Nuke Info Tokyo No. 100 (May/June 2004)


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100th Edition of NIT: To our friends in the anti-nuclear movement around the world
In October 1987 the first issue of Nuke Info Tokyo (10 pages) was sent to our friends around the world – in all 300 individuals and organizations working to bring an end to nuclear energy. Since then, the newsletter has been produced every two months for the past 17 years, this one being the 100th edition. (Continued…)

No to Clearance Level
As is the case overseas, Japan too is looking to introduce a ‘clearance level’ for radioactive waste. Under this system radioactive waste with less than a certain concentration of radioactivity will be treated as ‘waste which does not need to be treated as radioactive waste’. (Continued…)

2004 Energy Supply Plan
In regard to those reactors that are not currently under construction, as usual there were lots of postponements. This time, the start-up time was postponed from 1 to 3 years. (Click here to read more…)

Pluthermal Developments
Since around the end of 2003 there has been quite a lot of movement on the pluthermal* issue. This article is a report on these developments. (Continued…)

Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Hironori Shinohara
I met Hironori Shinohara when I entered the faculty of Nuclear Engineering in Tohoku University in 1968. At the time, while exhibitions showing the horror of the atomic bomb were being held all throughout Japan, the peaceful use of nuclear energy was being promoted as a great boon for the future of humankind. (Continued…)

News Watch
Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Project Further Postponed
Operational Trials Commence at Hamaoka 5
Spent-Fuel Storage Facility Developments
Still no Candidates for High-Level Waste Site
Japanese Government to sound out the idea of an Asian version of IEA

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