Nuke Info Tokyo No. 173 (July/August 2016)


Fukushima evacuees abandoned by the government

Recycling 8,000-Bq/kg decontamination-generated soil wastes should not be permitted

Evaluating the Safety of Japan’s Nuclear Power Plants The ‘Mokkai’ Accident Investigation Committee and Nuclear Power Safety Evaluation Project

Recommendation on “Fast Breeder Reactor MONJU” by Citizens’ Study Committee

Media disapproval of worker compensation certification Unforgivable!

Who’s Who: Ruiko Muto, The Tohoku Ogre** by Miwa Chiwaki*


Operational Period Extension Approved for Takahama Units 1 and 2

Ikata Unit 3 for Restart in August

Ikata Unit 1 Decommissioned

Basic Earthquake Ground Motion to be Recalculated for Oi NPP

Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Implementation Act Approved

Use of Term “Core Meltdown” Suppressed

Spent Fuel to be Taxed in Fukui Prefecture

JAPC Participating in New British NPP Construction

Book Review: Fukushima Radiation Will you still say no crime was committed?



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