Nuke Info Tokyo No. 109 (Nov./Dec. 2005)


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Further delays at Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
JNFL has announced that active trials at the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant will be delayed two months to February 2006. Start-up of Rokkasho will also be pushed back two months to July 2007. (Click here to read article)

Nuclear Policy Planning Council in review
The Nuclear Energy Policy Outline sounds more like a fanfare for a nuclear industry in decline than a realistic policy. (Click here to read article)

The birth of Japan Atomic Energy Agency
It has been said that the ‘research-oriented JAERI’ and ‘business-oriented PNC’ are like oil and water. JAEA is an attempt to mix oil and water. (Click here to read article)

Management of cosmic ray exposure to aircraft crew
Aircraft crew persons frequently work on aircraft which fly at high altitudes and high latitudes, making their radiation exposure from cosmic rays far greater than that of the average person. (Click here to read article)

Plutonium inventory: 2004 data and future projections

South Korean nuclear waste dump vote
The government and KHNP used their power and money to induce the local governments and their citizens to accept the dump. (Click here to read article)

Anti-Nuke Who’s Who
From very early on Koshiro Ishimaru began to conduct surveys of radiation exposure of subcontractor workers at Japanese NPPs and to push for support for these people. (Click here to read article)

News Watch
Japan and internationalization of the nuclear fuel cycle
Uranium contaminated soil shipped to US
Projects for ITER-related facilities decided
Agreement for Spent Fuel Interim Storage Facility signed

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