  • What was clarified by The National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission? --Focusing on low-level radiation exposure risk--
  • The Innovative Strategy for Energy and Environment and its future
  • While More Nuclear Power Plants Are Planned in South Korea, the High-voltage Cable Tower Project in Miryang Is Becoming Increasingly Controversial
  • Anti Nukes Who's Who : Katsumi Furitsu, Japanese activist working for a nuclear-free world
  • News Watch
  • -- Hitachi Buys British Nuclear Power Company
    -- JA’s Nuclear Phase-out Policy
    -- Ohma Nuclear Plant Construction Restarts
    -- Japan-India Joint Statement of Cooperation in Nuclear Power Field
    -- License Expires for Sea Landfill of Planned Kaminoseki Nuclear Plant
    -- Ordinance for Referendum by Citizens of Shizuoka Prefecture on Restart of Hamaoka Nuclear Plant Fails to Pass
    -- Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Completion Plans Postponed
    -- Regulatory Commission Decision on Countermeasure Policy for Nuclear Damage
    -- Formulation of Nuclear Energy Policy Outline Frozen

Nuke Info Tokyo 150 (Sep/Oct 2012) (0.9MB)

  • International Symposium on the Truth of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and the Myth of Nuclear Safety August 30 & 31, 2012 University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus
  • Actions against Kori 1 Reactor Restart Spread in South Korea ~Closure Demanded~
  • Report on the National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (NAIIC)
      ~What kind of panel was the NAIIC, and what was clarified by its investigation?~
  • Events of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant accident
  • Group Intro : Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Criminal Complainants Group
  • News Watch
    -- Restart of Ohi Reactor Units 3 and 4
    -- Government Presents Twelve Candidate Areas for Contaminated Soil Storage from Decontamination Work
    -- Shizuoka Prefecture Citizens’ Referendum Request on Hamaoka Nuclear Plant Restart
    -- Nuclear Abolition Law, Proposal in Parliament
    -- “Innovative Energy and Environment Strategy” Announced
    -- Nuclear Safety Commission Finally Inaugurated

Nuke Info Tokyo 149 (July/Aug 2012) (1.1MB)

  • Energy options proposed
  • The Koodankulam Struggle
  • We oppose the restart of Ohi Nuclear Power Plant
  • International Symposium on the Truth of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and the Myth of Nuclear Safety
  • Clean-up operation at the nuclear accident site at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
  • Aging Nuclear Power Plants focusing in particular on irradiation embrittlement of pressure vessels
  • Anti-Nukes Who's Who: Hiraku Yamami
  • News Watch
    -- Hitachi-GE to Accept Order for Lithuanian Nuclear Plant
    -- Demands for Nuclear Plant Decommissioning: A Succession of Lawsuits
    -- Around 7.5 Million Signatures for Nuclear Phase-out Submitted to Government and Diet
    -- New Law Establishes Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    -- Demand for a Citizens' Referendum Ordinance Fails to Pass

Nuke Info Tokyo 148 (May/June 2012) (1.4MB)

  • Complete Halt of All Nuclear Power Plants in Japan. But for how long can restarts be prevented?
  • Labor Standards Inspection Office in Yokohama recognizes death of Fukushima nuclear worker as eligible for compensation
  • Inspections of vitrified HLW returning from Britain reveal radioactive contamination on canister surfaces
  • International Symposium on the Truth of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and the Myth of Nuclear Safety
  • 15th No Nukes Asia Forum in South Korea
  • Aging Nuclear Power Plants focusing in particular on irradiation embrittlement of pressure vessels
  • Group Intro: Japan Occupational Safety and Health Resource Center (JOSHRC)
  • News Watch
    -- Abolition of Fukushima-1 Reactor Units 1-4
    -- Fiscal Year 2011 Facility Utilization Rate 23.6%
    -- New Standards for Radioactive Cesium in Food
    -- Tokai Mayor demands Minister of Economy decommission Tokai-2
    -- Inaugural Meeting of Mayors for Nuclear Abolition

Nuke Info Tokyo 147 (March/April 2012) (1.2MB)

  • Fukushima: Current status of nuclear reactors and corium
  • What are the main issues in future discussions on energy policy?
  • My Opinion on Radioactive Disaster Waste
  • The Problem of the Meteorological Research Institute’s Environmental Radiation Research
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Masaharu Kawata
  • News Watch
    --Proposal within the Democratic Party of Japan to stop the nuclear fuel cycle
    --Draft bill of law to overhaul nuclear energy organizations presented to parliament
    --International Conference on Nuclear Safety in December
    --Budget proposal for nuclear energy doubling to handle accident
    --Request for Referendum on Nuclear Energy

Nuke Info Tokyo 146 (Jan./Feb. 2012) (1.4MB)

  • Government Investigation Committee Releases Interim Report
  • Rallies against the Monju Reactor
  • Fukushima: Take measures for worker exposure
  • Maps of Nuclear Facilities in Asia
  • Group Intro: APAST (Union for Alternative Pathways in Science & Technology)
  • News Watch
    --Decommissioning requests in successive suits
    --Four nuclear draft cooperation agreements approved
    --Interim contract between Hitachi and the Lithuanian government
    --Evidence of unaccounted for nuclear materials held in large amounts
    --FNCA Ministerial Level Meeting
  • Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World


Nuke Info Tokyo 145 (Nov./Dec. 2011) (1.2MB)

  • Fukushima Nuclear Power Station: Radioactive contamination spreading daily Concerns about damage to health due to radiation exposure
  • Redesign the Niigata Method: Close Down the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station
  • Conference Report “Climate and Energy Forum: Towards Energy Efficiency & Safe Options”
  • Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World (January 14-15, 2012 Yokohama, Japan)
  • Plutonium Data
    --Japanese Inventory of Separated Plutonium at 31 December 2010
    --Separated Plutonium in Use from January-December 2010
    --2010 Balance of Separated Plutonium Held in Japan
  • The 5th reduced-size edition of the Hangenpatsu-Shinbun
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who : Seiichi Nakate
    Spokesman for Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation
  • News Watch
    --Tokai mayor requests decommissioning of Tokai-2
    --Shizuoka municipalities demand permanent shutdown of Hamaoka Nuclear Plant
    --Nuclear abolition resolutions passed in assemblies nationwide
    --Mongolian government drops nuclear disposal site plans
    --Government still fixated on nuclear power exports
  • Japan radioactive contamination map

Nuke Info Tokyo 144 (Sep./Oct. 2011) (0.9MB)

  • "Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants" Rally
    19 September 2011
  • The No Nukes Asia Forum 2011
  • Aiming for Renewed Agriculture in the Chernobyl Disaster Area
  • Difficult clean-up operations at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
  • Kashiwazaki-Kariwa: Experience of the Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake not Applied
    ―The First Post-3/11 Niigata Prefecture Earthquake and Ground Condition Subcommittee―
  • Group Intro: Citizens’ Radioactivity Measurement Station (CRMS)
  • News Watch
    --Cabinet establishes Nuclear Safety Agency
    --Tomari-3 moves to commercial operation
    --Transportation of the high-level vitrified wastes to Aomori from U.K.

Nuke Info Tokyo 143 (July/Aug. 2011) (1.3MB)

  • TEPCO will do anything to maintain the 'unforseeable' theory
  • Lax radiation dose calculations continue at Fukushima Nuclear Power Station
  • Reassessment of the geological condition of the ground beneath Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant
  • Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants Rally
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who : Atsuko Ogasawara
  • News Watch
    --Lithuania receives bids from Westinghouse and Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy for NPP project
    --Obama City's municipal assembly adopts antinuclear statement
    --Yamaguchi Prefecture's governor mentions possible suspension of Kaminoseki NPP project
    --Electric power companies hold shareholder meetings
    --Japanese government requests restart of Genkai NPP reactors
  • 10 Million Signature Campaign

Nuke Info Tokyo 142 (May/June. 2011) (824KB)

  • CNIC Welcomes the Request to Stop All Reactors at Hamaoka NPPThe Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Evolution of the Crisis and Resulting Radiation Levels
  • Fukushima: Radiation Dispersed over a Wide Area
  • Is TEPCO Serious about Restarting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa-3 within the Year?
  • “Conserve the Sea of Miracles” International Symposium Held to Evaluate the Ecosystem of the Tanoura Cove, Proposed Site of the Kaminoseki NPP
  • 25 Years after the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident
  • Group Intro: Hairo Action Fukushima
  • Examining the Electricity Supply Plans for FY2011

Nuke Info Tokyo 141 (Mar./Apr. 2011) (590KB)

  • Explosions at Nuclear Power Plants Tsunami Swanps Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
  • Statement by Group of Concerned Scientists and Engineers Calling for the Closure of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant
  • Can there be a silver lining? Opinion Article published by Kyodo News, March 28, 2011
  • Future of Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant Uncertain
  • Hunger Strike Against Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant
  • Epidemiological Study of Workers at Nuclear Power Generating Facilities: (4th Period FY2005 to FY2009)
  • CNIC Statement Concerning Evacuation from Area Surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (March 20, 2011)
  • South Texas Project Nuclear Power Plant
  • Toshiba-Tenex Enriched Uranium Joint Venture, Japan-Russia Bilateral Nuclear Cooperation Agreement
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who : Hatsumi Ishimaru
  • News Watch
    --Permission to operate Fukushima I Unit 1 beyond 40 years granted - one month before it was wiped out by an earthquake and tsunami
    --JAPCO: the best laid schemes of mice and men
    --Cost Increases at Monju, Rokkasho Reprocessing
    --Monju official commits suicide

Nuke Info Tokyo 140 (Jan./Feb. 2011) (1 MB)

  • Monju's Never Ending Problems
  • Problems at KK-3 and KK-7
  • Uranium Enrichment Plant Turns into a Big Waste Dump
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Update
  • Problems with extending the time between periodic inspections
  • Petition Concerning Feasibility Study for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant in Viet Nam
  • Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
  • Group Intro: Miyagi Wind
  • News Watch
    -- New nuclear policy drafting process begins
    -- Mihama-1 passes 40 years operation
    -- Rush to sign nuclear agreements
    -- Industry nuclear cooperation agreements
    -- Japanese Electric Power Companies Join French Uranium Enrichment Project
    -- Permission granted for installation of TEPCO's Higashidori-1
    -- Stage set for submission of application for permission to install Sendai-3
    -- Pluthermal permission for Tomari-3
    -- Pluthermal starts at Takahama-3
    -- Pluthermal postponed in Hamaoka-4


Nuke Info Tokyo 139 (Nov./Dec. 2010) (592 KB)

  • No Nukes Asia Forum 2010
  • The 2010 No Nukes Asia Forum Joint Statement
  • Viet Nam Chooses Japan as "Partner for Building two Reactors"
  • Failure to Remove Monju Fuel Relay Device: Long delay expected
  • KK-5 Headed Towards Restart, Hamaoka-5 Confronted by the Difficult Problem of Ground Structure
  • Ryusuke Umeda's Worker's Compensation Claim Rejected
  • Japanese Inventory of Separated Plutonium (2009)
  • Who's Who: Kiyohiko Yamada
  • News Watch
    -- Construction of Rokkasho MOX Factory Commences
    -- Application for Second HLW Shipment from the UK
    -- Japanese consortium to do feasibility study for Kazakhstan nuclear power plant
    -- Bid for Kazakhstan's Planned HTR
    -- Public-private partnership to promote nuclear exports launched
    -- Welds in pumps and valves never inspected
    -- Valve maker falsifies materials experiment records
    -- Lawsuit for the termination of construction and operation of Shika 2 rejected

Nuke Info Tokyo 138 (Sep./Oct. 2010) (708 KB)

  • Three Years Since the Chuetsu-oki Earthquake
  • Accident at Monju
  • Two year delay for Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
  • Construction of Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility Begins
  • Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons - the Unbreakable Connection
  • US NGOs Warn Japanese Government of Financial Risks of Investing in US Nuclear Power Plants
  • Japan's Policy on Disposal of Radioactive Waste
  • Workers' Radiation Exposure Data for FY2009
  • Group Intro.: Citizen Science Initiative Japan, Exposure to Low Level Radiation Research Group
  • News Watch
    -- Lawsuit to Stop the Use of MOX Fuel at Genkai-3
    --Lawsuit to Stop Construction of Ohma Nuclear Power Plant
    --Fukushima 1-3 Begins Operating with MOX Fuel
    --Part of KEPCO's MOX Fuel Fabrication Plans Postponed
    --Conceptual designs for next generation LWR
    --Government-private sector sales pitch to Vietnam
    --Troubles at nuclear fuel plant covered up
    --Another radioactive leak at Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant

Nuke Info Tokyo 137 (July/Aug. 2010) (652 KB)

