Nuke Info Tokyo No. 174 (Sept/Oct 2016)


Please download the complete PDF file here

Japan’ plutonium problem (including latest plutonium data in PDF file)

Shared Dilemma: The plutonium problem in US and Japan

The US Controversy over the possible adoption of “No-first-use” nuclear weapons policy

Japan and India: Together on the wrong side of history

Nuclear Reactor Restarts in Japan

Group Introduction: Beautiful Energy

News Watch

Cabinet decides to scrap Monju

Sendai NPP to Undergo Special Inspection

Vitrified Waste Departs from Britain

Hitachi-GE Developing Human Resources for Nuclear Power in Malaysia

Japan-IAEA Joint ‘Nuclear Energy Management School’

Hamaoka NPP Decommissioned Reactor Waste Planned for Outdoor Storage

New Company Established to Increase Parts Exports to China

Sayonara nukes and war laws


Photo by Ryohei Kataoka




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