Data: Japan’s Plutonium Use Plan 2006 Fiscal Year

CNIC translation of table released by the Federation of Electric Power Companies on 6 January 2006. See also links to statements by NGOs.

Links to CNIC press releases and other related files

Letter sent to IAEA re Japan Atomic Energy Commission approval of faulty Plutonium Utilization Plan (3 February 2006)

Rubber Stamp for Inappropriate and Untransparent Plutonium Utilization Plan (24 January 2006)

The eyes of the world are watching – Will Japan uphold its international commitment to not produce surplus plutonium (18 January 2006)
English (pdf 472 KB) Japanese (pdf 548 KB )

Fictional Plutonium Utilization Plan (11 January 2006): critique of Plutonium Utilization Plan issued by the Federation of Electric Power Companies (FEPCO) on 6 January

Japanese NGOs send petition to IAEA (5 January 2006): petition, press release and other information..

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