  • Citizens Challenge APEC Energy Ministers in Fukui
  • Monju Restart Sets Alarm Bells Ringing
  • Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Units 1 and 5
  • Three Years After the Chuetsu-oki Earthquake hit Niigata Prefecture
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: Fallen brick retrieved at last!
  • Kyushu Electric's Falsification of Warm Water Discharge Reports: Environmental impact to increase if Sendai-3 reactor constructed
  • Japan-India Nuclear Cooperation: CNIC Protest Letter
  • Major Incidents at Japanese Nuclear Facilities in 2009 Fiscal Year
  • Who's Who: Wakako Yamamoto
  • News Watch
    -- JAEA to cooperate with Vietnam on nuclear non-proliferation
    -- Cabinet approves Basic Energy Plan and New Growth Strategy
    -- Fukushima I-2: loss of offsite power during scram
    -- Chugoku Electric reprimanded
    -- Assessment of safety activities at nuclear power plants
    -- Final compensation claim from JCO criticality accident rejected
    -- MHI signs agreement with Iberdrola Engineering
    -- Mihama-1 to operate for a maximum of 10 more years
    -- Moves towards loading MOX fuel into Fukushima I-3
    -- MOX fuel arrives from France
    -- Application to implement pluthermal at Shika-1

Nuke Info Tokyo 136 (May/June 2010) (544 KB)

  • Monju Restarted for the First Time in 14 Years
  • Monju Restart: CNIC statement
  • KK-1 Moves Closer to Restart
  • Chugoku Electric's Unbelievable Lack of Awareness of Safety and Quality Control
  • Uprating Nuclear Reactors Reduces Safety
  • Japan to the Rescue of Sellafield MOX Plant
  • 2010 Fiscal Year Electric Supply Plan
  • 2010 Plutonium Utilization Plans and Plutonium Holdings
  • Group Introduction: Rainbow Kayak Squadron
  • News Watch
    -- Japanese Government frantically trying to win nuclear orders from Vietnam
    -- MOX fuel departs France
    -- JNFL fails to recover fallen tile
    -- Construction of MOX fabrication plant postponed
    -- MHI to invest in Areva
    -- TEPCO to Invest in US Nuclear Project
    -- Nuclear Cooperation with India: Industry trumps Abolition

Nuke Info Tokyo 135 (March/April 2010) (524 KB)

  • High-Level Radioactive Waste Shipped from the UK
  • Prospects for Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Units 1 and 5
  • Ryusuke Umeda Lodges Historic Workers' Compensation Claim
  • Public Involvement in Japan's Nuclear Power Licensing System
  • Group Intro: Niigata Women Thinking about Life and Nuclear Energy
  • News Watch
    -- Pluthermal begins at Ikata-3
    -- Governor and mayors approve pluthermal for Onagawa
    -- Fukushima Governor indicates conditional approval for pluthermal
    -- KEPCO, Kyushu to jointly ship MOX
    -- Local authority approves Tsuruga-1 operation beyond 40 years
    -- Request to Aomori Prefecture to accept radioactive waste returned from Europe
    -- Prime Minister Hatoyama sales pitch to Vietnam
    -- One killed, six others injured at Sendai-1

Nuke Info Tokyo 134 (January/February 2010) (1 MB)

  • Monju Restart: Like Playing Russian Roulette
  • Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
  • Who's Who: Keiko Kikukawa
  • News Watch
    -- Tomari-3 begins commercial operations
    -- Kaminoseki-1 license application
    -- Onagawa pluthermal safety endorsement
    -- Ikata pluthermal to start in February
    -- KK-7 resumes commercial operation, KK-6 delayed again
    -- Fuel cycle facilities delayed
    -- South Korea seeks US approval for reprocessing
    -- Mitsubishi to participate in uranium exploration in Mongolia
    -- MHI exports Reactor Heads to US
    -- Vietnam National Assembly approves nuclear power plan
    -- FNCA Ministers' Meeting
    -- Expert Committee Finalizes Report on International Issues


Nuke Infor Tokyo 133 (November/December 2009) (908 KB)

  • 10.3 No Nukes Festa 2009
  • Kaminoseki NPP: Sea Reclamation Begins
  • Genkai-3 First to Begin Long-Delayed Pluthermal Program
  • KK - 6 & 7: Unresolved Public Mistrust
  • Waste Mismanagement at Rokkasho
  • Japanese Inventory of Separated Plutonium (2008)
  • Group Introduction: Osaka Citizens Against the Mihama, Oi and Takahama Nuclear Power Plants
  • News Watch
    -- MOX Fuel Shipped to Monju
    -- Toshiba Certified as Supplier of U.S. ABWR
    -- UK Ready to Begin Returning Vitrified Waste
    -- Feasibility Study for Vietnamese Nuclear Power Plant
    -- Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Hitachi Developing Small Reactors
    -- Tsuruga-1 and Mihama-1 to operate beyond 40 years
    -- Irregular power output at Mihama-1
    -- Tritium released to sea from incorrectly fitted pipe

Nuke Info Tokyo 132 (September/October 2009) (640 KB)

  • KK-7 Stopped Due to Radioactive Leak, KK-6 Begins Start-up Tests
  • Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station Struck By Earthquake
  • Nuclear Energy Policy Under a New Government
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: 14 Month Delay
  • Public Finance and Export Insurance for Nuclear-Related Exports
  • An accident not to be forgotten: 10 Years have passed since the JCO Criticality Accident
  • Workers' Radiation Exposure Data for FY2008
  • Who's Who: Hiromitsu Ino
  • News Watch
    --Japan and Mongolia sign Memorandum of Cooperation
    --Advisory Committee on International Nuclear Relations established
    --New framework for human resource development in Asia
    --Negotiations begin for Japan-Korea Nuclear Cooperation Agreement
    --First meeting of FNCA 3rd Phase
    --Fusion R&D
    --Monju restart this fiscal year?
    --Report on FBR Cycle Demonstration Process
    --Defective MOX fuel pellets

Nuke Info Tokyo 131 (July/August 2009) (552 KB)

  • Certification of Sufferers of Atomic Bomb-Related Diseases
  • Multiple Myeloma and Malignant Lymphoma on Workers' Compo List
  • Worker Radiation Exposure at Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
  • Major Incidents at Japanese Nuclear Facilities
  • KK Nuclear Power Station 2 Years After the Chuetsu-oki Earthquake
  • Group Introduction: "Know Pluthermal" Shiribeshi Citizens' Network
  • News Watch
    --Replacement of Monju fuel begun
    --Application for approval of Hamaoka-1&2 decommissioning plan
    --METI releases nuclear power promotion policy
    --International Nuclear Energy Cooperation Council formed
    --Satellite office for advancement of FBR
    --Review of Japan's nuclear energy policy postponed
    --Japanese High Temperature Gas Reactor technology to Kazakhstan
    --Electric power companies, Itochu to develop uranium mine in WA
    --JOGMEC to explore for uranium in Uzbekistan

Nuke Info Tokyo 130 (May/June 2009) (768 KB)

  • Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Unit 7 Restarted
  • Seismic Design of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant: a Historical Perspective
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: a never ending series of accidents
  • Nagao vs. TEPCO: Tokyo High Court Upholds Unjust Verdict
  • MOX Fuel Ships Arrive in Japan Amidst Citizen Protest
  • 2009 Fiscal Year Electric Supply Plan
  • Who's Who: Kamanaka Hitomi
  • News Watch
    --Subcommittee releases draft international strategy
    --Institutional preparations for international cooperation
    --Memorandum of Cooperation with Jordan
    --Work begins on China's first AP1000
    --Kharasan uranium mine opened
    --Hitachi falsified data about heat treatment of pipe welds
    --Nuclear compensation law amended
    --Delay to construction of MOX fuel fabrication plant
    --Frequent fires at nuclear power plants

Nuke Info Tokyo 129 (March/April 2009) (888 KB)

  • Stop MOX Shipments!
  • Plutonium Utilization Plans for FY 2009
  • KK-7: to restart or not to restart
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: Leak of 150 Liters HLW in Vitrification Facility
  • Bilateral Nuclear Cooperation Agreements with Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Shika-2: Unjust Verdict!
  • Group Introduction: Hangempatsu Shimbun and the National Network Against Nuclear Energy
  • News Watch
    --Otsuki Town rejects radioactive waste dump
    --Close-down of Tsuruga-1 to be delayed
    --Toshiba secures first EPC agreement in US
    --57.8% Capacity Factor in 2008
    --Restart of Monju delayed again

Nuke Info Tokyo 128 (Jan./Feb. 2009) (1 MB)

  • The Future of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Unit 7
  • Replacement of Hamaoka Reactors 1 and 2
  • Problems with the Production of Glass Canisters at the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
  • Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
  • JCO Criticality Accident: Book Review
  • The Committee to Consider Pluthermal and Saga Prefecture's Next 100 Years
  • News Watch
    --Pluthermal Developments
    --MOX Transports from Europe in First Half of 2009
    --Sunameri Whales Appeal for Reversal of Permission to Reclaim Sea
    --Application to Build 3rd Reactor at Sendai
    --Uranium Enrichment Plant: Last Cascade Barely Functioning
    --Areva and Mitsubishi Form New Nuclear Fuel Company
    --TEPCO Considers Building Reactors Overseas


Nuke Info Tokyo 127 (Nov./Dec. 2008) (760 KB)

  • Fuel Loaded into Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Unit 7
  • Opposition to Dangerous MOX Fuel
  • Officials Despair of February Monju Restart
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: Never Ending Vitrification Problems
  • Kiyuna and Nagao Worker Exposure Compensation Claims
  • Japanese Inventory of Separated Plutonium at 31 December 2007
  • Who's Who: Hokuto Muto
  • News Watch
    --Plan to double nuclear indemnity requirements
    --Permission given to reclaim sea for Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant
    --Ohi-3 to be restarted without being repaired
    --Fire at Onagawa-1
    --JAEA, EDF to cooperate on fast reactors
    --Agreement for cooperation between JAEA and KAERI
    --BTC to accept trainees from the US
    --Nuclear energy seminar and exhibition in Vietnam

Nuke Info Tokyo 126 (Sep./Oct. 2008) (720 KB)

  • Monju Restart Delayed Again
  • No Sign of Resumption of Vitrification at Rokkasho
  • Japan to Finance Construction of American Nuclear Power Plants?
  • Serious Crack Found in Ohi-3 Reactor Vessel Nozzle
  • Worker Exposure Data for 2007 and the Workers' Compensation Case of the Late Tadashi Kiyuna
  • Japanese Protest India Nuclear Deal
  • Group Introduction: Kariwa Women for the Protection of Life
  • News Watch
    --Extension of time allowed between periodic inspections
    --Recurring radiation exposure incidents at a fuel fabrication facility
    --Moves to build HLW disposal simulation facility in Horonobe Town
    --Cooperation between Japan and the UK on fuel cycle and new plants
    --Integrated safeguards for Tokai Plutonium Facilities
    --Organizational support for international nuclear cooperation
    --Japan-US-France cooperation on Fast Reactors
    --Toshiba, IHI and Doosan team up for construction of nuclear reactors

Nuke Info Tokyo 125 (July/Aug. 2008) (1020 KB)

  • No Nukes Asia Forum 2008
  • KK Investigation Committees: the Debate Rages On
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: Vitrification Problems Continue
  • Nagao versus TEPCO: Unjust Verdict
  • Major Incidents at Japanese Nuclear Facilities April 2007 - March 2008
  • Who's Who: Takashi Yamato
  • News Watch
    --Under-age workers employed in radiation-related work
    --Japan-Kazakhstan Joint Statement
    --Cameco Invests in GLE
    --Japan-US Joint Statement on Nuclear Cooperation
    --Missile Warning - False Alarm

Nuke Info Tokyo No. 124 (May/June 2008) (980 KB)

  • Kashiwazaki- Kariwa NPP
  • Full MOX Reactor to Burn Japan's Growing Plutonium Stockpile
  • No Sign of Resumption of Vitrification at Rokkasho
  • US-India Nuclear Deal at the 2008 NPT PrepCom
  • Electric Power Supply Plan in an Era of Saturated Demand
  • Group Introduction: Anti-Nuclear Kagoshima Network
  • News Watch
    --Request for Hearings on Pluthermal for Tomari-3
    --Manufacture of MOX Fuel for Ikata and Hamaoka Begins
    --Applications Called to Host TRU Waste Dump
    --Various Computer Programming Errors
    --MHI and Areva to Cooperate on Fuel Cycle
    --Red Light for Autumn Restart of Monju

Nuke Info Tokyo 123 (March/April 2008) (892 KB)

  • Kashiwazaki-Kariwa: Translation of Japanese leaflet by Group of Concerned Scientists and Engineers Calling for the Closure of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant
    --We demand that the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant be closed
    --Earthquakes and Ground Condition - Just how safe is the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant?
    --Is the equipment and machinery OK?
    --Column 1: TEPCO suppression of 34-year-old dispute about ground condition
    --Column 2: Materials get stronger when deformed by an earthquake!?
    --Column 3: Through the eyes of a power plant designer
  • Pluthermal Developments and Plutonium Use Plans
    Problems with MOX fuel for Kyushu Electric's Genkai-3 and FY 2008 plutonium use plans
  • Who's Who: Teisuke Ishio
  • News Watch
    --Further delay in commercial operation of Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
    --Explanatory meetings for restart of Monju
    --Health damage from JCO criticality accident not recognized
    --Rokkasho Uranium Enrichment Plant down to a single line
    --Joint uranium exploration in Canada
    --NEXI to insure nuclear exports
    --IAEA releases second report on Kashiwazaki-Kariwa

Nuke Info Tokyo 122 (January/Feburary 2008) (1.1 MB)

