Nuke Info Tokyo No. 188 (January/February 2019)

<Please note, from this edition of NIT, Japanese names are written in the Japanese order, family name followed by given name >

Hwang Yongsoo and Edwin Lyman at the Plutonium Symposium in Tokyo, November 2018

Report: Korea/Japan Plutonium Symposium: Nuclear Fuel Cycle Policies in Japan and Korea ~Impacts and Alternatives~

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries withdraws from the NPP project in Sinop, Turkey —NPP makers need to switch to realistic track in the age of decommissioning

News Watch

  • Onagawa Unit 1 to be Decommissioned
  • Fuel Retrieval from Monju Hits a Snag
  • ‘Strategic Road Map’ for Fast Reactor Development
  • No Indication from KEPCO on Candidate Destinations for Spent Fuel
  • Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility in Mutsu Delays Start of Operations
  • MHPS Delivers Turbine Generators for Haiyang Unit 1
  • Criticism of Nuclear Power from Keidanren Chair?

Group Intro: From Minamata disease to opposing nuclear power plants

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