Nuke Info Tokyo 1995

NUKE INFO TOKYO 50 (Nov. /Dec. 1995)

  • Plutonium Surplus and Rokkasho Costs Soar
  • Pu Hold-Up at PFPF Still Controversial
  • A Nuclear Boom in Asian Regionv
  • CNIC Urge STA to Investigate the VHLW Leakage
  • Dismantle Plutonium for Japanese FBR Contributes to World Peace??
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Shimahashis
  • News Watch
    — S. Korea Axes Plan to Build N-Waste Facilities on an Island
    — Plan of Construction of N-Plants in Kushima Frozen
    — Haphazard Nuclear Accidents Repeatedly Occur
    — Aomori Prefecture Invites ITER
    — A Referendum to Question The N-Plant Postponed
    — Yonggwang 4 Stopped

NUKE INFO TOKYO 49 (Sep. /Oct. 1995)

  • CNIC Celebrates 20th Anniversary
  • Against French and Chinese Nuclear Testing
    – Outrage, As France And China Snub World Opinion
    – Dialogue With French Diplomat
    – Anti-Nuclear Pan-Asian Demonstrations
  • Cesium l37 Detected in Glass Logs
  • Annual Collective Dose of N-plant Workers
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Abe Family in Onagawa Town
  • News Watch
    — Spent Fuel Left Tomari Amid Protest
    — KEPC0 Replaces Vessel Heads of 3 PWRs
    — PNC Plans Waste Laboratory at Tohnoh

NUKE INFO TOKYO 48 (July /August 1995)

  • 50 Years 0n From Hiroshima and Nagasaki – What Have We Learned from History?
  • Cancellation of Ohma ATR Shakes Japan’s Plutonium Program
  • HLW Transport Series — No.9 – HLW Canisters’ Safety Questioned
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (July to December 1994)
  • Anti-Nuke Groups Active Around Japan – Mothers’ Group Protects Children from Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities
  • News Watch
    — It’s Official Hanau is dead!
    — Japan’s Nuclear Export
    — A Referendum to Question the N-plant
    — The Japan’s First and Last Nuclear-powered Vessel

NUKE INFO TOKYO 47 (May /June 1995)

  • HLW Transport Series — No.9 – Pacific Pintail Arrived Amid Protest
  • NGO Played Momentous Roles at NPT Review Conference
  • A Total Nuclear Ban rather than Nuclear ”Non-Proliferation”
  • An Earthquake Would Lead To Reactor Power Excursion
  • Significant Incidents at Nuclear Plants (January to June 1994)
  • Save Orchid Island! – An Appeal from Taiwan
  • News Watch
    — China’s N-Plant Shutdown
    — Monju Restarted, but Stopped Again
    — Referenda to Stop N-Plant Construction
    — Anti-Nuke Candidates Won Around Japan

NUKE INFO TOKYO 46 (March /April 1995)

  • HLW Transport — Series 8
  • Petitions Bring Gov’t Nuclear Policy to a Deadlock
  • The Hanshin Quake – Nuclear Nightmare –
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who – Suzuko Numata
  • News Watch
    — Kyoto Round Table Talks Held on Plutonium Policy
    — International Conference for Asian Cooperation
    — Anti-nuke Candidate Loses Election for Aomori Governorship
    — First Glassification in Japan-0perations Halted after Only Third Log

NUKE INFO TOKYO 45 (Jan. /Feb. 1995)

  • HLW Transport Series — 7 – Oshita Runs for Aomori Governorship
  • Hormesis Symposium Held
  • Plutonium Surplus Increases Amid Lack of Transparency
  • Aging Nuclear Power Plants
  • News Watch
    — Kobe Quake Proves Safety Is Not Assured
    — 833,000 Signatures Against Monju Submitted
    — Construction of RETF Begins
    — Ikata3 Begins Operation
    — Nuclear Waste Site in South Korea
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