Nuke Info Tokyo No. 187 (November/December 2018)

Rally to stop the operating extension of the Tokai No. 2 NPP held in Tokyo on 20 October 2018


NIT No. 187 (PDF)

Blowout panels useless in an accident-Basic design fault in Tokai No. 2 NPP

CNIC Statements:

Don’t allow Tokai No. 2 NPP to operate beyond 40 years!

Don’t Reprocess Fugen’s Spent Nuclear Fuel!

Don’t push the risk onto citizens with the amendment of the
Compensation for Nuclear Damage Act

Ref. Material: Exposure of nuclear workers data

News Watch: Suspension of Ikata NPP Operations Discontinued / Way Partially Cleared to Operation of Tokai No. 2 Plant Past 40 Years / Decision to Decommission Onagawa Unit 1 Reactor / Industrial Accident Recognition for Worker’s Death from Lung Cancer at Fukushima Daiichi Plant / Technical Report from NUMO / TEPCO to Organize Nuclear Operations under In-house Company / Toshiba Liquidating UK Subsidiary and Abandoning Moorside Nuclear Plant Design Plans

Who’s Who: Masakazu Saeki

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