Nuke Info Tokyo 1989

NUKE INFO TOKYO 14 (Nov. /Dec. 1989)

  • Iodine Leaks at Tokai Reprocessing Plant
  • HLW Disposal Plans Come to Light
  • Anti-Nuclear Activities Mount in October and November
  • One Million Signature Drive Starts in Korea
  • KEPC0 Indicted for Negligence
  • Meaningless Dispute over Plutonium Shipment
  • Important Incidents at Nuclear Plants
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Society for a Prefectural Ordinance – No Radioactive Garbage in Okayama!
  • News Watch
    — Dead Fish Found off Nuclear Power Plant
    — Japan Reluctant to Cut Co2
    — Japanese Nuclear Industry Heading for Third World Markets
    — Annual Safety Report Issued
    — Major Design Revision for LLW Storage Facility

NUKE INFO TOKYO 13 (Sep. /Oct. 1989)

  • National Rally for A Nuclear Phase-Out Law Held in Osaka
  • Future of Nuclear Energy Still Uncertain After Election
  • High Radioactivity Detected in Animal Feed Dry Milk – Is Food in Africa and Asia All Right?
  • Nuclear Power in Korea
  • Citizens Participate in Gensuikin Convention
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Shuhei Shirasaki and Maki Landowners’ Group
  • Data: Workers’ Exposure in 1988
  • News Watch
    — Nuclear Issue Revives in Hidaka
    — Aomori Farmer’s Cooperatives Oppose Nuclear Fuel Cycle
    — Kamaishi Invites High- Level Waste Disposal Research Facility
    — Residents Outside 20km Zone Denied Right to Sue
    — Residents Fear Early Restart of Fukushima II-3
    — Emergency Drill Held in Fukui

NUKE INFO TOKYO 12 (July/Aug. 1989)

  • Citizens Occupy City Hall for a Month in Suzu City
  • Protests against H-bomb Dropped off Okinawa
  • Tokyo Electric Holds Shareholders Meeting amidst Mounting Accidents at Fukushima
  • 1.2 Million Sign Petition to Phase Out Nuclear Power
  • Debate between Citizens and Electric Co.
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – “Nausicaa” and “We Need No Nukes! Hiroshima Network”
  • News Watch
    — Tomari No.1 Reactor Goes on Line
    — Japan Atomic Industrial Forum Survey on Overseas Cooperation
    — LDP Suffers Dramatic Defeat in Upper House Election
    — N-Accident Scale Introduced
    — Utilities Cut Off Power S1upply to Maruki Museum
    — Cracks in Bolts of Ikata Reactor as Expected

NUKE INFO TOKYO 11 (May/June/ 1989)

  • Rally against N-Fuel Cycle Facility
  • Application for Rokkasho Plant Will Touch off Heated Controversy
  • April 23–Rallies Held throughout Japan
  • TV Debate – A Big Success
  • Spent Fuel Sent to US
  • South Korea’s Anti-Nuclear Power Movement Builds
  • Nuclear Plant Availability Falls
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Hisako Kondo
  • News Watch
    — Dummy Bomb Dropped Near N-Fuel Cycle Facility Site
    — Funds Set Aside for Decommissioning
    — Hirosaki Branch LDP Opposes Reprocessing Plant
    — Strong Support for Anti-Nuke Candidates in Suzu Election
    — Tomari Trial Opens
    — Sit-in at Shikoku Electric
    — Lost H-Bomb Causes Anger

NUKE INFO TOKYO 10 (Mar./Apr.1989)

  • Pump Rupture at Fukushima II Arouses Serious Safety Concern
  • Nuclear Plant Workers Show Higher Risk of Chromosome Damage
  • Citizens Set up Monitoring Centers for Contaminated Foods
  • Former Mining Sites at Ningyotoge Pose Danger
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Group Merde
  • News Watch
    — Rokkasho Permit Application Submitted
    — Onagawa Permit Granted
    — Shimane Unit 2 on Life
    — Lawsuit to Scrap Mutsu
    — Chubu Electric to Purchase Uranium from U.S. and Canada
    — SDF to Guard Plutonium-Shipments?
    — Japan, Taiwan Agree to Swap N-Power Info

NUKE INFO TOKYO 9 (Jan./Feb.1989)

  • Petition for a Denuclearization Law Takes off
  • Nuclear Industry is About to Peak Out
  • Food Irradiation in Japan
  • Uranium Imports from Namibia
  • Citizens Polled on Nuclear Power Issue
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Yuto Mionoya
  • News Watch
    — Farmers Oppose N-fuel Cycle Facility
    — Hokkaido Assembly Rejects Plebiscite Resolution
    — Construction of Noto Plant Begins
    — Nuclear Accident Indemnity To Be Tripled
    — Anti-Nuclear Protests in Korea
    — Availability of Nuclear Plants Falls
    — Three Successive Shutdowns at Fukushima II-3
    — Doctors Pass Resolution Against N-Fuel Cycle Facility
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