Nuke Info Tokyo 1992

NUKE INFO TOKYO 32 (Nov. /Dec. 1992)

  • Asia-Pacific Forum on Sea Shipments of Japanese Plutonium
  • Akatsuki-maru Embarks on Dangerous Voyage to Japan
  • News Watch
    — Supreme Court Acknowledges Danger of FBRs
    — Supreme Court Rejects Citizens’ Lawsuit
    — EXIM Bank Funding Not Yet
    — ECCS Activates at Fukushima Plant
    — Dead Fish Found Again near Ikata
  • Special – Japanese Government Upset By Foreign Criticism

NUKE INFO TOKYO 31(Sep. /Oct. 1992)

  • Akatsuki-maru Bound for France
  • Don’t Approve Plutonium Export — An Open Letter to the French Government
  • Actions to Stop Pu Transport
  • News Watch
    — Japan Bids to Supply Research Reactors to Thailand
    — Tube Damage Found Mihama l Steam Generator
    — Way Opened for Long – Term Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel?
    — Advances in Plan for Higashidori N-Plant

NUKE INFO TOKYO 30(July /Aug. 1992)

  • French Decision Shakes Japanese Plutonium Industry
  • Stop Plutonium Transport
  • International Symposium on Chernobyl Held at Minsk
  • Series 4 : Japan’s Nuclear Power Industry – Bleak Future for Nuclear Reactor Manufacturers
  • First Batch of Plutonium Fuel Transported
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Kei Shimada
  • News Watch
    — Mitsubishi’s ARE Ordered to Close
    — Safety Reviews of Older Reactors to be Conducted
    — Anti-Nuke Mayor Re-Elected
    — Third Incident at the U-Enrichment Plant

NUKE INFO TOKYO 29 (May. /June 1992)

  • The Dangers of Plutonium Shipments
  • Series 3 : Japan’s Nuclear Industry – Nuclear Plant Exports
  • First Step to Commercializing Alternative Energy
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Plutonium Free Future
  • News Watch
    — MHI to Build Belgian SG
    — Report on Simplified Disposal of Waste from Scrapped Reactors
    — Information on Transport of Nuclear Materials to Be Kept Secret
    — Construction of HLW Storage Site Starts in Rokkasho
    — MHI to Conduct FS for Large UK PWR
    — Nuclear Industry Recruitment Measures
    — PNC Participates in US Research on Decontamination Technology

NUKE INFO TOKYO 28 (Mar. /Apr. 1992)

  • Growing Press Concern Over Japan’s Plutonium
  • Opposition to Plutonium Policy Mounts
  • Plutonium News Watch
  • Plans for More N-Power Plants
  • Series 2 : Japan’s Nuclear Industry – Nuclear Industry Groups
  • Waste Problem in Korea
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Kazuyuki Iwasa
  • News Watch
    — FEPC to Buy Electricity from New Sources
    — Rokkasho Uranium Enrichment Plant Suffers Troubles
    — Move Seen to Invite ITER to Hokkaido
    — Work Starts on Feasibility Study for N-Plant in Indonesia

NUKE INFO TOKYO 27 (Jan. /Feb. 1992)

  • Outlook for 1992 A Year of Plutonium Issues
  • Annual White Paper on Nuclear Energy Published
  • Radon Contamination Caused by Ningyotoge U Mines by Yoshihira Doi
  • Series : Japan’s Nuclear Industry – Electric Utilities
  • International Conference on Plutonium Gets Wide Press Coverage
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Iwanai Citizens’ Group to Study Nuclear Power Plant Issue
  • News Watch
    — China’s First Nuclear Power Generated at Qinshan 1
    — Ohi3 Starts Operation
    — Uranium Enrichment Begins at Rokkashomura
    — Nuclear-Powered Mutsu Ends Experimental Voyage
    — Worker’s Exposure Suit Rejected
    — New Steam Generator for Mihama 2
    — Japan-US Joint Research for Next-Generation Reactor
    — Worker Exposed to Plutonium Exceeding Annual Dosage
    — Resolution to Refuse Depleted Uranium
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