Nuke Info Tokyo 1996

NUKE INFO TOKYO 56 (Nov./Dec.1996)

  • CNIC Holds -IMA Conference in Kyoto
  • A year on from the Monju Accident-What has changed?
  • Japan Exports N-plants to Taiwan
  • News Watch
    — The Tokyo Meeting of the Asia Nuclear Safety Congress Held
    — ABWR Begins Commercial Operation
    — ”One Tsubo” Landowner Movement to Block the Ohma N-Plant
    — JT-60 Meet Conditions for Critical Plasma State
    — MITI Plans Off-Site Interim Spent Fuel Storage
    — Japan May Cooperate with Russian Dismantled Pu

NUKE INFO TOKYO 55 (Sep./Oct.1996)

  • Maki Townspeople Chose a Nuclear Free Future
  • An Accident Waiting to Happen
  • Japanese Citizens’ Appeal on the CTBT Signing
  • The IAEA Revises Guidelines for Transport of Radioactive Material
  • DATA: Workers Exposure at Nuclear Plants (1985-95)
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – The Citizens of the Nice Electric Utilities
  • News Watch
    — Troubles Continue in the World’s First ABWR
    — “Local Development” Highlight for Next Year’s Budget Demand
    — Tohoku Electric Apply Higashidori l Building Permit
    — Spent Fuel Begins to Overflow
    — Residents Opposed to Adding Hamaoka5

NUKE INFO TOKYO 54 (Jul./Aug.1996)

  • Tokai GCR to Be Decommissioned But What About the Waste?
  • Monju Sodium Leak. Increasing Doubts over STA’s Fact-Finding Efforts
  • An Anti Nuke Mayor at Suzu City is Not to Be
  • Siberian Nuke Center Lacks Safety & Safeguards
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Mikio Shimaoka of Kubokawa Town
  • DATA : Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (July to December 1995)
  • News Watch
    — Meeting Held to Introduced ASIATOM Idea
    — Municipal Governments Stockpile Iodine, Independently
    — Anti-nuclear Shareholders Mad Proposal at Power Co.s’ AGMs
    — Ten Power Companies to Share Rokkasho Costs. 100 Billion Yen

NUKE INFO TOKYO 53 (May /June 1996)

  • TEPC0 Plans to Use Dessel for its MOX Fabrication
  • AEC Starts N-Energy Roundtable Amid Distrust and Uncertainty
  • The Importation and Storage of VHLW at Rokkasho: Safety Concerns
  • Monju Accident Update, Sheath at Last Found
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – The People in Front of the French Embassy
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (January to June 1995)
  • News Watch
    — Graphite to Be Exported to China
    — Nuclear Industry Trying to “Denuclearize”
    — An Asian EURATOM
    — Public Hearing on Higashidoril
    — Onagawa3 is Granted Construction Permit
    — The Supreme Court rejected Suzu mayoral election

NUKE INFO TOKYO 52 (Mar. /Apr. 1996)

  • The 10th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Accident – Citizens’ Aid Movements in Japan
  • Japanese MOX Fabrication Contracts Made Without a Users License
  • Proposal Concerning Future Nuclear Power Policy Implementation
  • Revised Costs Prompt Significant Changes in Rokkasho Design
  • Situation of Nuclear Power in South Korea
  • News Watch
    — The International Conference on Asian Nuclear Cooperation
    — Nation’s First N-Plant Referendum to be Held
    — Internal Pump Tripped at Kashiwazaki 6
    — Recycle Nuclear Waste to be Used in Parks

NUKE INFO TOKYO 51 (Jan. /Feb. 1996)

  • Plutonium Policy Stalled
  • News Watch
    — Anti-Nuclear Mayor Elected
    — PNC & Related Local Gov.s Agree on Gen Research Lab
    — The Kushima Nuclear Power Plan Brought to an End
    — New Referendum Ordinance Adopted
    — The Mayoral Election at Suzu City Ruled Invalid
    — Move to Invite ITER, Strong
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