Nuke Info Tokyo No. 111 (March/April 2006)

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Map of places mentioned in NIT 111

Rokkasho: active tests to begin any day
Active tests at the Rokkasho reprocessing plant are expected to commence very soon. For the first time, plutonium will be separated from spent fuel at Rokkasho.

Project to measure radioactivity released from Rokkasho
It is impossible to operate the Rokkasho reprocessing plant without discharging radioactivity with the liquid and gaseous wastes…We intend to measure radioactive isotopes which are emitted in the course of normal operations, in particular the beta emitters tritium and carbon-14.

Damage and cracking in BWR control rods
Major damage to control rods, including cracks in over 40 places, was first identified in Toshiba control rods at the Fukushima I-6 reactor on January 1st during a periodic inspection. Since then damage has been found at other reactors as well.

Court rules in favor of plaintiffs on Shika-2
The Kanazawa District Court has upheld the plaintiffs’ suit for termination of operation of the Shika-2 reactor.

Chernobyl 20th Anniversary in Japan
On April 16th a symposium will be held entitled “20 years after the Chernobyl Catastrophe – What happened and what continues now?” The keynote speaker will be Yuri Shcherbak, a doctor, author and former Ukrainian Ambassador to the US.

Data: Exports by Japanese nuclear power plant makers

Toshiba gambles on Westinghouse
Counting on expanded sales to recover the investment would seem to be a big gamble, when there isn’t even any guarantee that existing sales can be maintained.

Anti-Nuke Who’s Who
Kazuyuki Takemoto has been campaigning now for over 35 years. He is part of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa anti-nuclear energy movement, which hopes to change nuclear policy from the regions.

News Watch
Pluthermal developments
Toshiba falsified testing data
Request for withdrawal of Kumihama Nuclear Power Plan
Japan-U.S.-French cooperation on sodium-cooled fast breeder reactor
Eighty-five percent of employees feel anxiety working at nuclear plants
Material Unaccounted For

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