Nuke Info Tokyo 1990

NUKE INFO TOKYO 20 (Nov. /Dec. 1990)

  • Citizens Visit Chernobyl
  • Fukushima II-3 Re-started Despite Referendum
  • Plutonium : 50 Years on – Growing Skepticism About The Rationale of Pu Recycling
  • “Low – level Storage” is Actually “High – level Dumping”
  • Hidaka Scraps Nuclear Plant for Good
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Toyonakamura Energy Cooperative
  • News Watch
    — IAEA Seminar Held in Aomori
    — Nuclear Fuel Cargo Loaded with Explosive Materials!
    — No-HLW Regulation Rejected by Okayama Pref
    — Joint-research Agreement Reached with China on HLW Disposal
    — Engineers to visit China Assist with N-Power Plant
    — Takahama 2 Changes Damaged Plugs
    — Hitachi & Bechtel Revise Contract
    — Mass Protest Against N-Waste Dump in Korea

NUKE INFO TOKYO 19 (Sep. /Oct. 1990)

  • Fukushima II-3 Struggles Continue
  • A Critique of the 1990 lCRP Draft Recommendations for Radiation Standards
  • Hokkaido Government Opposes HLW Plan in Horonobe
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Kyoko Kimura
  • Workers’ Radiation Exposure in 1989
  • News Watch
    — Maruki Museum Lamps Lit by Solar Power
    — Fishermen Veto Hidaka Nuclear Power Plant Again
    — Petition to Demand NO-HLW Regulation for Okayama Prefecture
    — Radioactivity Detected in Titanium Waste
    — Maki Mayoral Candidates Compete for Nuclear Freeze Vote
    — Mutsu Fails Tests Again

NUKE INFO TOKYO 18 (July /Aug. 1990)

  • TEPC0 Debates Nuclear Issue
  • Anti-Nuke Shareholders Attend AGMs
  • Opposition Boycotts Public Hearing on Construction of Kashiwazaki No.6 and 7
  • 40 More N-Plants Needed? – Long Term Energy Outlook
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (Aug. ~ Dec. 1989)
  • Availability Down Again
  • News Watch
    — Fukushima II Shuts Down
    — Mitsubishi May Build British N-Plant
    — Damage Found in 598 SG Tubes in Takahama 2
    — MITI Okays Start Up of Fukushima II-3
    — Loop-type Chosen for FBR Demonstration Reactor

NUKE INFO TOKYO 17 (May /June 1990)

  • Three-day Anti-Nuke Festival in Tokyo
  • Ales Adamovitch
  • Alexander Jacovlev
  • Sebastian Pflugbeil
  • Ahn Jung-Sun
  • Earth Day in Seoul
  • Cycle Rally Held in India
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Suzu City Residents Against Nuclear Power
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (Jan. ~ July 1989)
  • News Watch
    — Are Irradiated Potatoes Really Safe?
    — Iwaishima Fishermen’s Co-op Reject Preparatory Research
    — Kashiwazaki-kariwa Unit 5 Starts Operation
    — Annual Power Plant Construction Plan Revealed
    –“Public” Hearing on LLW Facility Held
    — High Court Rejects Residents’ Appeal
    — Lower Capacity Factors

NUKE INFO TOKYO 16 (Mar. /Apr. 1990)

  • Mutsu Experiment Restarts Amid Protests
  • Plutonium – Do We Really Need It?
  • MITI Committee Issues Controversial Reports on Fukushima II Accident
  • Protest Greets Asian Nuclear Confab
  • Nuclear Exports to Third World Countries Draws Concern
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (Sep. ~ Dec. 1988)
  • News Watch
    — LLW Disposal Facility Passes STA Safety Check
    –“There Can’t Be a Serious Accident,” Says NSC
    — CRIEPI Announces Method of Shortening TRU Half Life
    — Japan-US Conduct Joint Experiment on New Monitoring Technique
    — Kashiwazaki Unit 2 Reactor Starts Test Run

NUKE INFO TOKYO 15 (Jan. /Feb. 1990)

  • Nuclear Fuel Facility Election
  • Phase-Out Petition to be Submitted
  • Fukushima II-3 to Restart Despite Safety Concern
  • Nuclear Power Cheapest?
  • Dairy Farmers Concerned about Contaminated Feed
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Sonoko Kitsugawa
  • Plutonium Issue Still Hot
  • News Watch
    — Hibakusha Support Bill Passed by Upper House
    — Tokyo Univ. Rapped for Slack RI Management
    — Mitsubishi Tries to Sell Reactor to China
    — Nuclear Industry on the Decline
    — 420 Billion Nuclear Power Budget for FY1990
    — Funds for Nuclear Research Still Expanding
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