Nuke Info Tokyo No 214 (May/June 2023)

Nuke Info Tokyo is a bi-monthly newsletter that aims to provide English speaking friends with up-to-date information on the Japanese nuclear industry and the movements against it. 

Editor: Caitlin Stronell

Translators: Pat Ormsby, Tony Boys, Karoji Sumie, Nishioka Mayumi

Proofreaders: Tony Boys, Yamaguchi Yukio



Report on the 2023 Fukushima Prefectural Residents’ Rally for Achieving a Nuclear-Free Fukushima and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Tour   By Ito Fumika

Niigata Prefecture’s Verification Supervisory Committee in Limbo—How Will This Affect Restarts of TEPCO’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Units 6 and 7?—  By Yamaguchi Yukio

CNIC Webinar Report: Problems with Japan’s Nuclear-waste Disposal Policy as Seen from the Literature Review Currently Underway in Suttsu Town, Hokkaido   By Takano Satoshi

Reference Material: Nuclear Power Plants in Japan and East Asia

News Watch  GX Promotion Bill, GX Decarbonized Power Supply Bill Passed / Contract with UK Company for Monju’s Sodium Processing / Joint Statement on Stronger Japan-France Nuclear Energy Cooperation / Application Filed for Approval of 60-Year Operation of Takahama Units 3 and 4 / Inspection of Tsuruga Unit 2 Suspended Again / Possibly Several Holes at the Bottom of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 Reactor

Who’s Who: Tsuchiya Kazuyuki By Takano Satoshi


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