Nuke Info Tokyo No. 101 (July/Aug. 2004)


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Map of places mentioned in NIT 101

Reactor Pressure Vessel Exported to Taiwan
On July 2nd a ship carrying a reactor pressure vessel left the Port of Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture for Taiwan. The pressure vessel is destined for use at the second reactor of Taiwan’s No. 4 Nuclear Power Plant (Lungmen-1&2, ABWR, each 1,350 MW). (Continued…)

Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Update
…it was revealed in June that with the uranium tests approaching JNFL invited the national media into the Uranium-Plutonium Co-denitration Building and allowed them to take photos of the equipment – this after having said that they were unable to allow public access to this area. (Click here to read more…)

I Join the ‘Long-Term Program’
CNIC Co-Director Hideyuki Ban invited to join a committee of the Atomic Energy Commission. (Click here to read more…)

Significant Incidents at Japanese nuclear facilities in 2003

Cracks in Reactor Vessel Head at Ohi-3
On May 4th, during routine inspections of Ohi-3, a build up of white powder was detected around the area where the control rod drive mechanisms attach to the reactor vessel head. (Continued…)

Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Mamoru Fukae
Mamoru Fukae has his finger on the pulse of the whole Kyushu anti-nuclear movement. (Click here to read article…)

News Watch
Further Developments re Spent-Fuel Storage Facility
Municipalities Surrounding Saga Town Oppose High-Level Waste Dump
Municipalities around Genkai Town Oppose Pluthermal Plan
Rokkasho Safeguards: What are they thinking about?

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