  • Extension of Time Allowed Between Periodic Inspections of Reactors
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: problems with the vitrification process
  • Kashiwazaki-Kariwa: since the Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake, several things have become clearer.
  • Asian Nuclear Power Plants: current status and future plans
  • Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
  • Experts and NGOs Criticize US-India Nuclear Deal
  • Group Introduction: Daichi Stop Nuclear Power Committee
  • News Watch
    --2008 Nuclear Energy Budget
    --Kazakhstan to carry out re-conversion for Kansai Electric
    --HLW dump site selection schedule extended
    --FNCA issues statement calling for nuclear be accepted as CDM
    --Plan for second reprocessing plant "downgrades" reprocessing to development stage
    --ATMEA launched


Nuke Info Tokyo 121 (November/December 2007) (708 KB)

  • Hamaoka Verdict: Passing Judgment on the Judge
  • Kashiwazaki-Kariwa: Stuck Control Rod and Other Problems
  • Rokkasho active tests stopped for one month
  • Situation of Japanese Nuclear Workers
  • Japan's Plutonium Inventory for 2006
  • 2007 International NGO Climate Change Forum in Taiwan
  • Who's Who: Sadao Kaneko
  • News Watch
    --HLW Dump: Central Government Enters the Fray
    --Fabrication of MOX Fuel for Kyushu/Shikoku Electric
    --Design Approval Sought for 4S Reactor
    --Benches & Tables Produced Using Radioactive Waste
    --FNCA Panel Considers Human Resources Development
    --TEPCO to Support Construction and Operation of ABWRs in US
    --TEPCO in the Red in FY2007

Nuke Info Tokyo 120 (September/October 2007 (504 KB))

  • Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Earthquake: Lessons from the Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake
  • IAEA Releases Report on Kashiwazaki-Kariwa
  • Appeal by the Group of Concerned Scientists and Engineers Calling for the Closure of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant
  • Active Tests Recommence at Rokkasho
  • Worker Exposure Data for 2006 and the Workers' Compensation Case of the Late Tadashi Kiyuna
  • Abolition 2000 US-India Working Group sends letter to NSG governments
  • News Watch
    --Monju Plant-Confirmation Tests Begin
    --Successive Cases of Arson at Tomari-3 Construction Site
    --Agricultural and seafood producers and consumers oppose Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
    --Regulations to be changed to extend time between periodic inspections
    --Next generation light water reactors
    --Muslim clerics say "No" to nuclear plan

Nuke Info Tokyo 119 (July/August 2007) (992 KB)

  • Indonesian Anti-Nuclear Activists Visit Japan/Korea
  • Japan's Nuclear Earthquake Safety Shaken to the Roots
  • Rokkasho Update
  • Towards Monju Restart
  • Taiwan-Japan Civil Society Forum
  • Major Incidents at Japanese Nuclear Facilities in FY2006
  • Who's Who: Toshiko Takeda
  • News Watch
    --First application of the "clearance" system
    --Toyo Town and Uken Village enact ordinances rejecting nuclear waste dumps
    --Three HLW laws passed
    --MOX fuel fabrication plant passes first assessment
    --Approval of pluthermal for Hamaoka-4
    --Mitsubishi Heavy Industries GNEP proposal

Nuke Info Tokyo 118 (May/June 2007) (748 KB)

  • NPT PrepCom and the US-India Nuclear Deal
  • Rokkasho Update: Earthquake safety and criticality design flaws
  • Nuclear State and Industry: Bottomless Depths of Corruption
  • Bilateral Nuclear Cooperation Agreements
  • 2007 Electric Power Supply Plan and Nuclear Industry Developments
  • Group Introduction: No to Radioactive Waste! Committee for a Prefectural Ordinance
  • News Watch
    --Mihama-3 criminal case finalized
    --MHI and Areva agree on basic specs. for new reactor
    --Uranium exceeding nuclear limit handled at nuclear fuel plant
    --Application for clearance for waste from Tokai-1
    --Residents of Toyo Town reject high-level waste dump
    --MHI becomes core FBR developer
    --Shake at Shika 1.9 times greater than predicted
    --Increased uranium imports from Kazakhstan

Nuke Info Tokyo 117 (March/April 2007) (700 KB)

  • Step 3 of Active Tests Begins
  • "Not Again": Yet Another TEPCO Scandal
  • Cost of Decommissioning and Disposal of Nuclear Power Plants
  • Shika-1 Uncontrolled Criticality Incident Cover-up
  • Advanced Thermal Reactor Fails Strength Tests
  • Opposition to US-India Nuclear Cooperation Deal
  • Japan's Plutonium Use Plan: 2007 Fiscal Year
  • Who's Who: Kazuyoshi Sato
  • News Watch
    --Fate of Japan's reprocessed uranium
    --JBIC approves finance for Kazakhstan uranium mine
    --Another cost increase for Rokkasho reprocessing plant
    --Citizens demand referendum on Genkai pluthermal
    --HLW dump developments
    --Prosecution for 2004 Mihama-3 accident
    --Disposal of TRUs / Waste Swapping

Nuke Info Tokyo 116 (Jan./Feb. 2007) (1 MB)

  • Reorganization of Japanese Nuclear Industry
  • Japanese Nuclear Industry Eyes New Nuclear Power Plants in Asia
  • Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan (maps of facilities as at January 2007)
  • Group Introduction: KO-OK Productions
  • News Watch
    --HLW dump developments
    --Opposition to impact assessment for HLW dump
    --Another line stops at Rokkasho uranium enrichment plant
    --ITER related facilities to be built in Rokkasho
    --Toshiba runs course on nuclear power in Vietnam
    --FNCA pushes nuclear power in Asia
    --Pattern of data falsification
    --Mihama-3 restarts
    --Japan and US announce nuclear cooperation plan


Nuke Info Tokyo 115 (Nov./Dec. 2006) (764 KB)

  • Aging Reactors: Symposium in South Korea
  • The Deepening Puzzle of Steel Used in Reactor Pressure Vessels
  • First MOX Powder Produced at Rokkasho
  • CNIC Response to North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Test
  • Japan's Plutonium Inventory for 2005
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Yoshiko Kuratsubo
  • News Watch
    --Turbine damage due to "high-cycle fatigue"
    --Shifting international alliances in nuclear industry
    --Mitsui feasibility study into development of Russian uranium
    --Aomori governor unimpressed by application for receipt of radioactive waste from abroad
    --Tsuno Town won't apply for HLW dump
    --Application for pluthermal at Shimane-2
    --Local approval for pluthermal at Ikata-3
    --Call for Saga Prefecture citizens' referendum re pluthermal
    --Request submitted for approval of new fuel plan for Monju

Nuke Info Tokyo 114 (Sep./Oct. 2006) (820 KB)

  • Irradiated Research Reactor Fuel Shipped to US
  • Nuclear Energy Nation Building?
  • Exposure to Radiation During Regular Operations of Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
  • Promoting Food Irradiation Without First Verifying its Safety
  • Workers' Radiation Exposure at Japan's Nuclear Facilities
  • Group Introduction: The Phase-Out Nuclear Energy Downtown Network
  • News Watch
    --FBR R&D funding
    --One billion yen for HLW dump candidates
    --Earthquake Guidelines revised
    --Second Japan-US GNEP meeting
    --Japanese industry responds to GNEP request for Expressions of Interest
    --Japan - Kazakhstan nuclear cooperation memorandum
    --Plutonium data for 2005

Nuke Info Tokyo 113 (July/August 2006) (580 KB)

  • Active Tests at the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
  • Cost of Nuclear Power in Japan
  • Statement by CNIC and Green Action about GNEP
  • Hamaoka-5 Low Pressure Turbine Vane Takes Flight
  • Major Incidents at Nuclear Facilities April 2005- March 2006
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Tetsuya Tanaka
  • News Watch
    --Green light for MOX use at Shimane
    --Kyushu Electric sends delegation to Melox
    --License application for "clearance"
    --Hitachi and GE to receive US order
    --CFIUS approves Toshiba's WH acquisition

Nuke Info Tokyo 112 (May/June 2006) (832 KB)

  • Shika-2 verdict demands suspension of operations (includes report on new draft earthquake design guidelines)
  • FBR Report: A feasibility study for institutional preservation
  • Rokkasho Active Tests: Baku's View (CNIC's Co-Director, Baku Nishio, gives his perspective)
  • Rokkasho Active Tests: First Leak
  • 2006 Electric Power Supply Plan and Nuclear Industry Developments
  • Chernobyl 20th Anniversary Symposium in Tokyo
  • Group Introduction: Kansai Relief for Chernobyl Hibakusha
  • In Brief
    --Rokkasho Uranium Enrichment Plant Verdict
    --Another Leak at Rokkasho
  • News Watch
    --Local authority gives green light to Genkai-3 pluthermal plan
    --Approval given for the use of MOX fuel at Ikata-3
    --Chugoku Electric holds meeting to explain Shimane-2 pluthermal plan
    --Damage to reputation from JCO accident recognized
    --Data falsification at Higashidoori
    --Revision of earthquake design safety guidelines

Nuke Info Tokyo 111 (March/April 2006) (804 KB)

  • Rokkasho: active tests to begin any day
  • Project to measure radioactivity released from Rokkasho
  • Damage and cracking in BWR control rods
  • Court rules in favor of plaintiffs on Shika-2
  • Chernobyl 20th Anniversary in Japan
  • Data: Exports by Japanese nuclear power plant makers
  • Toshiba gambles on Westinghouse
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Kazuyuki Takemoto
  • News Watch
    --Pluthermal developments
    --Toshiba falsified testing data
    --Request for withdrawal of Kumihama Nuclear Power Plan
    --Japan-U.S.-French cooperation on sodium-cooled fast breeder reactor
    --Eighty-five percent of employees feel anxiety working at nuclear plants
    --Material Unaccounted For

Nuke Info Tokyo 110 (January/February 2006) (1 MB)

  • Can safety be assured in the Monju modifications?
  • Foreseeing Japan's nuclear future
  • Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan (maps)
  • A mobile nuclear reactor comes to Tokyo Bay
  • Atomic Energy Commission rubber stamps power companies' plutonium utilization plans
  • Japanese Nuclear Power Companies' Plutonium Use Plans (English translation)
  • Group Introduction: Shizuoka Network of Citizens Opposed to the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant
  • News Watch
    --Toshiba wins bid for Westinghouse
    --Company established for intermediate storage of spent fuel
    --Construction of Shimane-3 launched
    --Mitsubishi Heavy Industries receives two PBMR contracts
    --Mihama-3 suspension order lifted
    --Onagawa-2 resumes operation
    --General Electric and three Japanese firms sign agreement on ESBWR


Nuke Info Tokyo 109 (November/December 2005) (512 KB)

  • Further delays at Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
  • Nuclear Policy Planning Council in review
  • The birth of Japan Atomic Energy Agency
  • Management of cosmic ray exposure to aircraft crew
  • Plutonium inventory: 2004 data and future projections
  • South Korean nuclear waste dump vote
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Koshiro Ishimaru
  • News Watch
    --Japan and internationalization of the nuclear fuel cycle
    --Uranium contaminated soil shipped to US
    --Projects for ITER-related facilities decided
    --Agreement for Spent Fuel Interim Storage Facility signed

Nuke Info Tokyo 108 (September/October 2005) (684 KB)

  • New Nuclear Policy-Planning Council
  • 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing
  • Onagawa reactors trip following Miyagi earthquake
  • Government approves Kyushu Electric's pluthermal plan
  • Workers' radiation exposure at Japan's nuclear facilities
  • Group Introduction: The Iwate Committee to Protect the Sanriku Sea from Radiation
  • News Watch
    --Mitsubishi wins order from EDF
    --Will development of next generation reactors be led by manufacturers?
    --Tokai Reprocessing Plant to be dismantled in 5 years
    --Mihama-3 accident: one year on
    --Modification work begins at Monju

Nuke Info Tokyo 107 (July/August 2005) (756 KB)

  • Back-sliding on Monju
  • No Nukes Asia Forum, Taiwan 2005
  • Significant Incidents at Japanese Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Fuel Facilities (Jan. 2004 - Dec. 2004)
  • US company may take uranium-contaminated soil from Japan
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Facility: another leak from spent fuel pool
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Hiromitsu Tokyosaki
  • News Watch
    --Pluthermal plan for Shimane-2
    --Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipped reactor vessel head to U.S. NPP
    --Neutron flux detector containing highly enriched uranium lost
    --Confidential nuclear information posted on internet
    --Initial Safety Assessment for Ohma reactor Completed
    --People entered Tomari NPP to gather bamboo-shoots

Nuke Info Tokyo 106 (May/June 2005) (720 KB)

  • Report on NPT Review Conference
  • Pronounced aging of nuclear power plants
  • 2005 Electric Power Supply Plan
  • Recent Trends in Japanese Nuclear Industry
  • Final Reports on Mihama-3 Accident
  • Group Introduction: The Chernobyl Children's Fund
  • News Watch
    --10th shipment of High-Level Radioactive Waste
    --Application for permission to construct MOX plant
    --Shika Nuclear Power Plant suspended due to a fallen transmission line tower
    Construction Approved for Shimane-3
    Two Nuclear Bills Passed the House of Representatives

Nuke Info Tokyo 105 (March/April 2005) (728 KB)

