Nuke Info Tokyo No. 112 (May/June 2006)

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Map of places mentioned in NIT 112

Shika-2 Verdict Demands Suspension of Operations
Report on the Shika-2 verdict and the new draft earthquake design guidelines (Click here to read article)

FBR Report
A feasibility study for institutional preservation (Click here to read article)

Rokkasho Active Tests: Baku’s View
CNIC’s Co-Director, Baku Nishio, gives his perspective on the commencement of active tests at Rokkasho. (Click here to read article)

Rokkasho Active Tests: First Leak
The first publicly disclosed leak during the active tests at Rokkasho reprocessing plant occurred on 11 April 2006. Forty liters of radioactive fluid leaked from the hull rinser vessel… (Click here to read article)

2006 Electric Power Supply Plan and Nuclear Industry Developments

Chernobyl 20th Anniversary Symposium in Tokyo
Report on event co-hosted by CNIC to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident (Click here to read article)

Group Introduction
Kansai Relief for Chernobyl Hibakusha: linking Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl to create a world without nuclear victims (Click here to read article)

In Brief
Rokkasho Uranium Enrichment Plant Verdict
Another Leak at Rokkasho

News Watch
Local authority gives green light to Genkai-3 pluthermal plan
Approval given for the use of MOX fuel at Ikata-3
Chugoku Electric holds meeting to explain Shimane-2 pluthermal plan
Damage to reputation from JCO accident recognized
Data falsification at Higashidoori
Revision of earthquake design safety guidelines

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