Nuke Info Tokyo No. 117 (March/April 2007)

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Step 3 of Active Tests Begins at Rokkasho
On January 31st JNFL President, Isami Kojima, announced that the active tests would not be completed until October, meaning that the start of full operations would be delayed by 3 months to November 2007…further cost increases are inevitable.

“Not Again”: Yet Another TEPCO Scandal
On 31 January 2007 TEPCO released details of data falsification at its nuclear power plants. It admitted to a total of about 200 irregularities.

Cost of Decommissioning and Disposal of Nuclear Power Plants
This article outlines the Japanese system, including the cost items covered, the basis of the calculation and the total costs.

Shika-1 Uncontrolled Criticality Incident Cover-up
All control rods were supposed to have been fully inserted at the time, but three rods dropped out of position.

Advanced Thermal Reactor Fails Strength Tests
On 10 February 2007 the Mainichi Shimbun reported that in the course of tests being carried out prior to decommissioning the Fugen Advanced Thermal Reactor (ATR, 165 MW) it was discovered that concrete walls on an auxiliary building did not meet the required strength standard.

Opposition to US-India Nuclear Cooperation Deal
Letter to the Japanese government from members and representatives of civil society groups and peoples’ organizations from India and Pakistan.

Japan’s Plutonium Use Plan: 2007 Fiscal Year

Who’s Who
Kazuyoshi Sato: calm, but tenacious

News Watch
Fate of Japan’s reprocessed uranium
JBIC approves finance for Kazakhstan uranium mine
Another cost increase for Rokkasho reprocessing plant
Citizens demand referendum on Genkai pluthermal
HLW dump developments
Prosecution for 2004 Mihama-3 accident
Disposal of TRUs / Waste Swapping

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