  • Report on National Conference to Stop Two Nuclear Bills
  • International Critical Review on Japanese Long-Term Nuclear Program
  • Rokkasho and Proliferation Revisited
  • Super-Safe Reactor? (Toshiba 4S reactor for town in Alaska)
  • Nuclear waste that can't keep its cool (problems in high-level waste storage facilities at Rokkasho)
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: environmentalist sisters
  • News Watch
    --Proposal to export total package: power generation and reprocessing
    --Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. bids for nuclear plants in China
    --Preparations Begin for Monju Reconstruction

Nuke Info Tokyo 104 (Jan./Feb. 2005) (1 MB)

  • Uranium Trials Begin at Rokkasho
  • Cracks in Ohi-3 and Ikata-1: Companies' Responses
  • Nuclear Court Cases in Japan
  • Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
  • Group Introduction: Acorn Forestry Club
  • News Watch
    --Introduction of a 'Clearance' System: bill soon to be submitted to the Diet
    --Supreme court agrees to hear government's Monju appeal
    --First fuel loading at Higashidori-1
    --All six units at Fukushima I stopped
    --Procedures for reactor shut down during terrorist and armed attacks compiled
    --Stop Press: Hamaoka-5


Nuke Info Tokyo 103 (Nov./Dec. 2004) (676 KB)

  • Earthquake Zone - Earthquakes and Nuclear Safety in Japan
  • Ibarakai Anti-Nuclear Collective Opposes Dismantling of Tokai Reactor
  • Long-Term Nuclear Program Planning Committee Publishes Costs of Nuclear Fuel Cycle
  • Workers' Radiation Exposure at Japanese Nuclear Facilities for 2003
  • NISA's Interim Report into Mihama-3 Accident
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Shoji Takagi
  • Japan's Separated Plutonium Inventory for 2003 - updated from NIT 102
  • News Watch
    --Hitachi Joins in the Development of ESBWR in the U.S.
    --Mitsubishi to Tender for New Reactors in China
    --Government/Industry Panel Formed to Discuss Reactor Export
    --METI Launches a Study Group for Developing Energy Businesses in Asia
    --FNCA Holds First Study Panel Meeting
    --Saga Town Rejects High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility

Nuke Info Tokyo 102 (Sep./Oct. 2004) (820 KB)

  • Five Killed in Mihama Accident
  • Japan's Separated Plutonium Inventory (2003)
  • JCO Criticality Accident: Five Years On
  • Group Introduction: Nagano Soft Energy Resource Center
  • News Watch
    --Surprisingly Low Peak Demand
    --High Burn-Up Fuel for Ikata Nuclear Power Plant
    --2.7 Billion Yen Apology Money to Suzu City

Nuke Info Tokyo 101 (July/August 2004) (1.1 MB)

  • Map of places mentioned in NIT 101
  • Reactor Pressure Vessel Exported to Taiwan
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Update
  • I Join the 'Long-Term Program'
  • Significant Incidents at Japanese nuclear facilities in 2003
  • Cracks in Reactor Vessel Head at Ohi-3
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Mamoru Fukae
  • News Watch
    --Further Developments re Spent-Fuel Storage Facility
    --Municipalities Surrounding Saga Town Oppose High-Level Waste Dump
    --Municipalities around Genkai Town Oppose Pluthermal Plan
    --Rokkasho Safeguards: What are they thinking about?

Nuke Info Tokyo No. 100 (May/June 2004) (548 KB)

  • 100th Edition of NIT: To our friends in the anti-nuclear movement around the world
  • No to Clearance Level
  • 2004 Energy Supply Plan
  • Pluthermal Developments
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Hironori Shinohara
    --Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Project Further Postponed
    --Operational Trials Commence at Hamaoka 5
    --Spent-Fuel Storage Facility Developments
    --Still no Candidates for High-Level Waste Site
    --Japanese Government to sound out the idea of an Asian version of IEA

Nuke Info Tokyo No. 99 (March/April 2004) (936 KB)

  • First case of Workers' Compensation for Multiple Myeloma
  • Is Japan qualified to undertake reprocessing at Rokkasho?
  • Nuclear Plants in East Asia(MAP)
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: exposure of inadequate protective measures against aircraft crashes
  • Revelations of Sloppy Management at Nuclear Power Stations
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: The Sea and Takeichi Saito
    --MHI Receives Order for U.S. Repair Work
    --MHI Bids for Reactor Manufacture in China
    --TEPCO Requests Site for Spent Fuel Storage
    --Request for Measures against Exposure to Cosmic Rays
    --A Candidate for the High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Site?
    --Nuclear Industry Trends
Nuke Info Tokyo No. 98 (Nov. 03 - Feb. 04) (696 KB)
  • Abandoned plans for Suzu and Maki Nuclear Power Plants: the beginning of the end?
  • Recent Developments in Nuclear Fusion Research
  • Open Debate Held re Fuel Reprocessing
  • Defective Welding in Spent Fuel Storage Pool at Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
  • Developments Since Monju Court Decision
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Misako Ogawa-- A Municipal Assembly Member Campaigning Against Nuclear Power
  • News Watch
    --Is Fukui Prefectural Assembly really prepared to oppose nuclear reactors?
    --FEPCO reconfirms target for pluthermal power generation project, but . . .
    --FNCA ministerial-level meeting: 'Nuclear power should be included in CDM'
    --Nuclear reactor terror response: new organization formed


Nuke Info Tokyo No. 97 (Sep./Oct. 2003) (436 KB)
  • Looking Back Over a Year of TEPCOs Cover-up
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle Plan and Plutonium
  • Energy Policy Basic Plan
  • JCO 4th Anniversary
  • Data: Japan's Separated Plutonium Inventory
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Kaori Kanda
  • News Watch
    --Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Operation Postponed for One Year
    --Government Agrees to Tax on the Storage of Spent Fuel
    --Mutsu City Council Does Not Approve of a Plebiscite
    --Electric Companies to Give Away Huge Donations to Local Communities
    --MOE Proposes a New Climate Change Tax Scheme
    --Nuclear Safety White Paper

Nuke Info Tokyo No. 96 (July/Aug. 2003) (352 KB)

  • Myth of TEPCO's Power Shortage: Tokyo can Survive without nuclear power!
  • North American Power Failure
  • Workers Radiation Exposure from Replacing Reactor Core Shroud and Recirculation System Pipes
  • An Open Discussion about Reprocessing policy was held
  • Data: Nuclear Workers' Radiation Exposure and TEPCO Coverup Accident
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Dr.Saburo Murata
  • News Watch
    --Draft of Energy Basic Plan Compiled
    --Radioactivity Detected in Metal Scraps Exported from Japan to Taiwan
    --The 8th Shipment of High-Level Radioactive Waste from France
    --Approval Given for Construction of Tomari 3
    --Mutsu City Officially Invite a Spent Fuel Storage Facility
    --An Explosion at Fugen - Local Governments Being Put in Confusion

Nuke Info Tokyo No. 95 (May/June 2003) (764 KB)

  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant: Leakage from Storage Pool, Defective Construction Work, and Escalating Costs
  • 'Interim' Storage Facility: Fears that it will become a permanent disposal site
  • National Meeting to Give up Nukes on June 7
  • DATA: Significant Incidents at Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Fuel Facilities in 2002
  • Typical Boiling Water Reactor Structure (Diagram)
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Yoko Nozaka
  • News Watch
    --Tokyo Electric Power Co. Seeks to Reactivate Nuclear Power Reactors
    --The Cost of Dismantling JAERI and JNC's Facility will be 2 Trillion Yen
    --Kagoshima Prefecture Accepts a Survey to be Conducted for the Construction of Sendai 3 unit
    --Onagawa 3 Automatic Shutdown due to an Earthquake
    --Decision Made on the Decommissioning of Musashi Institute of Technology (MIT)'s Reactor

Nuke Info Tokyo No. 94 (March/April 2003) (660 KB)

  • Ruling on JCO Accident
  • All 17 of TEPCO’s units shut down
  • Japan’s electricity liberalization policy
  • Japan’s Nuclear Development Plan
  • Recent Trends of Nuclear Industry (Diagrams)
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Kiyoshi Yoshimura
  • News Watch
    --Municipalities Put Tax on Storage of Spent Fuel
    --FNCA Meets in Naha
    --METI Works Out New Preferential Measures for Nuclear Power
Nuke Info Tokyo No. 93 (Jan./Feb. 2003) (1.1 MB)
  • Monju ruling at 2003
  • Japan’s reprocessing policy and nuclear proliferation in Asia
  • Data:
    --Nuclear Plants and Facilities in Japan
    --Nuclear Plants in East Asia
    (see CNIC's Data page to locate the latest version of these maps)
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s who: Tomi Maeda
  • News Watch
    --Citizens File a Complaint against TEPCO
    --Suspension of Incoming Spent-Fuel Deliveries
    --Second Line Stopped at Uranium Enrichment Plant
    --NUMO Begins Inviting Candidate Sites for HLW Disposal Facility
    --Introduction of “Defects Standards” Decided


Nuke Info Tokyo No. 92 (Nov./Dec. 2002) (512 KB)
  • Revelation of Endless N-damage Cover-ups
  • Mechanism of Core Shroud and its Function
  • Government Agency Proposes “Defect Standards”
  • Data: TEPCO's Damage Cover-up and Data Falsification
    --Fukushima I: damage cover-up record
    --Fukushima II: damage cover-up record
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s who: Tetsunari Iida
  • News Watch
    --Prefectural Governments of Niigata and Fukushima Completely Retract their Prior Consent to the Plu-Thermal Program
    --Even with the Unscheduled Suspension of Reactor Operations, There is Still a Plentiful Supply of Power
    --A New Plan to Separate NISA from Nuclear Promotion Administration
    --The Fukushima Energy Policy Review Committee Publishes an Interim Report

Nuke Info Tokyo No. 91 (Sep./Oct. 2002) (536 KB)

  • JCO Criticality Accident Three Years on: Questions Still Unanswered
  • The 14th International Summer Symposium on Science and the World Affairs
  • Japanese Separated Plutonium Stockpile as at 2001
  • Workers’ Exposure at Nuclear Power Plants 1980-2001
  • TEPCO postponed Plu-thermal plan
  • Anti-Nuke Who's who: Toshiko Baba
  • Book Review
    "Recent Research Activities about the Chernobyl NPP Accident in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.", by Dr. Tetsuji Imanaka
  • News Watch
    --ANRE Begins Nuclear Promotion Education in Earnest
    --An ANIS’ Assistant Section Chief Arrested on Suspicion of Bribery
    --New Construction of Tsuruga 3 and 4 Incorporated into the Government’s Plan
    --NFI Begins Preparation for PBMR Fuel Plan
    --Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Making a Large-Scale Investment in Plant and Equipment
    --Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the Mizumani Underground Research Laboratory
Nuke Info Tokyo No. 90 (July/Aug. 2002) (844 KB)
  • Rethinking Nuclear Energy and Democracy after 9/11
  • MOX Transportation
  • DATA: Incidents at Nuclear Facilities
  • Insufficient Investigation: Explosion and Leak Accident at Hamaoka 1
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Sadao Yamato
  • News Watch
    -- The Basic Law on Energy Policy Passes the Diet
    -- Reckless remarks on the three non-nuclear principles by chief Cabinet Secretary
    -- Tsuruga 1 to Be Decommissioned
    -- JFBA Requests the Cancellation of Kaminoseki NPP Plan
    -- First Round of Safety Inspection for Remodeling Monju Completed

Please not that some of the following older newsletters are incomplete.

