Nuke Info Tokyo No. 185 (July/August 2018)


3rd ‘Plutonium Delegation’ to the US


NIT No. 185 pdf

Report on Third ‘Plutonium Delegation’ to US
An historic moment: US-DPRK negotiations, extension of the US-Japan Nuclear Agreement and Japan’s plutonium stockpile

Preventing restart of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa

CNIC Statement on Basic Energy Plan

Data: Present state of Japan’s nuclear reactor fleet

Bill to Abolish Nuclear Power

Book Review: Sayonara Nukes


High Court Overturns Suspension of Ohi Nuclear Power Station

All Four Fukushima Daini NPP Reactors to be Decommissioned

Genkai Unit 4 to be Ninth Reactor Restarted in Japan

Kyushu Electric Power Co. Facing Difficulties Coordinating Power Sources

Decommissioning Procedures Approved for Tokai Reprocessing Plant

Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Project Cost to Hit Nearly 13.93 Trillion Yen

Ryusuke Umeda’s Claim for Worker’s Compensation Rejected by Supreme Court

Who’s Who: Satoshi Tatara

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