Nuke Info Tokyo No. 104 (Jan./Feb. 2005)


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Uranium Trials Begin at Rokkasho
…with an estimated total cost of construction, operation and dismantling of 11 trillion yen, even supporters of nuclear energy are questioning the wisdom of proceeding with these trials. (Click here to read article)

Cracks in Ohi-3 and Ikata-1: Companies’ Responses
After the measures announced…are carried out, the cracks will still remain. (Click here to read article)

Nuclear Court Cases in Japan
The courts are not insensitive to public opinion in the decisions they hand down. Looked at from that angle, one would expect citizens and residents to chalk up a few wins in future. We wait with bated breath for the Supreme Court’s decision in the Monju case.. (Click here to read article)

Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
Maps up to date as at January 2005.Group Introduction
Acorn Forestry Club: doing business while opposing nuclear power in a nuclear town. (Click here to read article)

News Watch
Introduction of a ‘Clearance’ System: bill soon to be submitted to the Diet
Supreme court agrees to hear government’s Monju appeal
First fuel loading at Higashidori-1
All six units at Fukushima I stopped
Procedures for reactor shut down during terrorist and armed attacks compiled
Stop Press: Hamaoka-5

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