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 89 (May/June 2002) (744KB)

  • Rokkasho Uranium Enrichment Plant Trial
  • Decommissioning Cost of Fugen
  • Recycling of Nuke Waste!?
  • Planned Rokkasho MOX Plant plagued with problems
  • 2002 Electricity Supply: Contradiction of Electric Companies
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Shizuko Senou - a Japanese housewife Joan of Arc
  • News Watch

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 88 (March/April 2002) (204KB)

  • Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant I - pipe rupture and water leak
  • Water leak from spent fuel pool in Rokkasho Reprocessing Facility
  • KEPCO gives up its plan to use French MOX
  • Data: Current situation in Japanese nuclear industry
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Minoru Ito - fighting against Hamaoka nuclear power plants
  • News Watch

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 87 (Jan./Feb. 2002) (248KB)

  • Decommissioning of Tokai Plant to Begin
  • Nuclear Plants Unfit to Withstand Impact of Aircraft Crashes
  • Conference in Taiwan to Stop International Waste Shipments
  • Map: Nuclear Plants in Japan and in East Asia
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Yuko Yatabe - an activist with mother's eyes
  • News Watch


NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 86 (Nov./Dec. 2001) (276KB)

  • JCO Criticality Accident: Superficial Changes and Forgotten Damages
  • Japanese Optical Glass Giant Involved in U.S. Nuclear Weapons Development
  • Nuclear Subsidies in Japan in Light of Kariwa Village's Rapika Incident
  • ESCO and Energy Conservation in Japan
  • Data: Japan's Separated Plutonium Inventory
  • Data: Workers Exposure at Nuclear Plants
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Kenji Higuchi - the most intriguing photographer you'll ever meet
  • News Watch

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 85 (Sep./Oct. 2001) (1.1MB)

  •  Kariwa Referendum: A New Blow to the Nuclear Program
  • Japan's Climate Change Policy and Nuclear Power
  • Government's Energy Policy to Intensify Nuclear Promotion
  • Fukushima Energy Review Committee: A Challenge to the Top-down Energy Policy
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Daisuke Yoshida - Kariwa's young activist with a strong will
  • News Watch

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 84 (July/Aug. 2001) (280KB)

  • Referendum at Kariwa Village: A Strong “7??No”7?? to MOX Program
  • JCO Criticality Accident Court Case Begins -- Matters examined; matters left untouched
  • DATA: Significant Incidents at Nuclear Facilities (2000)
  • DATA: Japan's Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Inventory
  • Public Opinion Increasingly Against the Kaminoseki Nuclear Plant
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who / The Association for the Preservation of Nagashima's Nature - a group with a mission to protect the "Ultimate Paradise"

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 83 (May./June 2001) (892KB)

  • MOX Loading Postponed at Fukushima and Niigata Prefecture
  • Embrittlement Forecast of Light Water Reactors' Pressure Vessel Steels
  • Court Cases Involving Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities
  • Open Debate ob JCO Accident Reveals NSC's Imprudence
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Koji Asaishi - imbued with the spirit and love of the rebel: a true anti-nuclear activist
  • News Watch

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 82 (Mar./Apr. 2001) (316KB)

  • First Ever Simultaneous Shipments of HLW and MOX
  • Latest Developments in Aomori Prefecture
  • In Memory of Jinzaburo Takagi
  • Nuclear Fusion and the Current ITER Situation in Japan
  • DATA: Central Ministries Reform
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Sakae Sugiyama - an activist with a green future in mind
  • News Watch

Nuke Info Tokyo No. 81 (Jan./Feb. 2001) (296KB)

  • Towards a Peaceful and Sustainable Future
  • Lawsuit Against the Use if MOX Fuel at Fukushima 1-3
  • Protest Against Restart of the Tokai Reprocessing Plant
  • Exercising Self-Restraint For Our Children's Future: The Use of Ecotubes
  • Public Debate on Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste
  • The Rokkasho Site: Recent Developments
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Yuichi Kaido
  • News Watch
    --Tomari 3 Construction to be Launched
    --Injuries Due to Radiation Exposure Recognized as an Industrial Hazard
    --Former JCO Director and Others Indicted
    --Earthquake in Tottori
    --Hokkaido Governor Accepts Horonobe URL
    --JFBA Proposes that Nuclear Power Be Abolished
    --Monju and the Long-Term Program


Nuke Info Tokyo No. 80 (Nov./Dec. 2000) (452KB)

  • Few Safety Improvements Seen Since JCO Accident
  • The Impact of a Possible MOX Fuel Accident at Fukushima I -3
  • A tribute to Dr. Jinzaburo Takagi: Anti-Nuclear Scientist and Activist
  • A Farewell to Our Outstanding Leader Dr.Jinzaburo Takagi
  • My Colleague, Teacher, and Friend - Dr.Jinzaburo Takagi (Mycle Schneider)
  • Renewable Energy in Japan No.3: Biomass and Energy Conservation
  • DATA: Japanese Separated Pu Inventory (as of the end of 1999)
  • Who's Who: Michiaki Furukawa - a man of knowledge and action
  • News Watch
    --Promoters' Meeting Held for Establishment of Executing Company for HLW
    --Proposal Submitted for New Long-Term Nuclear Plan
    --76% Opposed to the Plan for the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory
    --Hokkaido Governor Says 'Yes' to the Construction of Tomari 3
    --Nothing Could Be Done for Exposed Victims
    --Damages to SG Pipes Due to Stray Metal Chips
    --Kashiwazaki City Council Calls for Safety Confirmation on MOX Fuel
    --Additional Construction of Sendai 3 Proposed

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 79 (Sep./Oct. 2000) (420KB)

  • "No Nukes Asia Forum" 2000 Held in Japan
  • Renewable Energy in Japan: No.2: Wind Energy & Small Hydro Power
  • Data:Workers Exposure at Nuclear Plants(1980-1999)
  • SPENA Workshop 2000: Beyond Nuclear Energy Toward Sustainable Energy Path
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Hideyo Kanematsu - a diligent activist fighting geological disposal
  • News Watch

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 78 (July / Aug. 2000) (264KB)

  • Waste Disposal Law Created to Assist Nuclear Development
  • Inquiry into the Responsibility of the Former PNC and STA
  • Discoveries of Radioactive Scrap Metal Highlight dangers of "Clearance Level" Plans
  • Renewable Energy in Japan: No.1 Solar Energy
  • DATA: Significant Incidents at Nuclear Facilities(1999)
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Jinzo Isobe - "We are not fighting. We are seeking the truth."
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 77 (May/June 2000) (656KB)
  • Court Rules Against Closing Monju Fast Breeder Reactor
  • Dubious MOX Quality Control Not Just BNFL
  • Coolant Loss at Mihama 2
  • Geological Disposal to Gain Legal Approval
  • Criticality Accident Victims' Group
  • DATA: Nuclear Power Development Program
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Yasue Ashihara: tireless leader of hometown campaigns
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 76 (Mar./Apr. 2000) (560KB)
  • MOX Data Fabrication: Lack of Regulatory Ability Exposed
  • Plans For Nuclear Power Plant at Ashihama Dropped
  • Problems Caused by the Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants
  • JCO Criticality Accident: STA Lowers Evaluation Levels of Exposure Dose
  • Updates on Nuclear Facilities at Rokkasho Village, Aomori
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Kazumasa Aizawa - a man to free Tokai of its nuclear burdens
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 75 (Jan./Feb. 2000) (792KB)
  • MOX Program Postponed - Nuclear Industry hit hard by dishonesty
  • 1999 Workshop of Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Network Asia Held in Thailand
  • JCO Criticality Accident - The Victims and the Final Report
  • Conference on "Carriage of Ultra Hazardous Radioactive Cargo By Sea: Implications and Responses"
  • Data on Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste As of March 1999
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Sanshiro Kume - an instructor inside and outside school
  • News Watch


NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 74 (Nov./Dec. 1999) (520KB)
  • JCO Criticality Accident: How Many Lessons Will It Take?
  • The Effects of Released Neutrons and Radioactive Materials
  • Release All Data on Exposure Doses As Soon As Possible
  • The History of JCO Ltd.
  • Anti-Nuke Groupes Take KEPCO to Court Over MOX Data Falsification
  • Workers' Exposure at Nuclear Plants(1985-1998)
  • Annual Collective Dose of N-Plant Workers(person-Sv)
  • Developments ar Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facility
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Gan Nemoto - "Gan-san" has national currency
  • Many Thanks to the Translators and Proof-Readers
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 73 (Sep./Oct. 1999) (908KB)
  • BNFL Fabricates MOX Fuel Inspection DATA
  • MOX Fuel Arrives In Japan
  • 80% of the Public Wary of Nuclear Power
  • All MOX License Applied for Ohma Reactor
  • Resumption of Spent Fuel Shipments to Rokkasho Reprocessing
  • Tsuruga Accident Report No.2
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: GEN [Green Energy "law" Network]
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 72 (July/Aug. 1999) (488KB)
  • Tsuruga 2 Reactor: A Large Amount of Coolant Water Leak
  • Transport Ships on Thier Way to Japan
  • Data: Significant Incidents at Nuclear Power Plants(1998)
  • Nuclear Power Plants and Related Facilities in Japan
  • The 1999 Workshop: Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Network -Asia in Thailand
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Shoji Kihara
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No.71 (May/June 1999) (256KB)
  • CNIC Makes anti-MOX Appeal at Hague
  • Common Appeal against any Plutonium Extraction and Utilization
  • Operation of Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Delayed Once Again
  • Review of Long-term Program on Nuclear Energy Begins
  • Electric Utility Industry Law Amended
  • Ainti-Nuke Who's Who - Ryoichi Hirano
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 70 (Mar./Apr. 1999) (416KB)
  • CNIC put an opinion add in the "FIJI TIMES"
  • Recent MOX Situation in Japan
  • The Fourth Shipment of HLW
  • A Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Future in Asia
  • Current Situation in Japanese Nuclear Industries
  • TV Documentary on Dr. Takagi's Life as Nuclear Scientist
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Ikuo Kusaka
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 69 (Jan./Feb. 1999) (400KB)
  • CNIC and Stop MOX Campaign Representatives Visit Fiji
  • International Coalition Condemns Secret Japanese Plan to Ship Plutonium; Organizations Call on Japan to Halt Plutonium Program
  • Doctored Casks to be Used Continuously
  • Plan to Build 20 New Reactors-Unlikely to Succeed
  • Uncertain Future for Japan's Electric Power Deregulation-Talks Focus Exclusively on Cheaper Rates
  • Takagi School for Alternative Scientists
  • Spent Fuel Stored and Storage Capacity in Japanese Nuclear Power Plant
  • News Watch


NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 68 (Nov./Dec. 1998) (328KB)
  • CNIC Workshop on Energy Held in S.Korea
  • Asian Scientists and Environmentalists Call for Action to Protect Our Climate
  • Spent-Fuel Cask Data Doctored
  • New Series of Roundtable Talks Begins
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Masayuki Sato
  • Data: Workers' Radiation Exposure at Nuclear Power Plants
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 67 (Sept./Oct. 1998) (340KB)
  • Aomori Allows Spent Fuel Shipment to Rokkasho
  • CNIC now Headed by Three Representatives
  • On My Resignation as the Exective Director of CNIC -Jinzabro Takagi
  • Jabiluka Mining -The controversial project backed by Japanese power utilities
  • Appeal from Scientists in Japan to the Scientists and Citizens of the World(complete version)
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Takatoshi Yamazaki
  • Data - Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants(July-December, 1997)
  • Statement Calling for the Cancellation of the MOX Transport Plan and Appeal for Signature Campaign
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 66 (July/Aug. 1998) (236KB)
  • Spent Fuel Transport Casks from Japan Also Contaminated - Contaminations from Early '90s Finally Revealed
  • No Hope for Rally by Nuclear Power - Government Formulates New "Outlook"
  • Update on MOX - Gov't and Utilities Set to Force Down Plan Without Public Consent
  • An Appeal from Scientists in Japan to the Scientists and Citizens of the World
  • Takagi School for Alternative Scientists Initiated
  • Data : Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plant
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Kazumasa Yasumoto
  • Announcement : Workshop on Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Future in Asia '98
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 65 (May/June 1998) (588KB)
  • India and Pakistan's Tests Show Need for Total Abolition of Nuc.Arms
  • Warning!-Plutonium Fuel Shipment May Come in February Next Year
  • Waste of Non-Japanese Origin to be Contained in Coming VHLW Shipment
  • Plans for Central Intermediate Storage Facilities for Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • MOX Utilization Plan - Developments in Fukui and Fukushima
  • Electric Utility Reorgnization - Move to Consider Only Short - Term Economic Benefit
  • Report on Health Conditions of Decontamination Workers at Chernobyl
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 64 (March/April 1998) (328KB)
  • Tokai 1 Shutdow for Decommisioning - Legacy of Difficulties Waiting Ahead
  • VHLW Arrives Rokkasho - Unloading Stalled for Three Days Due to Local Resistance
  • Japan's HLW Disposal Plan
  • Japan's Plutonium Program for 1998
  • India and Pakistan - Making Nuclear Weapons from Nuclear Energy
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Kaoru Sakurai - Renewable Energy Instead of Nuclear Energy
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 63 (Jan./Feb. 1998) (286KB)
  • Can Japan Change? - Appeal for People's Participation in Energy Policy Making
  • Report on COP3
  • Japan's High Level Waste to Pass Panama Canal
  • Tokai Reprocessing Plant Accident: Final Report
  • The Right Livelihood Award Ceremony
  • Nuclear Developments in Asia- Part2: Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia
  • Report from Moscow- Changing Paradigms in Radiobiology (by Natalia Mironova)
  • Plutonium Glut Ever Increasing: STA Releases 1996 Pu Inventory Figures
  • DATA: Workers' Radiation Exposure at Nuclear Plants
  • News Watch


NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 62 (Nov./Dec. 1997) (180KB)
  • IMA(International MOX Assessment) Final Report - Conclusion
  • The 1997 Right Livelihood Award to be Presented to Jinzaburo Takagi
  • Plan for Third High-Level Waste Shipment Announced
  • FBR Development Lost in Cloud
  • Wither the Kyoto Conference?
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 61 (Sep./Oct. 1997) (248KB)
  • NIT Enters Second Decade - A Step Toward Nuclear Free Future
  • Nuke Info Tokyo : A Beacon In The Nuclear Darkness - by Paul Leventhal (Nuclear Control Institute)
  • CNIC - Japanese Best Source of Nuclear Information - by Tom Clements (Greenpeace International)
  • Nuclear Power Development in Asia : Indonesia - Japan Plays Major Role
  • Yet Another PNC Flop - Massive Leak of Radioactive Substance Found at Tokai
  • CGEMA's( The Committee for General Evaluation of the Monju Accident) Final Report on Monju Accident
  • Agenda of the Citizens' International Conference for Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Future
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (July to December 1996 )
  • News Watch

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 60 (July/Aug. 1997) (276KB)

