Nuke Info Tokyo No. 168 (Sep./Oct. 2015)

Nuke Info Tokyo No. 168 (Sep./Oct. 2015)

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Former nuclear plant worker Ryusuke Umeda’s legal action for workers’ compensation
Important testimony discloses the harsh reality of the work environment in NPPs

Reference Material:Japan’s Separated Plutonium Inventory (as of end of 2014)

The Mystery of Japan’s Growing Stockpiles of Separated Plutonium
by Masafumi Takubo

The Controversial Restart of the Sendai Nuclear Power Station

Group Introduction: Japan NGO Network for Nuclear Weapons Abolition
by Masayoshi Naito

News Watch
-Takahama Unit 3 Reactor Hustled into Preoperational Inspection
-Former TEPCO Executives Face Mandatory Indictment
-Policies Promoting Return to Contaminated Areas Gaining Headway
-Decontamination Waste Stored On-Site at Over 100,000 Locations
-Fukushima Fishing Cooperatives Approve Marine Release of ‘Decontaminated’ Groundwater

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