Nuke Info Tokyo No. 122 (January/February 2008)

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Extension of Time Allowed Between Periodic Inspections of Reactors
People wonder why now of all times, when problems of safety and quality control have arisen, should the time between periodic inspections be extended.

Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
Problems with the vitrification process mean full operation won’t begin as scheduled in February 2008

In the six months since the Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake, several things which were hazy at first have become clearer. For example, the stance of Niigata Prefecture is clearer than it was before.

Asian Nuclear Power Plants
Current status and future plans of nuclear power plans in China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
Maps current as of January 2008

Experts and NGOs Criticize US-India Nuclear Deal
In a letter sent to more than four-dozen governments in the second week of January, a broad array of more than 130 experts and nongovernmental organizations from 24 countries said the US-India deal “would damage the already fragile nuclear nonproliferation system and set back efforts to achieve universal nuclear disarmament.”

Group Introduction
Daichi Stop Nuclear Power Committee: “Nuclear energy is incompatible with organic agriculture, which places importance on life.”

News Watch
2008 Nuclear Energy Budget
Kazakhstan to carry out re-conversion for Kansai Electric
HLW dump site selection schedule extended
FNCA issues statement calling for nuclear be accepted as CDM
Plan for second reprocessing plant “downgrades” reprocessing to development stage
ATMEA launched

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