  • Superphenix Shock - Japanese Plutonium Policy
  • Asian Nuclear Situation - China,Taiwan and Korean Peninsula
  • DATA : Incidents at N-plants
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 59 (May-June1997) (416KB)
  • STA Begins Legal Action Against PNC
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Around Japan:Union of Ibaraki Anti-Nuke Power Movements
  • The Situation at Rokkasyo-Part 2
  • Replacement Shrouds for FUKUSHIMA 1
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 58 (March/April 1997) (344KB)
  • Fire and Explosion at PNC's Facility
  • The Situation at Rokkasho Part 1
  • Japan's MOX Utilization Policy
  • Cracks in Fuel of Kashiwazaki 6
  • Taiwan is Going to Export Rad Waste
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who: Mr. Ryoichi Sato: the Society Opposed to the Ohma NPP
  • News Watch

NUKE INFO TOKYO 57 (Jan./Feb.1997)

  • Japan's Plutonium Policy
  • Mm's Committee Gives Go-Ahead to MOX Program?
  • Report on the7th Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Conference
  • Second Transportation of VHLW Goes Forward
  • Aging Reactors Pose Serious Safety Problems
  • News Watch
    -- "No!" to State Involvement in Reactor Exports
    -- APO Founded
    -- Iodine Tablets for Residents
    -- Moves to 'Invite' ITER
    -- Freedom of Information Progresses


NUKE INFO TOKYO 56 (Nov./Dec.1996)

  • CNIC Holds -IMA Conference in Kyoto
  • A year on from the Monju Accident-What has changed?
  • Japan Exports N-plants to Taiwan
  • News Watch
    -- The Tokyo Meeting of the Asia Nuclear Safety Congress Held
    -- ABWR Begins Commercial Operation
    -- ''One Tsubo'' Landowner Movement to Block the Ohma N-Plant
    -- JT-60 Meet Conditions for Critical Plasma State
    -- MITI Plans Off-Site Interim Spent Fuel Storage
    -- Japan May Cooperate with Russian Dismantled Pu

NUKE INFO TOKYO 55 (Sep./Oct.1996)

  • Maki Townspeople Chose a Nuclear Free Future
  • An Accident Waiting to Happen
  • Japanese Citizens' Appeal on the CTBT Signing
  • The IAEA Revises Guidelines for Transport of Radioactive Material
  • DATA: Workers Exposure at Nuclear Plants (1985-95)
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - The Citizens of the Nice Electric Utilities
  • News Watch
    -- Troubles Continue in the World's First ABWR
    -- "Local Development" Highlight for Next Year's Budget Demand
    -- Tohoku Electric Apply Higashidori l Building Permit
    -- Spent Fuel Begins to Overflow
    -- Residents Opposed to Adding Hamaoka5

NUKE INFO TOKYO 54 (Jul./Aug.1996)

  • Tokai GCR to Be Decommissioned But What About the Waste?
  • Monju Sodium Leak. Increasing Doubts over STA's Fact-Finding Efforts
  • An Anti Nuke Mayor at Suzu City is Not to Be
  • Siberian Nuke Center Lacks Safety & Safeguards
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Mikio Shimaoka of Kubokawa Town
  • DATA : Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (July to December 1995)
  • News Watch
    -- Meeting Held to Introduced ASIATOM Idea
    -- Municipal Governments Stockpile Iodine, Independently
    -- Anti-nuclear Shareholders Mad Proposal at Power Co.s' AGMs
    -- Ten Power Companies to Share Rokkasho Costs. 100 Billion Yen

NUKE INFO TOKYO 53 (May /June 1996)

  • TEPC0 Plans to Use Dessel for its MOX Fabrication
  • AEC Starts N-Energy Roundtable Amid Distrust and Uncertainty
  • The Importation and Storage of VHLW at Rokkasho: Safety Concerns
  • Monju Accident Update, Sheath at Last Found
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - The People in Front of the French Embassy
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (January to June 1995)
  • News Watch
    -- Graphite to Be Exported to China
    -- Nuclear Industry Trying to "Denuclearize"
    -- An Asian EURATOM
    -- Public Hearing on Higashidoril
    -- Onagawa3 is Granted Construction Permit
    -- The Supreme Court rejected Suzu mayoral election

NUKE INFO TOKYO 52 (Mar. /Apr. 1996)

  • The 10th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Accident - Citizens' Aid Movements in Japan
  • Japanese MOX Fabrication Contracts Made Without a Users License
  • Proposal Concerning Future Nuclear Power Policy Implementation
  • Revised Costs Prompt Significant Changes in Rokkasho Design
  • Situation of Nuclear Power in South Korea
  • News Watch
    -- The International Conference on Asian Nuclear Cooperation
    -- Nation's First N-Plant Referendum to be Held
    -- Internal Pump Tripped at Kashiwazaki 6
    -- Recycle Nuclear Waste to be Used in Parks

NUKE INFO TOKYO 51 (Jan. /Feb. 1996)

  • Plutonium Policy Stalled
  • News Watch
    -- Anti-Nuclear Mayor Elected
    -- PNC & Related Local Gov.s Agree on Gen Research Lab
    -- The Kushima Nuclear Power Plan Brought to an End
    -- New Referendum Ordinance Adopted
    -- The Mayoral Election at Suzu City Ruled Invalid
    -- Move to Invite ITER, Strong


NUKE INFO TOKYO 50 (Nov. /Dec. 1995)

  • Plutonium Surplus and Rokkasho Costs Soar
  • Pu Hold-Up at PFPF Still Controversial
  • A Nuclear Boom in Asian Region
  • CNIC Urge STA to Investigate the VHLW Leakage
  • Dismantle Plutonium for Japanese FBR Contributes to World Peace??
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Shimahashis
  • News Watch
    -- S. Korea Axes Plan to Build N-Waste Facilities on an Island
    -- Plan of Construction of N-Plants in Kushima Frozen
    -- Haphazard Nuclear Accidents Repeatedly Occur
    -- Aomori Prefecture Invites ITER
    -- A Referendum to Question The N-Plant Postponed
    -- Yonggwang 4 Stopped

NUKE INFO TOKYO 49 (Sep. /Oct. 1995)

  • CNIC Celebrates 20th Anniversary
  • Against French and Chinese Nuclear Testing
    - Outrage, As France And China Snub World Opinion
    - Dialogue With French Diplomat
    - Anti-Nuclear Pan-Asian Demonstrations
  • Cesium l37 Detected in Glass Logs
  • Annual Collective Dose of N-plant Workers
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Abe Family in Onagawa Town
  • News Watch
    -- Spent Fuel Left Tomari Amid Protest
    -- KEPC0 Replaces Vessel Heads of 3 PWRs
    -- PNC Plans Waste Laboratory at Tohnoh

NUKE INFO TOKYO 48 (July /August 1995)

  • 50 Years 0n From Hiroshima and Nagasaki - What Have We Learned from History?
  • Cancellation of Ohma ATR Shakes Japan's Plutonium Program
  • HLW Transport Series -- No.9 - HLW Canisters' Safety Questioned
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (July to December 1994)
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Mothers' Group Protects Children from Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities
  • News Watch
    -- It's Official Hanau is dead!
    -- Japan's Nuclear Export
    -- A Referendum to Question the N-plant
    -- The Japan's First and Last Nuclear-powered Vessel

NUKE INFO TOKYO 47 (May /June 1995)

  • HLW Transport Series -- No.9 - Pacific Pintail Arrived Amid Protest
  • NGO Played Momentous Roles at NPT Review Conference
  • A Total Nuclear Ban rather than Nuclear ''Non-Proliferation''
  • An Earthquake Would Lead To Reactor Power Excursion
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (January to June 1994)
  • Save Orchid Island! - An Appeal from Taiwan
  • News Watch
    -- China's N-Plant Shutdown
    -- Monju Restarted, but Stopped Again
    -- Referenda to Stop N-Plant Construction
    -- Anti-Nuke Candidates Won Around Japan

NUKE INFO TOKYO 46 (March /April 1995)

  • HLW Transport -- Series 8
  • Petitions Bring Gov't Nuclear Policy to a Deadlock
  • The Hanshin Quake - Nuclear Nightmare -
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Suzuko Numata
  • News Watch
    -- Kyoto Round Table Talks Held on Plutonium Policy
    -- International Conference for Asian Cooperation
    -- Anti-nuke Candidate Loses Election for Aomori Governorship
    -- First Glassification in Japan-0perations Halted after Only Third Log

NUKE INFO TOKYO 45 (Jan. /Feb. 1995)

  • HLW Transport Series -- 7 - Oshita Runs for Aomori Governorship
  • Hormesis Symposium Held
  • Plutonium Surplus Increases Amid Lack of Transparency
  • Aging Nuclear Power Plants
  • News Watch
    -- Kobe Quake Proves Safety Is Not Assured
    -- 833,000 Signatures Against Monju Submitted
    -- Construction of RETF Begins
    -- Ikata3 Begins Operation
    -- Nuclear Waste Site in South Korea


NUKE INFO TOKYO 44 (Nov. /Dec. 1994)

  • Belarus-Japan Symposium on Chernobyl - Many New Findings Revealed and Discussed
  • HLW Transport Series - 6 - Expert Report Points Out Serious Flaws in Transport and Storage of Vitrified HLW
  • Final Disposal Issue Highlighted in Aomori
  • News Watch
    -- A-Bomb Redress Bill Drafted
    -- Fukui Governor Fails to Say OK 16th Reactor
    -- MonJu Testing Shows
    -- Fuel Deterioration

NUKE INFO TOKYO 43 (Sep. /Oct. 1994)

  • Workers' Compensation Approved
  • HLW Transport Series 5
  • Final Disposal Issue Highlighted in AOMORI
  • Gensuikin Toward 50th Anniversary of Hiroshima & Nagasaki Bombings
  • Social Democratic Party of Japan's New Nuclear Power Policy
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (July to December 1993)
  • News Watch
    -- 48th Reactor in Operation
    -- Reprocessed Uranium at Ningyo Toge
    -- More N-plants for Fukushima?
    -- Low-priced Reactors to be Developed for Export
    -- Shika N-plant Declared Safe(?)

NUKE INFO TOKYO 42 (July /Aug. 1994)

  • Aomori International Symposium on Reprocessing Held
  • HLW Transport Series 4
  • 'Use of Nuclear Weapons' not illegal?!
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (January to June 1993)
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Yoko Tomiyama
  • News Watch
    -- Compensation Approved for Nuclear Worker
    -- Japanese Reactors are Aging
    -- Troubles Found Outside of Regular Inspections
    -- First Steam Generator Exchanges Completed
    -- Nuclear Cooperation in Asia Increasing
    -- Long-Term Program Ignoring Citizens' Demand

NUKE INFO TOKYO 41 (June /July 1994)

  • Plutonium Program Set Back 10 Years
  • Tension Rises in Korean Peninsula
  • HLW Transport Series 3
  • Unanimous Decision to Reject Any Nuclear Power Plant
  • News Watch
    -- Fishing Coops Accept Compensation for ATR-Ohma
    -- Unprecedented Lawsuit Filed Against Power Company
    -- 400,000 Sign Petition to Designate Worker's Death Labor Accident
    -- Underground Nuclear Plant in Siberia

NUKE INFO TOKYO 40 (Mar. /Apr. 1994)

  • Onagawa Lawsuit
  • First Public Hearing Held
  • Proposal for Moratorium on Plutonium Utilization Program
  • South Korean Data on Workers' Exposure and Waste
  • HLW Transport Series 2
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Daichi
  • News Watch
    -- Nothing Changes Despite New Government
    -- Waste Regulations Revised
    -- Bribery Revealed in Construction of Ashihama N-Plant
    -- Monju Ready to Start
    -- China Goes Nuclear

NUKE INFO TOKYO 39 (Jan. /Feb. 1994)

  • Court Rejects Injunction But Notes Danger
  • "Don't Contaminate PETER RABBIT'S Homeland! Stop Sending Spent Nuclear Fuel!"
  • 2 More N-Plants Approved in Tsuruga Amidst Growing.0pposition
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Chikayuki Takeshita Tsuyo Takeshita
  • News Watch
    -- Japanese Agenda21 Promotes Nuclear Power
    -- Russia Wants To Dump More ?
    -- Are Judgments Overturned


NUKE INFO TOKYO 38 (Nov. /Dec. 1993)

  • Stop MONJU Nationwide Rally
  • N-Weapons Used As Bargaining Chips in Asia
  • Japan's Plutonium Surplus Increasing
  • "From PA (Public Acceptance) to PD (Public Decision)"
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - No Nukes Asia Forum Japan
  • News Watch
    -- Japan Votes for Total Ban on Sea Dumping of R-Waste
    -- Power Companies Donating to LDP
    -- Plutonium Fuel Loading Starts
    -- Strong Opposition to Feasibility Study for Kushima
    -- Japanese MPs Urged to Renegotiate THORP Contract

NUKE INFO TOKYO 37 (Sept. /Oct. 1993)

  • Plutonium Debate Held
  • More Transparency in Nuclear Policy!
  • Aging of Tokai I Arouses Concern
  • Japanese Citizens Speak Out on THORP
  • Japan EXIM Bank to Fund Nuclear Project in Indonesia
  • Workers' Exposure and Waste Data
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Tetsuen Nakajima
  • News Watch
    -- Tomari N-Plant Continued Operation Despite Big Earthquake
    -- Radiation-Contaminated Scrap Concrete to be Buried
    -- South Pacific Nations Remain Concerned about Japanese Pu Shipments

