Nuke Info Tokyo Crowdfunding Campaign: A major success, thanks to support on many levels from many people!

Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center would like to express our deep gratitude for all of the support we received for our crowdfunding project which ended on October 31st.  Thanks to this generous support, we were able to achieve both our goals and raise a total of 2,080,000 yen. These donations will be used to fund the production of Nuke Info Tokyo for one year (our first goal) and to publish breaking news and updates on our website between NIT editions so as to provide more timely information to our readers (our second goal). We are extremely happy and grateful that we will be able to not only continue to publish NIT, but to improve our delivery of information.

This was the first time CNIC had tried crowdfunding, so it was with some concern that we began the project, wondering if we could overcome our lack of experience and if we would be able to gain enough publicity to achieve our goals. Our goals were not only fundraising but also to raise awareness about Nuke Info Tokyo and increase our readership. But these concerns proved unfounded! From the beginning of the project, the many messages of support which readers and friends sent in for the crowdfunding website not only encouraged CNIC staff, but conveyed the significance and importance of Nuke Info Tokyo to the wider public.

Particularly important were our readers and friends in the media. Both Japanese and English based media carried stories and interviews regarding Nuke Info Tokyo which helped hugely in getting out the word. I was very happy that many people heard about NIT for the first time due to crowdfunding publicity and signed up to receive notifications when new information is put on the website.

As well as all of our support from outside, the crowdfunding team within CNIC did an amazing job! On top of their already busy work schedule, they somehow managed to make time for the crowdfunding project, the editing, accounting, coordinating, advertising—all the details which, we found out, are part of a crowdfunding project. A lot of the preparation took place in August and September, which are summer holidays for university students in Japan, so we were very lucky to have the help of two interns who helped tremendously with translating and advertising as well as contributing their valuable opinions and ideas to the project.

The crowdfunding project was a very positive experience for many reasons and we are deeply grateful to all of the people who supported us in so many ways—by making a donation, by writing a message of support, by spreading the word through your friends and networks, by subscribing to NIT. We thank each and every one of you and look forward to sustaining and improving Nuke Info Tokyo into the future. We hope that NIT’s independent, expert information on the nuclear situation in Japan can help all of us build a nuclear free world together.

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