Nuke Info Tokyo No. 199 (November/December 2020)

Nuke Info Tokyo is a bi-monthly newsletter that aims to provide English speaking friends with up-to-date information on the Japanese nuclear industry and the movements against it.

Editor: Caitlin Stronell

Translators: Pat Ormsby, Tony Boys, Karoji Sumie, Nishioka Mayumi

Proofreaders: Tony Boys, Yamaguchi Yukio


METI and NUMO’s Fiasco   Applications by two municipalities in Hokkaido to host a nuclear dump actually highlight a massive failure by the Japanese government.

CNIC Statement: We condemn the hasty decision to restart Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2

Cultivation trials using contaminated soil with no soil cover    Demonstration Project to compare cultivation with and without soil cover in Nagadoro District, Iitate Village.

Nuclear power simply cannot be relied on   At present only one of the nine nuclear reactors in Japan that have been judged to be in compliance with the new regulatory standards are operating.

Reference Material: Radiation exposure data (FY2019)

News Watch  First NPP Equipped with Anti-terrorism Safety Measures Begins Operating / Minister for Administrative Reform Not Favorable toward Reprocessing of Fugen ATR’s Spent Fuel in France / Intermediate Storage Facilities in Mutsu City Pass Inspection for Compliance with New Regulatory Standards / New Fuel from Ikata Unit 1 Shipped to US Processing Plant

Who’s Who: Kuse Shigetsugu    “Strengthening local industry is the best way to keep nuclear dumps out.”


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