Nuke Info Tokyo No. 91 (September/October 2002)


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JCO Criticality Accident Three Years on: Questions Still Unanswered
Three years have passed since the JCO criticality accident occurred on 30 September 1999. This article reviews results of the second field survey of Tokai-mura (Tokai Village) and Naka-machi (Naka Town) residents, carried out by the JCO Criticality Accident Comprehensive Assessment Committee in February 2002, and summarizes the current status of trials concerning the JCO criticality accident

The 14th International Summer Symposium on Science and the World Affairs
The aim of this symposium was to support young scientists whose research interest is related to international security and arms control. In particular, the organizer urged many scientists to attend whose home country’s natural science field has not paid special interest to the issues discussed.

Japanese Separated Plutonium Stockpile as at 2001

Workers’ Exposure at Nuclear Power Plants 1980-2001

TEPCO postponed Plu-thermal plan
Disputes at Fukushima Prefecture: Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and Fukushima Energy Policy Review Committee (FEPRC) exchange their views.

Anti-Nuke Who’s who: Toshiko Baba
She acts on her own responsibility with her quiet faith that things can be done differently.

Book Review
“Recent Research Activities about the Chernobyl NPP Accident in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.”, by Dr. Tetsuji Imanaka

News Watch
ANRE Begins Nuclear Promotion Education in Earnest
An ANIS’ Assistant Section Chief Arrested on Suspicion of Bribery
New Construction of Tsuruga 3 and 4 Incorporated into the Government’s Plan
NFI Begins Preparation for PBMR Fuel Plan
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Making a Large-Scale Investment in Plant and Equipment
Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the Mizumani Underground Research Laboratory

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