Nuke Info Tokyo No. 143 (July/Aug 2011)


TEPCO will do anything to maintain the ‘unforseeable’ theory
– The ‘simulation analysis’ deception technique –

Lax radiation dose calculations continue at Fukushima Nuclear Power Station:
CNIC and other groups hold joint negotiations with government on plant worker exposure

Reassessment of the geological condition of the ground beneath Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant.
Niigata Prefecture should hold an earthquake and ground condition subcommittee meeting as soon as possible.

Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants Rally

Anti-Nuke Who’s Who : Atsuko Ogasawara
Owner of Asako House, built in the center of the planned Ohma Nuclear Power Plant premises

News Watch
Lithuania receives bids from Westinghouse and Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy for NPP project
Obama City’s municipal assembly adopts antinuclear statement
Yamaguchi Prefecture’s governor mentions possible suspension of Kaminoseki NPP project
Electric power companies hold shareholder meetings
Japanese government requests restart of Genkai NPP reactors

10 Million Signature Campaign

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