Nuke Info Tokyo No. 186 (September/October 2018)


The bi-annual ‘Sayonara Nukes’ demonstration was held on September 17th. This was the scene in the streets of central Tokyo.

NIT No. 186 (PDF)

Treatment and Disposal of Contaminated Soil

F-1 Accident: State of contaminated water treatment & citizen reactions

Ref. Material: Japan’s Plutonium Inventory

News Watch    Earthquake and blackout in Hokkaido/ Application for Review of Compliance with the New Safety Regulations for Shimane Unit 3 / TEPCO CEO talks of decommissioning plan for Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Station / Risk for British nuclear power plant to be shouldered by Hitachi subsidiary alone / Four companies, including TEPCO, consult on nuclear power business partnership / JAEC finalizes draft report on review of Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damage

Group Intro: Chichibu People’s Group Against Nukes

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