Nuke Info Tokyo No. 181 (November/December 2017)

nariwai photo1

Plaintiffs in the Nariwai Lawsuit hold signs proclaiming their victory outside the Fukushima District Court


Court Recognizes liability of government and TEPCO in Nariwai (livelihoods) Trial

Can TEPCO’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Units 6 & 7 be restarted?

Reference Material: Radiation Exposure Data FY2016

Book Review: Rethinking Nuclear Energy by Hiroaki Koide

Reference Material: Nuclear power plants and research facilities in Japan and East Asia

Newswatch   Data Falsifications by Kobe Steel Uncovered / Application Filed for Using Clearance System for Demolition Waste at Hamaoka Units 1 and 2 / Decommissioning Ohi NPP Units 1 and 2? / Toshiba to Own All Westinghouse Stock / MOU between Toshiba Subsidiary and Ukraine’s ‘Energoatom’ / NUMO pays students to attend public meeting

Who’s Who: Naomi Katagiri


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