Nuke Info Tokyo 1987

NUKE INFO TOKYO 2 (Dec.1987)

  • Tokyo Rally Draws a Crowd
  • Reassessment of Atomic Bomb Casualties Strongly Suggests a Higher Radiation Risk
  • Imported Foods Continue to be Contaminated
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Fusae Kawazoe
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan
    – The Nuclear Free Pacific Center Tokyo
    – Anti-Nuke Delivery Group
  • News Watch
    –Bar Assoc Criticized Shimokita Nuclear Facilities
    –Tsuruga-1 Scrammed in a Chernobyl-like Event
    –Nuclear Reactors Create Dangerous Surplus Power Situation
    –Citizen Group Voices Opposition to Plutonium Air Transport

NUKE INFO TOKYO 1 (Oct.1987)

  • Forward
  • Japanese Nuclear Industry/Anti-Nuke Movement Face Turning Points
  • The Number of Workers Exposed to Radiation Increases
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Yukio Kawakami
  • Japanese Gov’t Continues to Promote Waste Dumping Plan in The Pacific
  • Mitsubisi Makes Plans to Export Nuclear Technology to Indonesia
  • Mitsubishi’s Radwaste Causes Serious Concern in Malaysia
  • News Watch
    — Illegal Engineering at Takahama 1 Accused by Residents
    — JAEC Announced New Long Term Plan
    — Public “Over-Demand” Blamed for Massive Power Outage
    — No Lessons Learned from Chernobyl : Gov’t Commission Report
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