NIT 112 Brief Reports Nuke Info Tokyo No. 112

Rokkasho Uranium Enrichment Plant Verdict
On May 9th the Sendai High Court affirmed a lower court ruling rejecting an administrative law case against the Rokkasho Uranium Enrichment Plant. The plaintiffs claimed that the government’s approval was invalid and demanded that the license be annulled. However the court found no mistakes in the government’s safety review. The plaintiffs have appealed to the Supreme Court.

Another Leak at Rokkasho
On May 17th a leak of 7 liters of uranous nitric solution was discovered in the Purification Building of the Rokkasho reprocessing plant. The concentration of uranium was 21 gm/l. The leak was discovered by a worker from a subcontractor company. The worker noticed a strange smell coming from the next room. The leak was stopped 8 hours later by halting the plutonium refining process.


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