Nuke Info Tokyo No. 176 (Jan/Feb 2017)


The post 3/11 (“three-eleven”) anti-nuke movement               

Power system accounting reforms to help no one but TEPCO                    

Reference Material: Radiation exposure data (FY2015)         

News Watch  Monju Decommissioning Now Official / Fukushima Prefectural Assembly Adopts Statement Demanding Decommissioning of the Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station / Difficult-to-return Zone to Be Decontaminated at National Expense / Japanese and British Governments Sign Memorandum on Nuclear Cooperation / Japanese and Russian Governments Sign Memorandum on Nuclear Cooperation / Cooperation Agreement between NUMO and DBE /  Ikata NPP Reactor Unit No. 1 Decommissioning Plan Approval Applied for  /  Labor Authorities Find TEPCO Employee’s Thyroid Cancer Case Eligible for Work Compensation /  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Proposes Investing in Areva’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Business

Group Intro: Tarachine mothers’ radiation lab

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