Childhood thyroid cancers confirmed by Fukushima Health Management Survey and others

Fukushima Prefecture has been implementing thyroid gland examinations for children (born between April 2, 1992 and April 1, 2012) who were living in the prefecture at the time of the earthquake and nuclear disaster. The results are summarized in Figure 1.

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Figure 2 summarizes the diagnostic results and surgical procedures at Fukushima Medical University, which performed the operations for around 95% of the children who were confirmed with malignancies or were suspected of having malignancies following the examinations. According to the diagnostic results, lymph node metastasis (pN1) was seen in 138 cases, and light extrathyroid extensions (pEx1) were seen in 84 cases. From the viewpoint of QOL (Quality of Life), many of these have had thyroid lobectomy, and of these 7% (11 cases) are reported to have had reoperations.

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