Nuke Info Tokyo 1998

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 68 (Nov./Dec. 1998)  (328KB)
  • CNIC Workshop on Energy Held in S.Korea
  • Asian Scientists and Environmentalists Call for Action to Protect Our Climate
  • Spent-Fuel Cask Data Doctored
  • New Series of Roundtable Talks Begins
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Masayuki Sato
  • Data: Workers’ Radiation Exposure at Nuclear Power Plants
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 67 (Sept./Oct. 1998)  (340KB)
  • Aomori Allows Spent Fuel Shipment to Rokkasho
  • CNIC now Headed by Three Representatives
  • On My Resignation as the Exective Director of CNIC -Jinzabro Takagi
  • Jabiluka Mining -The controversial project backed by Japanese power utilities
  • Appeal from Scientists in Japan to the Scientists and Citizens of the World(complete version)
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Takatoshi Yamazaki
  • Data – Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants(July-December, 1997)
  • Statement Calling for the Cancellation of the MOX Transport Plan and Appeal for Signature Campaign
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 66 (July/Aug. 1998)  (236KB)
  • Spent Fuel Transport Casks from Japan Also Contaminated – Contaminations from Early ’90s Finally Revealed
  • No Hope for Rally by Nuclear Power – Government Formulates New “Outlook”
  • Update on MOX – Gov’t and Utilities Set to Force Down Plan Without Public Consent
  • An Appeal from Scientists in Japan to the Scientists and Citizens of the World
  • Takagi School for Alternative Scientists Initiated
  • Data : Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plant
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Kazumasa Yasumoto
  • Announcement : Workshop on Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Future in Asia ’98
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 65 (May/June 1998)  (588KB)
  • India and Pakistan’s Tests Show Need for Total Abolition of Nuc.Arms
  • Warning!-Plutonium Fuel Shipment May Come in February Next Year
  • Waste of Non-Japanese Origin to be Contained in Coming VHLW Shipment
  • Plans for Central Intermediate Storage Facilities for Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • MOX Utilization Plan – Developments in Fukui and Fukushima
  • Electric Utility Reorgnization – Move to Consider Only Short – Term Economic Benefit
  • Report on Health Conditions of Decontamination Workers at Chernobyl
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 64 (March/April 1998)  (328KB)
  • Tokai 1 Shutdow for Decommisioning – Legacy of Difficulties Waiting Ahead
  • VHLW Arrives Rokkasho – Unloading Stalled for Three Days Due to Local Resistance
  • Japan’s HLW Disposal Plan
  • Japan’s Plutonium Program for 1998
  • India and Pakistan – Making Nuclear Weapons from Nuclear Energy
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Kaoru Sakurai – Renewable Energy Instead of Nuclear Energy
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 63 (Jan./Feb. 1998)  (286KB)
  • Can Japan Change? – Appeal for People’s Participation in Energy Policy Making
  • Report on COP3
  • Japan’s High Level Waste to Pass Panama Canal
  • Tokai Reprocessing Plant Accident: Final Report
  • The Right Livelihood Award Ceremony
  • Nuclear Developments in Asia- Part2: Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia
  • Report from Moscow- Changing Paradigms in Radiobiology (by Natalia Mironova)
  • Plutonium Glut Ever Increasing: STA Releases 1996 Pu Inventory Figures
  • DATA: Workers’ Radiation Exposure at Nuclear Plants
  • News Watch
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