Nuke Info Tokyo 1991

NUKE INFO TOKYO 26 (Nov. /Dec. 1991)

  • Plutonium Conference A Great Success
  • Stop the Flow of N-Weapons Materials!
  • The Situation in Europe
  • Pu Contamination by Chernobyl Accident
  • Speakers’ Appeal from the International Conference on Plutonium
  • Foreign Delegates Toured Japan
  • News Watch
    — PNC Asks for Uranium Conversion Experiment
    — Fukushima Town Council Asks for New Nuclear Reactor
    — Bombs Dropped Near Reprocessing Plant Construction Site
    — Monju Criticality Delayed
    — South Korean President Pledges to Go “Nuclear Free”

NUKE INFO TOKYO 25 (Sep. /Oct. 1991)

  • AEC’s Ambitious Plutonium Program : Unrealistic and Controversial
  • Japan Offers “Support” to USSR and East Europe
  • Nuke Cooperation Expected in Asia
  • The First UF6 Shipment Brought into Rokkasho-mura amid Protest
  • Citizens’ Energy Forum Held
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Makoto Tsukamoto
  • DATA: Workers’ Exposure person in 1990
  • News Watch
    — Japan to do feasibility study for Indonesia
    — “Other firms possible” Kansai Chairman
    — Tomari 2 also had cracks
    — FRAMATOME Receives Chinese Order
    — Lawsuit to demand suspension of Takahama 2
    — High-level Radon Gas Found in Residual Soil

NUKE INFO TOKYO 24 (July /Aug. 1991)

  • Anti-Nukes Urge Cancellation of IAEA Tokyo Seminar
  • Tomari 1 Resumes Operation After Mere Makeshift Repairs
  • Artificial Rock Bed in Kashiwazaki Creates Concern
  • Protesters Urge to Refuse Indonesian Feasibility Study Order
  • International Conference on Plutonium
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Nuclear Free TEPCO Shareholders Movement
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (July ~ Dec. 1990)
  • News Watch
    — Reprocessing Plant Construction is Delayed
    — Surveys on High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
    — Plutonium Transport Escort Ship Launched
    — N-Power Cooperation with Developing Countries
    — North Korean Detector Admits to Recycling Facility
    — A Fishermen’s Co-op Refuses to Set up Negotiation Committee

NUKE INFO TOKYO 23 (May. /June 1991)

  • Japan on the Brink of a Pu Economy
  • Plans for Pu Usage
  • Recent Developments since the Mihama 2 Nuclear Accident
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Aileen Smith
  • 5th Anniversary of Chernobyl
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (Jan. ~ Jun. 1990)
  • News Watch
    — Nuclear Inspection Plans
    — Reprieve for N-Export to Indonesia
    — Nationwide Campaign against Mitsubishi Kasei
    — Japan Concludes N-Power Cooperation Pact with USSR
    — Residents Informed of Planned Replacement of Steam Generators
    — First Legislation Passed Refusing Introduction of Radioactive Waste
    — Peel-Off Damage to Fuel Clads at Hamaoka

NUKE INFO TOKYO 22 (Mar. /Apr. 1991)

  • A Major Accident that Nearly Ended in a Meltdown
  • Local Governments Unprepared for Nuclear Accident
  • Defeat in Aomori Elections
  • News Watch
    — Shutdown at Tokai Reprocessing Plant
    — Plan for Pu Use Revealed
    — Japan-Korea N-safety cooperation agreement implemented
    — Successive Power Failures at Tokai Facilities
    — Mutsu gets official Recognition

NUKE INFO TOKYO 21 (Jan. /Feb. 1991)

  • Comprehensive Critique of Rokkasho Project Published
  • Horonobe Situation Still Unsettled
  • International Uranium Forum in Aomori
  • Nuclear Build-up in North Korea?
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Fusaichi Hirono
  • News Watch
    — Poll Shows 90% Afraid of N-Power
    — Kubokawa Council Cancels Feasibility Study
    — Second Asian Confab to be Held in March
    — PNC locates Uranium mine
    — Nuclear Industry Shows Profit in Services
    — Fukushima II-3 Restarts Despite Court Battle
    — No HLW for Kuchiwa, Hiroshima!
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