Nuke Info Tokyo No. 193 (Nov/Dec 2019)

Illustration by Marianne Birkby of Radiation Free Lakeland, drawn especially for CNIC. Please see the UK research trip report article in this edition.

Nuke Info Tokyo is a bi-monthly newsletter that aims to provide English speaking friends with up-to-date information on the Japanese nuclear industry and the movements against it.

Editor: Caitlin Stronell

Translators: Pat Ormsby, Tony Boys, Nishioka Mayumi, Mizuno Sumie

Proofreaders: Tony Boys, Yamaguchi Yukio


Nuclear Mafia Exposed in Kansai Electric Power Co. (Kanden) Scandal~ METI pleads ignorance of bribes and kickbacks driving the nuclear industry

What should be done with Japan’s plutonium now stored in the UK? ~ Research trip report

Current State of Post-Accident Operations at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (February to August 2019)

Report on Environmental Radiation Dose Rate Measurements in the Fukushima area

Data: Accidents and Breakdowns Occurring at Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Fuel-Related Facilities (FY2018)

News Watch: TEPCO and Others Financially Aiding Japan Atomic Power Co. / Fukushima Prefecture to File Suit to Evict Fukushima Nuclear Accident Victims from Housing / Why are they Fiddling with the Timing of Regular Inspections of Sendai Units 1 and 2? / Operations to Remove Monju’s Fuel Begin /

Who’s Who: Torihara Ryōko, inspiring women to oppose the Sendai NPP in Kagoshima

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