Nuke Info Tokyo 1993

NUKE INFO TOKYO 38 (Nov. /Dec. 1993)

  • Stop MONJU Nationwide Rally
  • N-Weapons Used As Bargaining Chips in Asia
  • Japan’s Plutonium Surplus Increasing
  • “From PA (Public Acceptance) to PD (Public Decision)”
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – No Nukes Asia Forum Japan
  • News Watch
    — Japan Votes for Total Ban on Sea Dumping of R-Waste
    — Power Companies Donating to LDP
    — Plutonium Fuel Loading Starts
    — Strong Opposition to Feasibility Study for Kushima
    — Japanese MPs Urged to Renegotiate THORP Contract

NUKE INFO TOKYO 37 (Sept. /Oct. 1993)

  • Plutonium Debate Held
  • More Transparency in Nuclear Policy!
  • Aging of Tokai I Arouses Concern
  • Japanese Citizens Speak Out on THORP
  • Japan EXIM Bank to Fund Nuclear Project in Indonesia
  • Workers’ Exposure and Waste Data
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Tetsuen Nakajima
  • News Watch
    — Tomari N-Plant Continued Operation Despite Big Earthquake
    — Radiation-Contaminated Scrap Concrete to be Buried
    — South Pacific Nations Remain Concerned about Japanese Pu Shipments

NUKE INFO TOKYO 36 (July /Aug. 1993)

  • No Nukes Asia Forum
  • G7 Fails to Declare Strong Non-Proliferation Stand
  • Muto Avers Japan Must have “Will”
  • Monju Delayed Again Because of Fuel Fabrication Troubles
  • THORP’s Future in the Hands of the Japanese?
  • Radioactive Contaminated Buildings in Taiwan
  • News Watch
    — Kushima to Accept N-Plant?
    — National Mayors’ Council Alert on Transport of Nuclear Fuel
    — Tohoku Electric Submits Classified Documents to Court
    — ABWR Proposed for Shika2
    — Safety of Aged Reactors to be Reviewed

NUKE INFO TOKYO 35 (May /June 1993)

  • Rad-Waste Dumped in Sea of Japan
  • MITI’s Pro-Plutonium Ad
  • Help Stop FNPP in Taiwan!
  • Nuclear Workers At Risk of Exposure
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants – (Aug. – Dec.1992)
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Group of Plaintiffs to Stop Takahama 2
  • News Watch
    — Spent Fuel Storage Pool to be Constructed
    — 5 New Nuclear Plants Added
    — Overstaffed Nuclear Divisions
    — Mayors in Chiba Alert on N-Fuel Transports
    — Unjustifiable Election in Suzu

NUKE INFO TOKYO 34 (Mar. /Apr. 1993)

  • Aomori Rejects N-Fuel Cycle!
  • North Korea Opts Out of NPT
  • Referendum to Decide on Nuclear Plan
  • Kansai Electric to Replace Old Generation Steam Generators
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants – (Jan. to Jul.1992)
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Asako Hama
  • News Watch
    — Worker Killed, Two Burned by Steam at Fukushima
    — Belgium Likely to Supply Mox Fuel to Japan
    — Extension of Tsuruga Plant Proposed
    — France to Return HLW to Japan
    — Pro-Nuclear Lobby Emerges in SDP

NUKE INFO TOKYO 33 (Jan. /Feb. 1993)

  • Akatsuki-Maru Arrives Amidst Protest & Concern
  • IMO Meeting Voices Strong Concern Over Japan’s Plutonium Shipment But No Resolution Adopted
  • Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Construction About to Start Amid Uncertainty
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (Jan – Dec.0991)
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Nuclear Fuel Transport Monitoring Group
  • News watch
    — LLW Disposal Facility Starts Operation
    — Radioactivity Inspection of Imported Foods to be Relaxed
    — Workers Exposed to Cobalt 60 Radiation
    — Nuclear Budget Ups PA Funding
    — Plan for a FBR Spent Fuel Reprocessing Plant Gets Underway
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