Nuke Info Tokyo 1997

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 62 (Nov./Dec. 1997)  (180KB)
  • IMA(International MOX Assessment) Final Report – Conclusion
  • The 1997 Right Livelihood Award to be Presented to Jinzaburo Takagi
  • Plan for Third High-Level Waste Shipment Announced
  • FBR Development Lost in Cloud
  • Wither the Kyoto Conference?
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 61 (Sep./Oct. 1997)  (248KB)
  • NIT Enters Second Decade – A Step Toward Nuclear Free Future
  • Nuke Info Tokyo : A Beacon In The Nuclear Darkness – by Paul Leventhal (Nuclear Control Institute)
  • CNIC – Japanese Best Source of Nuclear Information – by Tom Clements (Greenpeace International)
  • Nuclear Power Development in Asia : Indonesia – Japan Plays Major Role
  • Yet Another PNC Flop – Massive Leak of Radioactive Substance Found at Tokai
  • CGEMA’s( The Committee for General Evaluation of the Monju Accident) Final Report on Monju Accident
  • Agenda of the Citizens’ International Conference for Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Future
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (July to December 1996 )
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 60 (July/Aug. 1997)  (276KB)
  • Superphenix Shock – Japanese Plutonium Policy
  • Asian Nuclear Situation – China,Taiwan and Korean Peninsula
  • DATA : Incidents at N-plants
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 59 (May-June1997)  (416KB)
  • STA Begins Legal Action Against PNC
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Around Japan:Union of Ibaraki Anti-Nuke Power Movements
  • The Situation at Rokkasyo-Part 2
  • Replacement Shrouds for FUKUSHIMA 1
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 58 (March/April 1997)  (344KB)
  • Fire and Explosion at PNC’s Facility
  • The Situation at Rokkasho Part 1
  • Japan’s MOX Utilization Policy
  • Cracks in Fuel of Kashiwazaki 6
  • Taiwan is Going to Export Rad Waste
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Mr. Ryoichi Sato: the Society Opposed to the Ohma NPP
  • News Watch

NUKE INFO TOKYO 57 (Jan./Feb.1997)

  • Japan’s Plutonium Policy
  • Mm’s Committee Gives Go-Ahead to MOX Program?
  • Report on the7th Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Conference
  • Second Transportation of VHLW Goes Forward
  • Aging Reactors Pose Serious Safety Problems
  • News Watch
    — “No!” to State Involvement in Reactor Exports
    — APO Founded
    — Iodine Tablets for Residents
    — Moves to ‘Invite’ ITER
    — Freedom of Information Progresses
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