NUKE INFO TOKYO 36 (July /Aug. 1993)

  • No Nukes Asia Forum
  • G7 Fails to Declare Strong Non-Proliferation Stand
  • Muto Avers Japan Must have "Will"
  • Monju Delayed Again Because of Fuel Fabrication Troubles
  • THORP's Future in the Hands of the Japanese?
  • Radioactive Contaminated Buildings in Taiwan
  • News Watch
    -- Kushima to Accept N-Plant?
    -- National Mayors' Council Alert on Transport of Nuclear Fuel
    -- Tohoku Electric Submits Classified Documents to Court
    -- ABWR Proposed for Shika2
    -- Safety of Aged Reactors to be Reviewed

NUKE INFO TOKYO 35 (May /June 1993)

  • Rad-Waste Dumped in Sea of Japan
  • MITI's Pro-Plutonium Ad
  • Help Stop FNPP in Taiwan!
  • Nuclear Workers At Risk of Exposure
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants - (Aug. - Dec.1992)
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Group of Plaintiffs to Stop Takahama 2
  • News Watch
    -- Spent Fuel Storage Pool to be Constructed
    -- 5 New Nuclear Plants Added
    -- Overstaffed Nuclear Divisions
    -- Mayors in Chiba Alert on N-Fuel Transports
    -- Unjustifiable Election in Suzu

NUKE INFO TOKYO 34 (Mar. /Apr. 1993)

  • Aomori Rejects N-Fuel Cycle!
  • North Korea Opts Out of NPT
  • Referendum to Decide on Nuclear Plan
  • Kansai Electric to Replace Old Generation Steam Generators
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants - (Jan. to Jul.1992)
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Asako Hama
  • News Watch
    -- Worker Killed, Two Burned by Steam at Fukushima
    -- Belgium Likely to Supply Mox Fuel to Japan
    -- Extension of Tsuruga Plant Proposed
    -- France to Return HLW to Japan
    -- Pro-Nuclear Lobby Emerges in SDP

NUKE INFO TOKYO 33 (Jan. /Feb. 1993)

  • Akatsuki-Maru Arrives Amidst Protest & Concern
  • IMO Meeting Voices Strong Concern Over Japan's Plutonium Shipment But No Resolution Adopted
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Construction About to Start Amid Uncertainty
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (Jan - Dec.0991)
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Nuclear Fuel Transport Monitoring Group
  • News watch
    -- LLW Disposal Facility Starts Operation
    -- Radioactivity Inspection of Imported Foods to be Relaxed
    -- Workers Exposed to Cobalt 60 Radiation
    -- Nuclear Budget Ups PA Funding
    -- Plan for a FBR Spent Fuel Reprocessing Plant Gets Underway


NUKE INFO TOKYO 32 (Nov. /Dec. 1992)

  • Asia-Pacific Forum on Sea Shipments of Japanese Plutonium
  • Akatsuki-maru Embarks on Dangerous Voyage to Japan
  • News Watch
    -- Supreme Court Acknowledges Danger of FBRs
    -- Supreme Court Rejects Citizens' Lawsuit
    -- EXIM Bank Funding Not Yet
    -- ECCS Activates at Fukushima Plant
    -- Dead Fish Found Again near Ikata
  • Special - Japanese Government Upset By Foreign Criticism

NUKE INFO TOKYO 31(Sep. /Oct. 1992)

  • Akatsuki-maru Bound for France
  • Don't Approve Plutonium Export -- An Open Letter to the French Government
  • Actions to Stop Pu Transport
  • News Watch
    -- Japan Bids to Supply Research Reactors to Thailand
    -- Tube Damage Found Mihama l Steam Generator
    -- Way Opened for Long - Term Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel?
    -- Advances in Plan for Higashidori N-Plant

NUKE INFO TOKYO 30(July /Aug. 1992)

  • French Decision Shakes Japanese Plutonium Industry
  • Stop Plutonium Transport
  • International Symposium on Chernobyl Held at Minsk
  • Series 4 : Japan's Nuclear Power Industry - Bleak Future for Nuclear Reactor Manufacturers
  • First Batch of Plutonium Fuel Transported
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Kei Shimada
  • News Watch
    -- Mitsubishi's ARE Ordered to Close
    -- Safety Reviews of Older Reactors to be Conducted
    -- Anti-Nuke Mayor Re-Elected
    -- Third Incident at the U-Enrichment Plant

NUKE INFO TOKYO 29 (May. /June 1992)

  • The Dangers of Plutonium Shipments
  • Series 3 : Japan's Nuclear Industry - Nuclear Plant Exports
  • First Step to Commercializing Alternative Energy
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Plutonium Free Future
  • News Watch
    -- MHI to Build Belgian SG
    -- Report on Simplified Disposal of Waste from Scrapped Reactors
    -- Information on Transport of Nuclear Materials to Be Kept Secret
    -- Construction of HLW Storage Site Starts in Rokkasho
    -- MHI to Conduct FS for Large UK PWR
    -- Nuclear Industry Recruitment Measures
    -- PNC Participates in US Research on Decontamination Technology

NUKE INFO TOKYO 28 (Mar. /Apr. 1992)

  • Growing Press Concern Over Japan's Plutonium
  • Opposition to Plutonium Policy Mounts
  • Plutonium News Watch
  • Plans for More N-Power Plants
  • Series 2 : Japan's Nuclear Industry - Nuclear Industry Groups
  • Waste Problem in Korea
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Kazuyuki Iwasa
  • News Watch
    -- FEPC to Buy Electricity from New Sources
    -- Rokkasho Uranium Enrichment Plant Suffers Troubles
    -- Move Seen to Invite ITER to Hokkaido
    -- Work Starts on Feasibility Study for N-Plant in Indonesia

NUKE INFO TOKYO 27 (Jan. /Feb. 1992)

  • Outlook for 1992 A Year of Plutonium Issues
  • Annual White Paper on Nuclear Energy Published
  • Radon Contamination Caused by Ningyotoge U Mines by Yoshihira Doi
  • Series : Japan's Nuclear Industry - Electric Utilities
  • International Conference on Plutonium Gets Wide Press Coverage
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Iwanai Citizens' Group to Study Nuclear Power Plant Issue
  • News Watch
    -- China's First Nuclear Power Generated at Qinshan 1
    -- Ohi3 Starts Operation
    -- Uranium Enrichment Begins at Rokkashomura
    -- Nuclear-Powered Mutsu Ends Experimental Voyage
    -- Worker's Exposure Suit Rejected
    -- New Steam Generator for Mihama 2
    -- Japan-US Joint Research for Next-Generation Reactor
    -- Worker Exposed to Plutonium Exceeding Annual Dosage
    -- Resolution to Refuse Depleted Uranium


NUKE INFO TOKYO 26 (Nov. /Dec. 1991)

  • Plutonium Conference A Great Success
  • Stop the Flow of N-Weapons Materials!
  • The Situation in Europe
  • Pu Contamination by Chernobyl Accident
  • Speakers' Appeal from the International Conference on Plutonium
  • Foreign Delegates Toured Japan
  • News Watch
    -- PNC Asks for Uranium Conversion Experiment
    -- Fukushima Town Council Asks for New Nuclear Reactor
    -- Bombs Dropped Near Reprocessing Plant Construction Site
    -- Monju Criticality Delayed
    -- South Korean President Pledges to Go "Nuclear Free"

NUKE INFO TOKYO 25 (Sep. /Oct. 1991)

  • AEC's Ambitious Plutonium Program : Unrealistic and Controversial
  • Japan Offers "Support" to USSR and East Europe
  • Nuke Cooperation Expected in Asia
  • The First UF6 Shipment Brought into Rokkasho-mura amid Protest
  • Citizens' Energy Forum Held
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Makoto Tsukamoto
  • DATA: Workers' Exposure person in 1990
  • News Watch
    -- Japan to do feasibility study for Indonesia
    -- "Other firms possible" Kansai Chairman
    -- Tomari 2 also had cracks
    -- FRAMATOME Receives Chinese Order
    -- Lawsuit to demand suspension of Takahama 2
    -- High-level Radon Gas Found in Residual Soil

NUKE INFO TOKYO 24 (July /Aug. 1991)

  • Anti-Nukes Urge Cancellation of IAEA Tokyo Seminar
  • Tomari 1 Resumes Operation After Mere Makeshift Repairs
  • Artificial Rock Bed in Kashiwazaki Creates Concern
  • Protesters Urge to Refuse Indonesian Feasibility Study Order
  • International Conference on Plutonium
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Nuclear Free TEPCO Shareholders Movement
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (July ~ Dec. 1990)
  • News Watch
    -- Reprocessing Plant Construction is Delayed
    -- Surveys on High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
    -- Plutonium Transport Escort Ship Launched
    -- N-Power Cooperation with Developing Countries
    -- North Korean Detector Admits to Recycling Facility
    -- A Fishermen's Co-op Refuses to Set up Negotiation Committee

NUKE INFO TOKYO 23 (May. /June 1991)

  • Japan on the Brink of a Pu Economy
  • Plans for Pu Usage
  • Recent Developments since the Mihama 2 Nuclear Accident
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Aileen Smith
  • 5th Anniversary of Chernobyl
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (Jan. ~ Jun. 1990)
  • News Watch
    -- Nuclear Inspection Plans
    -- Reprieve for N-Export to Indonesia
    -- Nationwide Campaign against Mitsubishi Kasei
    -- Japan Concludes N-Power Cooperation Pact with USSR
    -- Residents Informed of Planned Replacement of Steam Generators
    -- First Legislation Passed Refusing Introduction of Radioactive Waste
    -- Peel-Off Damage to Fuel Clads at Hamaoka

NUKE INFO TOKYO 22 (Mar. /Apr. 1991)

  • A Major Accident that Nearly Ended in a Meltdown
  • Local Governments Unprepared for Nuclear Accident
  • Defeat in Aomori Elections
  • News Watch
    -- Shutdown at Tokai Reprocessing Plant
    -- Plan for Pu Use Revealed
    -- Japan-Korea N-safety cooperation agreement implemented
    -- Successive Power Failures at Tokai Facilities
    -- Mutsu gets official Recognition

NUKE INFO TOKYO 21 (Jan. /Feb. 1991)

  • Comprehensive Critique of Rokkasho Project Published
  • Horonobe Situation Still Unsettled
  • International Uranium Forum in Aomori
  • Nuclear Build-up in North Korea?
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Fusaichi Hirono
  • News Watch
    -- Poll Shows 90% Afraid of N-Power
    -- Kubokawa Council Cancels Feasibility Study
    -- Second Asian Confab to be Held in March
    -- PNC locates Uranium mine
    -- Nuclear Industry Shows Profit in Services
    -- Fukushima II-3 Restarts Despite Court Battle
    -- No HLW for Kuchiwa, Hiroshima!


NUKE INFO TOKYO 20 (Nov. /Dec. 1990)

  • Citizens Visit Chernobyl
  • Fukushima II-3 Re-started Despite Referendum
  • Plutonium : 50 Years on - Growing Skepticism About The Rationale of Pu Recycling
  • "Low - level Storage" is Actually "High - level Dumping"
  • Hidaka Scraps Nuclear Plant for Good
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Toyonakamura Energy Cooperative
  • News Watch
    -- IAEA Seminar Held in Aomori
    -- Nuclear Fuel Cargo Loaded with Explosive Materials!
    -- No-HLW Regulation Rejected by Okayama Pref
    -- Joint-research Agreement Reached with China on HLW Disposal
    -- Engineers to visit China Assist with N-Power Plant
    -- Takahama 2 Changes Damaged Plugs
    -- Hitachi & Bechtel Revise Contract
    -- Mass Protest Against N-Waste Dump in Korea

NUKE INFO TOKYO 19 (Sep. /Oct. 1990)

  • Fukushima II-3 Struggles Continue
  • A Critique of the 1990 lCRP Draft Recommendations for Radiation Standards
  • Hokkaido Government Opposes HLW Plan in Horonobe
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Kyoko Kimura
  • Workers' Radiation Exposure in 1989
  • News Watch
    -- Maruki Museum Lamps Lit by Solar Power
    -- Fishermen Veto Hidaka Nuclear Power Plant Again
    -- Petition to Demand NO-HLW Regulation for Okayama Prefecture
    -- Radioactivity Detected in Titanium Waste
    -- Maki Mayoral Candidates Compete for Nuclear Freeze Vote
    -- Mutsu Fails Tests Again

NUKE INFO TOKYO 18 (July /Aug. 1990)

  • TEPC0 Debates Nuclear Issue
  • Anti-Nuke Shareholders Attend AGMs
  • Opposition Boycotts Public Hearing on Construction of Kashiwazaki No.6 and 7
  • 40 More N-Plants Needed? - Long Term Energy Outlook
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (Aug. ~ Dec. 1989)
  • Availability Down Again
  • News Watch
    -- Fukushima II Shuts Down
    -- Mitsubishi May Build British N-Plant
    -- Damage Found in 598 SG Tubes in Takahama 2
    -- MITI Okays Start Up of Fukushima II-3
    -- Loop-type Chosen for FBR Demonstration Reactor

