Nuke Info Tokyo No. 93 (Jan./Feb. 2003)

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Monju ruling at 2003
On 27 January 2003, the Nagoya High Court’s Kanazawa branch (presiding judge Mr. Kazuo Kawasaki) handed down a ruling to nullify the government’s 1983 permission for construction of the prototype Monju fast breeder reactor (FBR), whose operation has been stopped since the sodium leakage accident in 1995.

Japan’s reprocessing policy and nuclear proliferation in Asia
Japan has chosen to hold to the Three Non Nuclear Principles which stem from the painful experience at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As the war in Iraq has started, the ideology of the three non-nuclear principles has been severely tested. Only the intelligence and courage of humans can abolish nuclear weapons. Even though the power and ability of each one of us is small, this is the path we wish to walk.

–Nuclear Plants and Facilities in Japan
–Nuclear Plants in East Asia
((see CNIC’s Data page to locate the latest version of these maps))

Anti-Nuke Who’s who: Tomi Maeda
Ms. Tomi Maeda, 77, years old woman, has been vocal opponent of the Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture and has been involved in the Mothers’ group against the nuclear power plant since 1973.

News Watch
Citizens File a Complaint against TEPCO
Suspension of Incoming Spent-Fuel Deliveries
Second Line Stopped at Uranium Enrichment Plant
NUMO Begins Inviting Candidate Sites for HLW Disposal Facility
Introduction of “Defects Standards” Decided

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