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Nuke Info Tokyo No. 145
(November/December 2011)



Fukushima Nuclear Power Station:
Radioactive contamination spreading daily Concerns about damage to health due to radiation exposure

Redesign the Niigata Method: Close Down the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station

Conference Report “Climate and Energy Forum: Towards Energy Efficiency & Safe Options”

Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World (January 14-15, 2012 Yokohama, Japan)

Plutonium inventory 2010
--Japanese Inventory of Separated Plutonium at 31 December 2010
--Separated Plutonium in Use from January-December 2010
--2010 Balance of Separated Plutonium Held in Japan

The 5th reduced-size edition of the Hangenpatsu-Shinbun

Anti-Nuke Who's Who : Seiichi Nakate
Spokesman for Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation

News Watch
--Tokai mayor requests decommissioning of Tokai-2
--Shizuoka municipalities demand permanent shutdown of Hamaoka Nuclear Plant
--Nuclear abolition resolutions passed in assemblies nationwide
--Mongolian government drops nuclear disposal site plans
--Government still fixated on nuclear power exports

Japan radioactive contamination map


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