CNIC’s English Publications

   Kashiwazaki-Kariwa: Translation of Japanese leaflet by Group of Concerned
Scientists and Engineers Calling for the Closure of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa
Nuclear Power Plant
 (English version published in Nuke Info Tokyo 123, March/April 2008) 
   Open Letter and Questions Concerning the Relevance of Nuclear Power in
Addressing the Problem of Global Warming

(sent to Professor James Lovelock, 26 April 2007)
 Thinking the Unthinkable: Japanese nuclear power and proliferation in East

(CNIC and Oxford Research Group, August 2005)
JCO_Criticality_Accident_and_Local_Residents  JCO Criticality Accident and Local Residents: Damages, Symptoms and
Changing Attitudes 
(CNIC June 2001) 
 Criticality Accident at Tokai-mura – 1 mg of uranium that shattered
Japan’s nuclear myth
, (CNIC 2000)
 IMA FINAL REPORT ( in English)
“Comprehensive Social Impact Assessment of MOX Use in Light Water
, (CNIC 1997) 
COGEMA-LA HAGUE: The Waste Production Techniques: with special
emphasis on the study of Japanese reprocessing wastes
(WISE Paris: commissioned by CNIC) 1995)
Belarus-Japan Symposium “Acute and Late Consequences of Nuclear
Catastrophes: Hiroshima-Nagasaki and Chernobyl”
, CNIC 1994
Financing Disaster: How the G8 fund the global proliferation of nuclear
June 1991 joint report by the following: NIRS-Wise (USA),
Sierra Club of Canada, ECODEFENSE (Russia),
Amis de la Terre (France),
‘An Eye on SACE’ Campaign (Italy),
Urgewald (Germany),
EU Enlargement Watch (UK),
Bridget Woodman (UK), CNIC (Japan)
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