Nuke Info Tokyo 1988

NUKE INFO TOKYO 8 (Nov./Dec.1988)

  • Action on Anti-Nuclear Power Day
  • Scrap Nuclear Fuel Cycle October Action by Hiroko Chiba
  • Difficulties Mount After25 Years of Nuclear Power Generation
  • Opposition Mounts in Hokkaido
  • Plutonium Shipping
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Women’s Group to Stop Nuclear Power at Any Cost
  • News Watch
    — Construction of Commercial Uranium Enrichment Plant Started
    — Utility Companies Declare Embargo on South African Uranium
    — Kansai Electric Co Increases Uranium Imports from Australia
    — Heavy Water Leakage at Nuclear Power Plant in South Korea
    — Ministry of Health & Welfare Reveals Data on Contamination of Imported Foods

NUKE INFO TOKYO 7 (Sept./Oct.1988)

  • Vote No! Stop Tomari!
  • Strong Opposition to Unloading of Fuel Rod at Tomari
  • Mass Suit against Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities
  • Contaminated Food Imports Continue
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Miwako Ogiso
  • The Recent Anti-Nuke “Boom”
  • Data : Workers’ Exposure & Radwaste in1987
  • News Watch
    — High Radioactivity Detected in Uranium Soil Waste
    — New FBR Development Plan
    — Radioactivity Leak at Takahama2
    — Nuclear Accident Compensation Law to Be Reviewed
    — Government Approves Construction of Two More Reactors
    — Group Asks Court to Block Tomari Nuclear Plant

NUKE INFO TOKYO 6 (July/Aug.1988)

  • A Proposal for a Movement to Establish a “Denuclearization Law”
  • Plutonium Air-Lift Opposed
  • Nuclear Free Asia-Pacific Conference Held in Hong Kong
  • International Uranium Congress
  • Citizens Say “No” to Nuclear Power at3-day Rally in Noto
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Kashiwazaki Anti-Nuke Alliance
  • News Watch
    — Expansions and Thinning of Control Rod Cladding Observed
    — Hikigawa Elects Anti-Nuke Mayor
    — Primary Coolant Leaks at Genkai
    — Bolt Damage Found in PWRs
    — Helicopter Crash Near Nuke Plant

NUKE INFO TOKYO 5 (May/June1988)

  • Thousands Gather in Tokyo to Rally Against Nuclear Power Generation
  • Pal Doj’s Speech Chernobyl Has Changed Our Way of Life
  • Peter Welsh’s Speech Austria’s No To Nuclear Power
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Michi Kobayashi and Kumiko Miyamoto
  • High Concentration of I-129 Found Near Tokai Reprocessing Plant
  • Important Incidents and Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants in1987
  • News Watch
    — Fishermen’s Co-op Stops Nuclear Reactor Plan
    — Load Factor in1987 Unusually High
    — PNC Submits Report on Proposed HLW Storage Site
    — Nuclear Law Amended
    — U Enrichment Plant Starts Operation
    — JNFI Applies for LLW -Disposal License

NUKE INFO TOKYO 4 (Mar./Apr.1988)

  • More Than 3,000 People Protest Against Test at Ikata
  • Radiation Council OKS Dumping of “Low-Level” Radwaste
  • ICRP Publication26 to Be Adopted in Japan
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Takahashi Masukura
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Plaintiffs Against Ikata Nuclear Power Plant
  • News Watch
    — Two Recirculation Pumps Fail Simultaneously at Hamaoka Unit 1
    — Fire at Fukushima 1 Plant
    — Successive Shutdowns at Tsuruga Plant
    — Control Rod Defects Found at Ikata
    — 2000 in Protest at Nuke Plant Hearing
    — Mutsu Conducts Tests at Its New Port
    — Kubokawa Mayor Abandons Plan
  • Chernobyl Anniversary Rally in Tokyo Hopes to Receive Messages From The World

NUKE INFO TOKYO 3 (Jan./Feb.1988)

  • Recent Cost-cutting Trends Pose Dangers for Nuclear Power Plants
  • Steam Generators with Corroded Tubes Continue Operation
  • Third National Anti-Nuke Rally in Tokyo Expects to Draw Thousands
  • NFIP(Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific)Passes a Resolution Opposing the Japanese Nuclear Waste Dumping Plan
  • Pacific Still Regarded as Nuclear Dustbin
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Yuriko Shimizu
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Apple Blossom League
  • News Watch
    — Former Nuclear Plant Worker Still Seeking Compensation
    — Indonesia Postpones Nuclear Plant Project
    — World Symposium on Nuclear Safety Countered by Anti-Nuke Demonstrations
    — Protestors Rally against Plans to Air-Transport Plutonium
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