NUKE INFO TOKYO 17 (May /June 1990)

  • Three-day Anti-Nuke Festival in Tokyo
  • Ales Adamovitch
  • Alexander Jacovlev
  • Sebastian Pflugbeil
  • Ahn Jung-Sun
  • Earth Day in Seoul
  • Cycle Rally Held in India
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Suzu City Residents Against Nuclear Power
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (Jan. ~ July 1989)
  • News Watch
    -- Are Irradiated Potatoes Really Safe?
    -- Iwaishima Fishermen's Co-op Reject Preparatory Research
    -- Kashiwazaki-kariwa Unit 5 Starts Operation
    -- Annual Power Plant Construction Plan Revealed
    --"Public" Hearing on LLW Facility Held
    -- High Court Rejects Residents' Appeal
    -- Lower Capacity Factors

NUKE INFO TOKYO 16 (Mar. /Apr. 1990)

  • Mutsu Experiment Restarts Amid Protests
  • Plutonium - Do We Really Need It?
  • MITI Committee Issues Controversial Reports on Fukushima II Accident
  • Protest Greets Asian Nuclear Confab
  • Nuclear Exports to Third World Countries Draws Concern
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (Sep. ~ Dec. 1988)
  • News Watch
    -- LLW Disposal Facility Passes STA Safety Check
    --"There Can't Be a Serious Accident," Says NSC
    -- CRIEPI Announces Method of Shortening TRU Half Life
    -- Japan-US Conduct Joint Experiment on New Monitoring Technique
    -- Kashiwazaki Unit 2 Reactor Starts Test Run

NUKE INFO TOKYO 15 (Jan. /Feb. 1990)

  • Nuclear Fuel Facility Election
  • Phase-Out Petition to be Submitted
  • Fukushima II-3 to Restart Despite Safety Concern
  • Nuclear Power Cheapest?
  • Dairy Farmers Concerned about Contaminated Feed
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Sonoko Kitsugawa
  • Plutonium Issue Still Hot
  • News Watch
    -- Hibakusha Support Bill Passed by Upper House
    -- Tokyo Univ. Rapped for Slack RI Management
    -- Mitsubishi Tries to Sell Reactor to China
    -- Nuclear Industry on the Decline
    -- \420 Billion Nuclear Power Budget for FY1990
    -- Funds for Nuclear Research Still Expanding


NUKE INFO TOKYO 14 (Nov. /Dec. 1989)

  • Iodine Leaks at Tokai Reprocessing Plant
  • HLW Disposal Plans Come to Light
  • Anti-Nuclear Activities Mount in October and November
  • One Million Signature Drive Starts in Korea
  • KEPC0 Indicted for Negligence
  • Meaningless Dispute over Plutonium Shipment
  • Important Incidents at Nuclear Plants
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Society for a Prefectural Ordinance - No Radioactive Garbage in Okayama!
  • News Watch
    -- Dead Fish Found off Nuclear Power Plant
    -- Japan Reluctant to Cut Co2
    -- Japanese Nuclear Industry Heading for Third World Markets
    -- Annual Safety Report Issued
    -- Major Design Revision for LLW Storage Facility

NUKE INFO TOKYO 13 (Sep. /Oct. 1989)

  • National Rally for A Nuclear Phase-Out Law Held in Osaka
  • Future of Nuclear Energy Still Uncertain After Election
  • High Radioactivity Detected in Animal Feed Dry Milk - Is Food in Africa and Asia All Right?
  • Nuclear Power in Korea
  • Citizens Participate in Gensuikin Convention
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Shuhei Shirasaki and Maki Landowners' Group
  • Data: Workers' Exposure in 1988
  • News Watch
    -- Nuclear Issue Revives in Hidaka
    -- Aomori Farmer's Cooperatives Oppose Nuclear Fuel Cycle
    -- Kamaishi Invites High- Level Waste Disposal Research Facility
    -- Residents Outside 20km Zone Denied Right to Sue
    -- Residents Fear Early Restart of Fukushima II-3
    -- Emergency Drill Held in Fukui

NUKE INFO TOKYO 12 (July/Aug. 1989)

  • Citizens Occupy City Hall for a Month in Suzu City
  • Protests against H-bomb Dropped off Okinawa
  • Tokyo Electric Holds Shareholders Meeting amidst Mounting Accidents at Fukushima
  • 1.2 Million Sign Petition to Phase Out Nuclear Power
  • Debate between Citizens and Electric Co.
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - "Nausicaa" and "We Need No Nukes! Hiroshima Network"
  • News Watch
    -- Tomari No.1 Reactor Goes on Line
    -- Japan Atomic Industrial Forum Survey on Overseas Cooperation
    -- LDP Suffers Dramatic Defeat in Upper House Election
    -- N-Accident Scale Introduced
    -- Utilities Cut Off Power S1upply to Maruki Museum
    -- Cracks in Bolts of Ikata Reactor as Expected

NUKE INFO TOKYO 11 (May/June/ 1989)

  • Rally against N-Fuel Cycle Facility
  • Application for Rokkasho Plant Will Touch off Heated Controversy
  • April 23--Rallies Held throughout Japan
  • TV Debate - A Big Success
  • Spent Fuel Sent to US
  • South Korea's Anti-Nuclear Power Movement Builds
  • Nuclear Plant Availability Falls
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Hisako Kondo
  • News Watch
    -- Dummy Bomb Dropped Near N-Fuel Cycle Facility Site
    -- Funds Set Aside for Decommissioning
    -- Hirosaki Branch LDP Opposes Reprocessing Plant
    -- Strong Support for Anti-Nuke Candidates in Suzu Election
    -- Tomari Trial Opens
    -- Sit-in at Shikoku Electric
    -- Lost H-Bomb Causes Anger

NUKE INFO TOKYO 10 (Mar./Apr.1989)

  • Pump Rupture at Fukushima II Arouses Serious Safety Concern
  • Nuclear Plant Workers Show Higher Risk of Chromosome Damage
  • Citizens Set up Monitoring Centers for Contaminated Foods
  • Former Mining Sites at Ningyotoge Pose Danger
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Group Merde
  • News Watch
    -- Rokkasho Permit Application Submitted
    -- Onagawa Permit Granted
    -- Shimane Unit 2 on Life
    -- Lawsuit to Scrap Mutsu
    -- Chubu Electric to Purchase Uranium from U.S. and Canada
    -- SDF to Guard Plutonium-Shipments?
    -- Japan, Taiwan Agree to Swap N-Power Info

NUKE INFO TOKYO 9 (Jan./Feb.1989)

  • Petition for a Denuclearization Law Takes off
  • Nuclear Industry is About to Peak Out
  • Food Irradiation in Japan
  • Uranium Imports from Namibia
  • Citizens Polled on Nuclear Power Issue
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Yuto Mionoya
  • News Watch
    -- Farmers Oppose N-fuel Cycle Facility
    -- Hokkaido Assembly Rejects Plebiscite Resolution
    -- Construction of Noto Plant Begins
    -- Nuclear Accident Indemnity To Be Tripled
    -- Anti-Nuclear Protests in Korea
    -- Availability of Nuclear Plants Falls
    -- Three Successive Shutdowns at Fukushima II-3
    -- Doctors Pass Resolution Against N-Fuel Cycle Facility


NUKE INFO TOKYO 8 (Nov./Dec.1988)

  • Action on Anti-Nuclear Power Day
  • Scrap Nuclear Fuel Cycle October Action by Hiroko Chiba
  • Difficulties Mount After25 Years of Nuclear Power Generation
  • Opposition Mounts in Hokkaido
  • Plutonium Shipping
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Women's Group to Stop Nuclear Power at Any Cost
  • News Watch
    -- Construction of Commercial Uranium Enrichment Plant Started
    -- Utility Companies Declare Embargo on South African Uranium
    -- Kansai Electric Co Increases Uranium Imports from Australia
    -- Heavy Water Leakage at Nuclear Power Plant in South Korea
    -- Ministry of Health & Welfare Reveals Data on Contamination of Imported Foods

NUKE INFO TOKYO 7 (Sept./Oct.1988)

  • Vote No! Stop Tomari!
  • Strong Opposition to Unloading of Fuel Rod at Tomari
  • Mass Suit against Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities
  • Contaminated Food Imports Continue
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Miwako Ogiso
  • The Recent Anti-Nuke "Boom"
  • Data : Workers' Exposure & Radwaste in1987
  • News Watch
    -- High Radioactivity Detected in Uranium Soil Waste
    -- New FBR Development Plan
    -- Radioactivity Leak at Takahama2
    -- Nuclear Accident Compensation Law to Be Reviewed
    -- Government Approves Construction of Two More Reactors
    -- Group Asks Court to Block Tomari Nuclear Plant

NUKE INFO TOKYO 6 (July/Aug.1988)

  • A Proposal for a Movement to Establish a "Denuclearization Law"
  • Plutonium Air-Lift Opposed
  • Nuclear Free Asia-Pacific Conference Held in Hong Kong
  • International Uranium Congress
  • Citizens Say "No" to Nuclear Power at3-day Rally in Noto
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Kashiwazaki Anti-Nuke Alliance
  • News Watch
    -- Expansions and Thinning of Control Rod Cladding Observed
    -- Hikigawa Elects Anti-Nuke Mayor
    -- Primary Coolant Leaks at Genkai
    -- Bolt Damage Found in PWRs
    -- Helicopter Crash Near Nuke Plant

NUKE INFO TOKYO 5 (May/June1988)

  • Thousands Gather in Tokyo to Rally Against Nuclear Power Generation
  • Pal Doj's Speech Chernobyl Has Changed Our Way of Life
  • Peter Welsh's Speech Austria's No To Nuclear Power
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Michi Kobayashi and Kumiko Miyamoto
  • High Concentration of I-129 Found Near Tokai Reprocessing Plant
  • Important Incidents and Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants in1987
  • News Watch
    -- Fishermen's Co-op Stops Nuclear Reactor Plan
    -- Load Factor in1987 Unusually High
    -- PNC Submits Report on Proposed HLW Storage Site
    -- Nuclear Law Amended
    -- U Enrichment Plant Starts Operation
    -- JNFI Applies for LLW -Disposal License

NUKE INFO TOKYO 4 (Mar./Apr.1988)

  • More Than 3,000 People Protest Against Test at Ikata
  • Radiation Council OKS Dumping of "Low-Level" Radwaste
  • ICRP Publication26 to Be Adopted in Japan
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Takahashi Masukura
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Plaintiffs Against Ikata Nuclear Power Plant
  • News Watch
    -- Two Recirculation Pumps Fail Simultaneously at Hamaoka Unit 1
    -- Fire at Fukushima 1 Plant
    -- Successive Shutdowns at Tsuruga Plant
    -- Control Rod Defects Found at Ikata
    -- 2000 in Protest at Nuke Plant Hearing
    -- Mutsu Conducts Tests at Its New Port
    -- Kubokawa Mayor Abandons Plan
  • Chernobyl Anniversary Rally in Tokyo Hopes to Receive Messages From The World

NUKE INFO TOKYO 3 (Jan./Feb.1988)

  • Recent Cost-cutting Trends Pose Dangers for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Steam Generators with Corroded Tubes Continue Operation
  • Third National Anti-Nuke Rally in Tokyo Expects to Draw Thousands
  • NFIP(Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific)Passes a Resolution Opposing the Japanese Nuclear Waste Dumping Plan
  • Pacific Still Regarded as Nuclear Dustbin
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Yuriko Shimizu
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan - Apple Blossom League
  • News Watch
    -- Former Nuclear Plant Worker Still Seeking Compensation
    -- Indonesia Postpones Nuclear Plant Project
    -- World Symposium on Nuclear Safety Countered by Anti-Nuke Demonstrations
    -- Protestors Rally against Plans to Air-Transport Plutonium


NUKE INFO TOKYO 2 (Dec.1987)

  • Tokyo Rally Draws a Crowd
  • Reassessment of Atomic Bomb Casualties Strongly Suggests a Higher Radiation Risk
  • Imported Foods Continue to be Contaminated
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Fusae Kawazoe
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan
    - The Nuclear Free Pacific Center Tokyo
    - Anti-Nuke Delivery Group
  • News Watch
    --Bar Assoc Criticized Shimokita Nuclear Facilities
    --Tsuruga-1 Scrammed in a Chernobyl-like Event
    --Nuclear Reactors Create Dangerous Surplus Power Situation
    --Citizen Group Voices Opposition to Plutonium Air Transport

NUKE INFO TOKYO 1 (Oct.1987)

  • Forward
  • Japanese Nuclear Industry/Anti-Nuke Movement Face Turning Points
  • The Number of Workers Exposed to Radiation Increases
  • Anti-Nuke Who's Who - Yukio Kawakami
  • Japanese Gov't Continues to Promote Waste Dumping Plan in The Pacific
  • Mitsubisi Makes Plans to Export Nuclear Technology to Indonesia
  • Mitsubishi's Radwaste Causes Serious Concern in Malaysia
  • News Watch
    -- Illegal Engineering at Takahama 1 Accused by Residents
    -- JAEC Announced New Long Term Plan
    -- Public "Over-Demand" Blamed for Massive Power Outage
    -- No Lessons Learned from Chernobyl : Gov't Commission Report

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