Nuke Info Tokyo No. 219 (March/April 2024)

Nuke Info Tokyo is a bi-monthly newsletter that aims to provide English speaking friends with up-to-date information on the Japanese nuclear industry and the movements against it. 

In Wajima City, the ground rose up to four meters. Geological Survey of Japan,


Editor: Caitlin Stronell, Mayu Takakuwa

Translators: Pat Ormsby, Tony Boys, Nishioka Mayumi, Sumie Karoji

Proofreaders: Tony Boys, Yamaguchi Yukio


The 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake and Shika Nuclear Power Plant  By Kamisawa Chihiro

Updates on the 311 Children’s Thyroid Cancer Trial  By Ido Ken’ichi’

Two Accidental Exposure Incidents at Fukushima Daiichi By Ban Hideyuki

Current State of Post-Accident Operations at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station By Matsukubo Hajime

Statistics concerning the Crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station By Matsukubo Hajime

News Watch Both Kanden and Tohoku Electric Power Co. to Build Spent Fuel Dry Storage Facilities on Site / Plutonium Stored Overseas Exchanged between Electric Power Companies / MOX Fuel Production Commences for Use at Takahama Unit 3 and 4 / First Overseas ‘Export’ of Large Metallic Waste Items

Group Intro: “Decommission the Shika Nuclear Power Plant!” Lawsuit Plaintiff Group By Kitano Susumu

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